Fun, fresh, familial, or maybe fancy...? If you’re looking for your new favorite F name, we’ve got the mega list for you. F names from around the world delight with a variety of meanings and sounds, to offer up some inspiration as you seek that perfect baby name for your little guy or girl on the way. 

Boy Baby Names That Start With F

Fabian: There are many iterations of this Latin baby boy name starting with F meaning “bean grower,” from Faber to Fabius, but we love the classic and we bet your son will, too. (Girl versions of this name are plentiful too, including Fabiola and Fabianna).

Felix: It’s cunning, handsome, and classic— the Latin F baby name meaning “fortunate” could be a contender for your little boy. 

Ferris: There’s the ‘80s cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to consider here, but because of—or in spite of—that film, this could be a sweet F name to consider for a baby boy. It means “rock” from the Irish. 

Finnegan: Another Irish baby boy name (you’ll find quite a few on our list of baby names starting with F!), this one means “fair.” Finn is an adorable nickname or standalone option as well.  

Fisher: The English occupational word name connotes more than fishing and river sport; there’s a summery, outdoorsy feeling to this down-home baby boy name that starts with F and we love it. 

Fitz: Short for Fitzgerald, or just as its own snazzy choice for an F name, the Scottish name meaning “son of” is adorably chic, and could be a nice way to incorporate Dad’s name in the middle spot. 

Fletcher: Another English occupational name starting with F, this one meaning “arrow-maker,” it’s got hardworking roots and a cheeky sound for a precious option for Baby Boy.  

Floyd: Rock ‘n’ roll parents will adore the subtle nod to a band containing this fabulous F name for boys. That association notwithstanding it’s a unique Welsh name meaning “gray haired,” and it serves as a powerful one-syllable name for boys. 

Flynn: The Irish name meaning “son of the red-haired one” is a cute pick whether your son is the descendant of redheads or not! 

Ford: We love a presidential name and this one is just that. It’s also a popular pick among British families, meaning “one who dwells by the river crossing.”

Foster: Best known as a surname, this English occupational name meaning “forester” is a rarely heard baby name starting with F to consider. 

Francisco: The Spanish and Portuguese version of Frances meaning “free man” makes our list for its global appeal and classic feeling.  

Franklin: This one or the previous can be good options if you’re looking to name a son after a Frank in the family. Franklin means “land holder” and is also a quiet homage to the inventor Benjamin. 

Fraser: The Scottish name with French roots meaning “strawberry” is just about the freshest pick to make your little boy stick out from the bunch! 

Girl Baby Names That Start With F

Fae: Alternate spelling Faye, it means “fairy” and we love it for its soft, short, and storied complexity. You can also go all out and name her Faerie, if it fits your fancy.

Faith: A word name starting with F that’s come in and out of popularity over the years, and is often seen as a middle name. Your daughter would be in company with this Southern-approved name held by country superstar Faith Hill. 

Farrah: The romantic sounding Arabic name starting with F means “happiness” and sounds like it too.  

Fatimah: A gorgeous Arabic baby girl name starting with F meaning “captivating,” befit for a little princess who is exactly that. You can spell it with or without the h on the end; it somehow feels more final to include it.  

Fawn: A gentle nature name meaning “young deer,” we love this rarely heard choice for a little girl. 

Felicity: It means joy and that’s just what your daughter will elicit. The English name derives from the Latin felicitas meaning “luck” or “good fortune.”

Fenna: The Dutch/Frision name meaning “peace” is a beautiful, rare baby name that starts with the letter F to consider for your daughter. 

Fern: Another lovely nature name starting with F, this one applying to a leafy green plant, it’s got a hippie-chic feeling modern parents might love. 

Fia: With mixed Irish, Italian, and Portuguese roots, the name meaning “wild,” “weaver,” or “a flickering fire,” is a unique F-name for a baby girl.

Fiorella: More from the Italians, because they do F names for babies so very well, this one means “little flower” and is absolutely precious. 

Fleur: The French word for flower makes an alluring baby girl name with nature roots and an elegant sound.  

Fiona: A Scottish baby girl name meaning “white” or “fair,” it made it into the popular American baby name lists in the 1990’s and hasn’t dropped out since. 

Francesca: Meaning “from France” or “free man,” it’s the Italian version of Frances (another nice F name to consider). 

Frida: After the great artist Kahlo, or just because it’s a beautiful baby girl name starting with F. Frida means “peaceful” with German roots

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With F

Fable: It’s a long and often wandering story with a deep meaning... It's also an effortlessly romantic baby name starting with F for a little boy or girl. 

Fallon: You can try alternate spellings here (Fallen, Fallyn...), or go with the original. Fallon is a dignified Irish gender-neutral name that starts with letter F meaning “leader.” 

Fairly: Unique baby names starting with F are always among our favorites, and this one doesn’t disappoint. In addition to the known word meaning (“well, with justice, to a high degree”), it also has a meandering nature-related meaning as a baby name with English origins: “from the clearing overgrown with ferns.”  

Faulkner: This is a cool baby name to consider for the literary minded parents, after the American writer William Faulkner. Nickname options are endless including Fal or Falkie for a baby of either gender. 

Femi: The gorgeous gender-neutral Yoruba name is a shortened version of Olufemi, meaning “the Lord loves me,” and Femi itself translates sweetly to, “love me.” 

Fifer: A Scottish occupational name starting with F meaning “piper,” this one is charming and quirky, and adorably befits a baby girl or boy. 

Frayer: This is the gender-neutral version of the popular Norse baby girl name Freya; it means “mistress” or “lady” but this less feminized version sounds just as good on a boy.

More Fantastic Baby Name Inspiration:

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