Oh, goodness! You’ve got a baby on the way and we know the name selection process can be overwhelming. The letter O is such a charming initial for a little boy or girl; it’s a strong vowel sound that can be breathy or solid. And it has the power to evoke so many concepts from celestial to biblical and beyond.

This list is full of unique baby names that start with O that you might not have heard yet (so you’ve got lots of options!). Taking inspiration from nature, pop culture, and everywhere in between, here are our favorite baby names that start with O.

Boy Baby Names That Start With O

Odin: The Norse name for the god of art, culture, wisdom, and law is steadily on the rise with modern parents.

Ogden: It’s definitely “out-there,” but we love the refined quality of this rare O name for boys, which means “from the oak valley” with English roots and shortens cutely to Oggy or Denny.

Oliver: One of the most popular names for boys right now, no list of O names would be complete without it. It’s from the Latin, meaning “olive tree.”

Omar: The Hebrew/Arabic name meaning “flourishing, thriving” or “eloquent” is a beautiful choice for a baby boy.  

Onyx: A unique nature name for a gorgeous, banded black stone, this one is powerful in meaning and in sound.

Orel: One of those precious baby boy names that you can picture so easily on the man he will become; it means “light of God” with Hebrew roots.

Oren: Meaning “laurel” or “pine” from Hebrew, it’s a subtle nature-based name to consider.

Orion: The Greek mythology name—for a legendary hunter who was sent to the stars by Zeus —is also given to a brightly shining constellation, for both mythical and celestial ties to this handsome baby boy name.

Orlando: An Italian baby boy name (their version of Roland), it means “famous throughout the land” and can also work as a Florida place name.

Orson: After Welles if you’re a vintage movie buff, but this antique baby boy name with O is a dignified pick on its own, with the adorable meaning “bear cub” of English and Latin roots.

Oscar: Another well known O name for boys, this one of mixed English and Irish origins has a fighting spirit—its meanings include “God-spear” and “champion fighter” as well as “lover of deer.”

Oshea: The Hebrew baby boy name whose translation is “salvation” is rarely heard as a first name and accordingly, all the more special. Since O’Shea is an Irish surname, this charming choice could serve double duty in a multinational household.

Oswald: An English baby boy name with vintage appeal, it might not be super common these days but it’s adorable nonetheless. The name means “divine power,” making it a contender if you’d like a religious or spiritual name but not necessarily one that appears in the Bible.

Otto: The megawatt German name meaning “wealthy” is a solid choice for your little guy, and one of the few English-language names that is also a palindrome, a fact he’ll love when learning how to spell!

Owen: One of the more popular baby boy names starting with O, it has two power-packed meanings: “well-born” and “young warrior.”

Ozzie: This sweet nickname for Oswald, Osmond, or Ozius is also a given name in its own right, meaning “divine bear.”

Girl Baby Names That Start With O

Oaklynn: A modern name that can be spelled with one “n” or two at its end, it combines the word “oak” for the tree with the Welsh suffix “lyn” meaning lake, for the whimsical conjuring of an oak tree by a lake.

Oana: This could be one of those names that you see for the first time and have an “ah-ha” moment! It has Romanian roots as a version of Iona, translating to “God is gracious.”

Octavia: The lyrical Latin baby girl name meaning “eighth” would be fitting for an eighth child if you’ve gotten that far! But it is also just as sweet for anyone who loves ancient-sounding baby names with flair.

Odette: Whether you select this version or with the swap of an “a” for that final “e,” the chic French baby girl name means “wealth” as a feminization of Otto.

Odelia: More glamour for our O baby names for girls list, this one is from the Hebrew meaning “I will praise the Lord.”

Odessa: A Russian place name with power and verve, if you love the “essa” at the end of Vanessa, but want something more rare, this could be it!

Oksana: Another Russian name for baby girls, this one is of Hebrew origins and means “praise to God.”

Olivia: Latin for the olive tree, like brother Oliver on our boys’ list, this is one of the most popular girl names around. If you love the meaning and sound but want something a touch more unique, you might consider the variation Olivette.

Olwen: Love Owen but having a girl? We’ve solved your problem with this precious pick, meaning “white footprint” from the Welsh.

Olympia: The Greek baby girl name meaning “from Mount Olympus” is a lovely homage to Greek lineage or simply a pretty selection if you’re looking for powerful baby girl names.

Opal: The boys have Onyx, and the girls have this glittery gorgeousness. (Which leads us to the fact that Onyx and Opal would be amazing names for boy-girl twins…) Originally, the name is from Sanskrit, meaning “gem.”

Ophelia: Another Greek baby name for girls, this one means “help” and has appeared in pop culture numerous times since Shakespeare’s Hamlet, on into being the subject and title of a song by the Lumineers.

Orla: This princessy pick also appears on our list of uber-rare names for baby girls and boys, but was worth another appearance among the O’s because it’s just that special.

Ostara: An absolutely gorgeous name from Old High German, you probably haven’t heard it much, but that rare quality could make it the perfect pick. Ostara means “dawn.”

Ottoline: It means “prospers in battle” for another unique O name for girls, this one of mixed French and English roots. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With O

Oakley: An English nature name—“oak clearing”—it’s on the rise with American parents for its trendy sound and cool, gender-free application.

Oasis: Word names often work well for boys or girls, and this one that hails from the Egyptian language translating to “fertile spot in the desert” is very special.

Ocean: Another word name we love, it’s a very pretty pick for a baby born in summer or to any lovers of the water.

Octa: If you like the vintage charm of Octavia but want something gender-neutral for your little one, this shorter version could be the one!

Odell: Meaning “of the valley,” it’s an o-dorable name of English origin for a baby boy or girl.

Oleander: Another lyrical choice for our list of favorite O names, this is a plant name for a small flowering tree or shrub. Unlike many floral names that are given strictly to baby girls, this one works beautifully for a boy, too.

Om: Take a deep breath and consider this gorgeous Sanskirt baby name translating to “creation;” if you’re a yoga buff this short moniker has major meaning.

Omega: The Greek word for last (which is also the last letter of the Greek alphabet) would be PERFECT for a final baby, or the baby who is coming after a long wait—“at long last!”

Ozell: Strong like its Hebrew meaning (divine strength) this is a unique baby girl or boy name for your mighty yet tiny love.

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