Hope springs eternal, as the old proverb goes, which essentially means we’re always looking for a bright tomorrow. And what could be brighter than a new life on the way? If your new baby is arriving after hard times—or if you're simply warmed with optimism—a hopeful baby name could be the perfect choice for you. From Aisling to Zayah, here are the best baby names that mean “hope” or have optimistic connotations, for you to choose from. Which baby name gives you the most hopeful vibes?

Aisling: This lovely Irish girls’ name means “a hopeful dream” or “vision.”

Arman: Here’s a warm and inviting Persian/Kazakh name that can be used for boys and girls and translates to “wish” or “hope.”

Amil: A boys’ name with Arabic/Sanskrit roots, Amil means “one who hopes.”

Asha: This gorgeous Sanskrit name for a baby girl translates to “hope.”

Bakari: This rare boys’ name means “hopeful” or “promising” in Swahili.

Callahan: Here’s a cheerful Irish boys’ name that means “hopeful” or “bright-headed.”

Chislon: An ancient biblical name you definitely don’t hear every day, Chislon means both “hope” and “trust.”

Chloe: One of the few chart-topping baby names that falls on our Hopeful list, this Greek baby girl name translates to “a hopeful, young green shoot.”

Dylan: This classic gender-neutral baby name with Irish roots stands for “a ray of hope.”

Emela: At a time when Emma and Amelia are bursting with popularity, consider a softer and less trendy take on these favorites with this Bosnian baby girl name meaning “hope” or “inspiration.”

Esperanza: This spirited Spanish girls’ name translates to “hope” or “expectation.” You can also drop the first “E” for Speranza, which is the Italian version that carries the same meaning.

Hila: In the Eastern Iranian language of Pashto, this lovely name for girls means “hope.”

Hope: An obvious hopeful choice, but a beautiful one! This eternal word name is the spot-on choice for parents seeking something with spiritual or religious meaning.

Jesse: This is a classic non-gendered name with Hebrew roots that means “a gift of hope.”

Jonah: Another handsome Hebrew name, Jonah means “dove,” the bird that symbolizes hope.

Koki: This is a super cute Japanese boy name that translates to “hopeful fortune” and “bright light.”

Nadine: Nadine is the French version of the Russian name Nadia—and both mean “hope.”

Oriana: This glamorous sounding name from the Latin translates to “a new dawn” for the hopeful feeling of a new beginning.

Raja: If you can ignore the Disney association, this gender-neutral Sanskrit baby name is a lovely choice that means “hope” and “the anticipated one.”

Saki: A baby girl name that’s too cute to pass up, this Japanese moniker translates to “blossom” or “hope.”

Spero: Dashing with an easy spelling to boot, Spero is the boy version of Esperanza/Speranza, which means “hope” in Italian.

Spring: The season filled with hope and fresh starts is a gorgeous name idea for a baby girl. 

Toivo: This Finnish boys’ name fits into the category of ultra-rare baby names and it means “hope.”

Tikvah: This rare Hebrew girls’ name means “hope” and it could be the perfect pick for your unique ray of hope.

Von: Short, simple, and dignified…Von is a boys’ name of Norse origin translating to, you guessed it, “hope.”

Zayah: This lovely Arabic Z name for girls offers three beautiful meanings in one: “hope,” “honesty” and “faith.”


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