The quest for the perfect baby name is one of those incredibly fun yet sometimes daunting tasks for the parents-to-be. You want to find the right mix of sound, meaning, and maybe even geographic origin to impart a moniker you can be proud to have your child to grow into. Brazilian baby names feature a blend of influences—including Portuguese, German, Arabic, and French—and they’re a wonderful tribute to a country as rich in culture as it is in natural wonders (and that’s saying a lot, since the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is a literal natural wonder and the country is home to the Amazon!). 

Often multisyllabic and flowing, Brazilian names for boys and girls tend to have a musicality to them, giving parents a host of truly beautiful choices. Enjoy our list of the cutest and most popular Brazilian baby names to consider for your tiny bundle...

Brazilian Baby Names for Boys

Ademir: With shared roots from the German and Portuguese, this bold Brazilian boys’ name has many meanings including “glorious,” “war-like,” and “loved by God.”

Adriano: The megastar soccer player from Brazil, called widely just by his first name Adriano, could be behind this classic’s recent rise on the charts. Still rare in the States, it is of shared Italian and Spanish roots meaning “man from Adria.”

Anastacio: The old name of Greek and Spanish origins means “resurrection” and gets high marks from Brazilian parents.

Benicio: This beautiful baby boy name from the Latin translates to “blessed” and is popular with modern Brazilian parents. 

Bernardo: This is the sixth most popular Brazilian boy name at the moment, and means “strong, brave as a bear” in German.

Cipriano: It’s in the Top 50 for Brazilian baby boys; an Italian name referring to someone from Cyprus.

Cauã: An indigenous Brazilian boy name meaning “hawk,” it belongs to a heartthrob Brazilian actor.

Davi: Brazil’s second most popular baby boy name is the Portuguese version of David, a Hebrew name meaning “beloved.”  

Estevão: This strong name for boys means “crown” from the Spanish and “victorious” in Greek, and it sits high on the Brazilian naming charts.

Gabriel: Another name with Hebrew origins, it means “God is my strength” and currently rests in the top five for Brazilian boy names.

Jaren: This biblical name with Hebrew roots means “he descends” or “to cry out, rejoice.” It’s one of the 50 most popular names for modern Brazilian boys, and we love its friendly sound.

João: Meaning “God is gracious” with Portuguese roots, it’s a well-loved name in Brazil and has been widely used for decades.

Keyton: An English name with a Brazilian sound and a lovely meaning—“where hawks fly”—this Brazilian baby name is in the country’s top 50.

Ligongo: A word meaning, “who is this,” is a very popular Brazilian baby name.

Lucas: Popular both in the States and in Brazil, Lucas is the Latin form of Luke meaning “man from Lucania.” You might also consider Luca.  

Miguel: This common Brazilian name has snagged the top spot for Brazilian baby boys. It is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Michael, meaning “Who is God?” in Hebrew.

Neymar: This is considered a modern invented Brazilian name, and has risen to popularity since Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior reached stardom. The name is believed to be a combination of Netuno (Neptune) and Mar (Mars).

Pedro: The fourth most popular Brazilian baby name is the Spanish variation of Peter, meaning “rock” from the Greek.

Rafael: One of Brazil’s top 10 boy names, this Brazilian name means “God has healed” in Spanish. The meaning makes it a beautiful choice for a rainbow baby or any little boy that has proven a blessing after loss or struggle in the family.  

Salvador: Modern parents love place names, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Salvador is the third largest city in Brazil, a cool beachy place situated on the coast of the Bay of Saints. 

Brazilian Girl Names

Alandra: The Spanish name meaning “protector of mankind” is a popular choice in Brazil, and we love its unique sound and unlimited nickname options.  

Alice: It’s surprising that an English-sounding name falls in the number two spot for Brazilian baby girls, but this sweet vintage name has clearly charmed parents across the globe. It might not be an inherently Brazilian name, but you might want to consider it anyway. The name has German roots that mean “noble.” Maria Alice is the most popular baby girl name in Brazil, offering up a classic feel for anyone considering a double name for their little girl.

Augustinha: A Latin name that means “to increase;” it’s a pretty Brazilian girl name that parents are loving right now.

Beatriz: Meaning “bringer of joy” or “blessed,” this beautiful baby name is very popular in Brazil.

Benigna: The rare Italian baby girl name is popular in Brazil; this Brazilian name’s meaning is a kindhearted woman.

Brasilia: A beautiful place name that leans feminine in sound, Brasilia is the fourth largest city in Brazil, located right at the heart of the country.

Camila: Such a pretty name that gets a boost stateside from starlet Camila Cabello, this name of Portuguese origins translates to “religious attendant” or “priest’s helper,” and is a favorite among Brazilian parents.

Clara: Clear as a bell and oh-so-sweet, the Latin name meaning “bright and clear” is a popular baby name pick in Brazil.

Diolinda: This Portuguese name means “beautiful god” and is a beloved choice for Brazilian girl names.

Fernanda: The Spanish name meaning “bold voyager” is in Brazil’s top five names for baby girls.

Giovanna: The Italian name meaning “God is gracious” lands in Brazil’s top 10 most common baby girl names.

Isabella: It’s the fourth most popular name for girls in Brazil. Isabella is the Spanish/Portuguese version of the Hebrew name Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God,” and it’s most obvious nickname Bella means “beautiful” in Spanish and Italian. 

Julia: From the Latin, Brazil’s number three most popular name for baby girls means “youthful” and just barely enters the top 100 in the U.S.

Manuella: This beautiful Brazilian baby girl name of French and Spanish origins translates to “God is with us,” and currently holds the #5 spot for girls in Brazil.

Mariana: Currently ranked #7 in Brazil, this beauty translates to “star of the sea” with Spanish roots.

Sophia: Just like in the States, this multinational name reigns supreme. Currently in the top spot for girls in Brazil, the name means “wisdom” in Greek.

Tainara: The Brazilian spelling of the Latin Tatyana, this gorgeous baby girl name means “heroic, titanic.”

Teressa: A slant on the more known spelling, the Brazilian spelling of this classic baby girls’ name puts emphasis on the middle syllable. Teressa means “to harvest,” making it an extra-special choice for a fall baby.

Valentina: The Latin name in its feminine version means “strength, health” and has a lovely, lyrical feel. Valentina is one of the top 10 names for Brazilian baby girls right now.

Yara: This popular Brazilian girl name has Arabic roots. Yara translates to a “small butterfly” for a unique and dainty nature name we just love.

Gender Neutral Brazilian Baby Names

Alexandre: This traditionally male name is used for both boys and girls in modern Brazil. The popular Brazilian name means “defending men” from the French.

Faren: A pretty, gender-neutral name that’s popular in Brazil—Faren means “handsome servant.”

Hayle: We’re loving this masculine English baby name that’s used widely in Brazil. It would be just as sweet for a little girl. Hayle means “someone who lives in a hollow.”

Iara: This gorgeous gender-neutral Brazilian baby name of Latin and Greek origins means “cheerful, happy.” It’s a great choice if you’re seeking something that’s common in Brazil.

Rio: Rounding out our list with another Brazilian place name for your babe… A sprawling seaside city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is maybe the country’s most famous locale. Rio would make a sweet moniker for your little boy or girl.

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Beyond Brazilian Baby Names…

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