Culinarily inclined parents-to-be, take note! A food baby name could be an adorable way to bridge your love of cuisine with parenthood. Our super sweet (and sometimes savory) list of food-themed baby names is one you’ll want to consume in a hurry. 

Food Baby Names for Girls

Amandine: The French baby name sounds both exotic and elegant, with nutty roots and the meaning “much-loved.”

Apple: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin put this fruity pick on the map when they gave it to their daughter in 2004. Eyes might have rolled at first, but Apple has gained traction ever since. (Check out more celebrity baby names!) 

Brie: The beautiful French and Latin girls name that means “marshland” belongs to a delicious cheese. 

Jasmine: A princess-y pick your little girl will love growing up with—it is an old French/Persian name for the jasmine flower, but also applies to a fragrant long grain rice of the same name. 

Nori: The Japanese word for seaweed (and “doctrine”) makes our list for its use in sushi and other traditional dishes. Your little girl would be in celebrity company with this food-based baby name, as it’s become the prominent nickname for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s firstborn, whose full name is North. (Browse Japanese baby names!)

Olive: The rarer answer to Olivia is tiptoeing into the top 1,000 girl names in the US, and is a recognizable food name for baby girls with quirky appeal.  

Plum: The rich, tasty fruit is not often heard as a baby name but when it is, it makes a statement. Best known as the name of British novelist Plum Sykes, this pretty pick would be very sweet for your baby girl. 

Rosemary: A fragrant, old-fashioned name which belongs to an herb with the symbolism “remembrance;” rosemary means “dew of the sea” from the Latin.  

Sage: Another herb, this one with medicinal uses and cooking clout. It makes a very cute baby name if you’re looking for something short yet lingering. 

Food Baby Names for Boys

Baker: Not an actual food but a related profession, this handsome choice is on the rise for boys.  

Benedict: This charming little boy name with Latin roots meaning “blessed” happens to be a pretty tasty way to prepare eggs.

Cane: How about naming that sweet baby boy after sugarcane itself? This vintage-sounding food-themed name is subtle yet solid, and its alternate spelling Cain means “acquired” from the Hebrew

Colby: The name of the tangy orange semi-soft cheese doubles as a cute food baby name, meaning “coal town” with English roots. (See more British baby names!)

Graham: Those sweet crackers are a tasty afternoon snack cake and a cute food baby name. The English name Graham means “gravelly homestead.” 

Kale: This food baby name—and the leafy green it’s attached to—are effortlessly hipster-chic. 

Kobe: Beyond the beef that hails from the Kobe region of Japan, it’s a special boy name with various meanings including “supplanter,” “God’s door,” and “May God protect.” You also might consider it in homage to the late, great Bryant. 

Pippin: A pippin is a crisp and delicious type of apple and a unique food baby name for boys meaning “traveler.”

Gender-Neutral Food Baby Names

Basil: The tasty herb prevalent in Italian dishes is a gender-neutral food-inspired name idea we can get behind.  

Mint: This fresh food baby name would be just as zippy for a boy or a girl. 

Pepper: This spicy pick is a perfect name for a sassy baby girl or boy. Funnily, its Latin and Sanskrit roots translate to “berry,” so there’s a sweeter connotation here, too. 

Saffron: A bright and vibrant spice name given to boys and girls, the yellow flower it comes from is in good company, with a floral baby naming trend sweeping the nation. 

Other Tasty Baby Name Picks...

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