Looking for the best baby name? Baby name inspiration is all around us. There's so much to consider when it comes to picking the perfect baby name. You could look back at your family's roots...or look ahead at up-and-coming baby name trends. No matter what your style, we hope you'll find something on our list of the best baby names to suit your little bundle-to-be!

Best Boy Baby Names

For families expecting a little guy, these 1,000 most popular boy baby names should give you tons of inspo to consider. (Bonus: Read the meanings behind the most-loved monikers!) 

Best Girl Baby Names

Got a little lady on the way? Here are the 1,000 most popular girl baby names—with the meanings behind the chart-topping picks.

Best Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Gender-neutral names are great—whether you’re waiting to be surprised by your baby’s sex or you simply want something that doesn’t lean either too masculine or too feminine. Here, some truly standout gender-neutral baby names.

Best Baby Names by Letter

When you’re choosing a baby name, the first initial can be a surprisingly fruitful place to start! That’s why we’ve rounded up all of our favorite baby names…from A to Z!

Best Baby Names by Origin

Where would we be without our roots? Give a nod to your family’s culture with a baby name that reflects your place of origin.

Best Baby Names by Theme

Whether you’re a music lover or a bookworm…a total foodie or a world traveler, there are fun ways to pay tribute to your passions, interests, or values with a thematic baby name.

Wondering what the latest and greatest baby name trends are? We’ve got you. Here are the biggest baby name trends we’ve seen in recent years:

Vintage Baby Names

While up-and-coming names are no doubt appealing, the classics are a classic for a reason. Perhaps that’s why one big modern trend is to…look backward. Grandma- and grandpa-esque names have made a major comeback. Peep our favorite old-fashioned baby names.

Seasonal Baby Names

There’s something so special about the time your little one finally arrives…not just their birthday or birth month, but that time of year. In all the years going forward, certain seasons become intertwined with your memories of your little one’s arrival and those super momentous first days. So, it’s no mystery why many parents opt to reflect their child’s season of birth with their baby name.

Baby Names for Every Zodiac Sign

Calling all horoscope devotees! When you need baby name inspiration, consider looking to the stars. Every astrological sign is thought to come with certain traits. What better way to pay tribute to your bub-to-be’s growing personality than with a baby name that reflects your baby’s zodiac sign?

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