Feeling lucky? Babies are undoubtedly a blessing, so why not convey that fortunate feeling with a name that means lucky or blessed! If you have a baby on the way and are looking for the perfect name, we have a list overflowing with options for your little lucky charm.

Cultivated from all around the world, below are our some of favorite baby names that mean blessed or lucky. Spoiler alert: Not only do these lucky picks have a sweet meaning, but they’re all also super charming. Read on for the luckiest baby names around!  

Girl Names That Mean Lucky

Aili: While it might be the first time you’ve seen this unique Finnish name, its sound is familiar, thanks to the proximity to the more common name Hailey. Aili means “blessed; bright and shining light.” 

Beatrix / Beatrice: Either version of this classic with Latin roots means both “blessed” and “she who brings happiness.”

Charm: We couldn’t help but add this quirky pick that doesn’t mean “lucky” but stands for something that feels lucky to whoever holds onto it. 

Delyth: This rarely heard Welsh name translating to “pretty and blessed” rolls right off the tongue.

Fayola: It’s one of those names you might never have heard of, but once you do, you can’t get it out of your head. With Nigerian roots, the name means “lucky,” “good fortune,” and “blessed.” 

Gwyneth: As in Paltrow, but it’s heard infrequently enough for your little girl to make it her own. Gwyneth means both “blessed” and “happy” in Welsh.=

Helga: A grandma-esque choice at a moment when old-fashioned names are coming back with a vengeance. This one means “holy” and “blessed” in Scandinavian. 

Isadora: In a sea of Isabelles, give her something unique. This beautiful Greek baby name translates to “gift of Isis,” with Isis being the goddess of fertility. It’s a lovely way to solidify how blessed you feel to have this little girl.

Lakshmi: The lovely Sanskrit name translates to “a lucky omen.” 

Penny: Such sweet symbolism to give your little girl, naming her after a lucky penny. 

Sadiya: Meaning “lucky, fortunate” in Arabic, it’s a warm and flowing name for your princess.

Triss: This shortened version of Beatrice is a cute and spunky pick for Baby Girl. 

Boy Names That Mean Lucky

Baruch: Pronounced “ba-RUKE,” the Hebrew baby boy name translates to “blessed” and will have special meaning to Jewish people or anyone familiar with simple Jewish blessings, as many of them open with this sacred word. 

Benedict: Another “blessed” name with religious roots, this stunner is originally from the Latin.

Benoit: The French version of Benedict has style and flair. 

Bonaventure: This stately Latin baby boy name translates to “good fortune.”

Boone: If you love classic Americana and deep south names, consider this cutie meaning “blessing, lucky.”

Chance: The fortuitous word name for babies could be perfect for anyone looking for a “luck” association.

Felix: A classic of Latin roots meaning “fortunate, happy,” it’s perfectly timely in a moment when names containing the letter “x” are a major trend

Keitaro: A handsome Japanese baby name translating to “blessed.”  

Parvaiz: The rare Persian name for boys means “lucky, happy.”

Tadashi: Another gorgeous pick from Japan, this one translates to not only “lucky,” but also “devotion” and “true.”

Talisman: As Penny, Charm, and Chance above, this is more of a luck-related word name that will be a real conversation-starter and unique way to honor your little treasure of a child. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Lucky

Asher: This is one of those names that manages to feel both adorable on a baby and so refined later in life. From the Hebrew, it means “fortunate, blessed,” and “happy one.” 

Bennett: A gender-neutral take on Benedict, it’s the Medieval version and shares the meaning “blessed.”

Carwen: This beautiful, if rare, baby name means “blessed love” in Welsh.

Clover: The cute nature name has lucky vibes because when one finds a four-leafed clover, they are said to be bestowed with good luck. 

Guin: Meaning “blessed” and “fair,” we love this rare Welsh name that’s perfect for a lucky little boy or girl. 

Fortunato/a: A Latin baby name meaning “luck” or “fated.” The name with an o at the end tends to be used for boys, where the a is used for girls.  

Lucky: Hey, ask and you shall receive. It may be the most hands-down “lucky” name on the list!

Macario/a: The gorgeous boy/girl pair of names of Spanish and Greek origins means “blessed.” 

Seeley: How cute is this gender-neutral English name meaning “blessed/happy?”

Zelig: A cheerful name of Yiddish roots, it means “happy” and “blessed.”

More Baby Names That Bring Good Vibes:

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