U names for babies are unbelievably unique, with the letter U being one of the least used first initials out there. You’re familiar with Ursula and Ulysses, but have you ventured further into the world of cute U baby names? From all around the world, and some with multiple cultures attached, here are our favorite U names for boys and girls…

Girl Baby Names That Start With U

Udelia: A contender if you like vintage-sounding names like Cordelia and Adelaide, this pretty pick means “song” of Greek origins. 

Uma: As in Thurman, the simple yet unique baby girl name has roots in both Hebrew (“the nation”) and Sanskrit (“light, peace”). 

Umeko: Japanese baby girl names tend to focus around a few tight consonant sounds and often end with “ko;” this traditionally constructed yet rarely heard name of that ilk means “child of the plum blossoms” and also “patient.” 

Ulla: It’s got the pep and appeal of Allura and Talia, but a truly special sound and very straightforward spelling for a stunner of a name that means “will” or “determination” in Scandinavian.

Uliana: A longer take if you like Ulla but want more fanfare, this Iliana-adjacent baby girl name from the Russian means “youthful.”   

Umina: Ethereal and soft, it’s a U name with two cultural identities—Japanese and Quechua (native highlanders in the region spanning Ecuador to Bolivia)—and the distinct meanings “sea” and “emerald” respectively. 

Una: The Latin baby girl name meaning “one” (and also “lamb”) is a sweet choice for a first child or first daughter, and also for a “one and done” baby. Disney extremists will note it’s also got princess power, belonging to a royal mermaid friend of the title character on the series Sofia the First.  

Undine: Like the known Nadine and the rare Almondine, this gorgeous Latin baby girl name has a French feeling and smooth finish. Undine translates to “little wave.” 

Unica: A Spanish baby girl name meaning “the only one” or “one of,” it’s slightly better known than Una and shares the same “oneness” vibe we love. 

Ursula: Funnily, it’s probably one of the best-known U names for girls, not for its popularity per se, but because it belongs to the sea witch in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The name means “little female bear” with Latin roots, for not one but two strong references if you like a fearless baby girl name. 

Urvi: The Sanskrit name meaning “wide” is very unheard of if you are looking for a real stand-out baby name. 

Uta: Perfectly plucked for a princess, this bougie German girls’ name means “prosperity” or “riches.”

Boy Baby Names That Start With U

Ugo: It just sounds so handsome; slightly off from the familiar Hugo but with a shared meaning—“intellect”—the Italian version of Hugh is a definite contender.  

Ugenio: The Spanish/Italian take on Eugene is another one of those U names that feels familiar because of its similarity to more popular names, but still has a rareness and edge. The name means “well-born” or “noble.” 

Umar: More prosperous options for our U baby name list! This Arabic name translates to “flourishing” or “thriving” and is a nice alternative to the more common Omar. 

Ulick: A precious Irish baby boy name meaning “little William,” you might not have heard of it before but we bet it’ll stick in your mind now that you have!

Ulrich: Better known than Ulick, it means “rich, powerful” and has the added translation, “wolf power,” of German origin. 

Ulton: Like Elton, but with a twist of a first initial, Ulton derives from the Irish province of Ulster and just sounds dignified and fancy.

Ulysses: One of the more popular baby boy names on our U list, it is actually the Latin version of the name of the Greek god Odysseus (King of Ithaca and hero of Homer’s The Odyssey).

Umberto: Like the English name Humbert (“renowned warrior”) with more flair, this Italian name is recognizable but not overused.

Upton: If you favor noble names for baby boys, this could be the one! With an “uptown” feel and the literal English meaning “upper town,” it’s a classy baby boy name to consider. 

Uriah: Had your eye on Zachariah or similar but want to go a little further “out there?” We are loving this rarely heard Hebrew baby boy name which translates to “God is my light.” 

Usher: It’s hard to separate it from the R&B superstar namesake, but the English/French baby boy name meaning “doorkeeper” is adorable in its own right. 

Uziel: Fans of Ezekiel and similar old-fashioned boys’ names might favor this U name from the Hebrew translating to “Jehovah is my strength.”

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With U

Uaine: Pronounced oo-IN-ya, this gorgeous Gaelic baby name referring to a bright, vivid shade of green is a cheerful gender-neutral option to consider.

Umber: On the coattails of popular picks Amber and Ember, may we suggest this warm and shining U name with fall-to-winter nature vibes for your little boy or girl?

Ultimo/a: The final letter correlates to Baby’s sex, but we just had to include this U name meaning “the last” in Italian and Spanish, for your “caboose” baby on our gender-neutral list.

Unity: A word name for “oneness” and even “togetherness,” it’s a beautiful concept to impart with your child’s name. 

Urban: The cool-kid name with street savviness and a sense of adventure, we love it for a little girl or boy. 

Utah: Place names are often gender-neutral, and this US state is no exception; anyone who is from, or who has visited, this awe-inspiring place should put Utah on their short list of gender-neutral U names. 

More Unique Baby Name Inspiration:

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