If you’re looking for a stand-out baby name with European flair, look no further than Scotland. Scottish baby names are as dreamy as the sparkling lakes, lush highlands, and historic castles that hail from the tartan-clad country. Here are our favorite Scottish names for boys and girls with their meanings.

Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Angus: A popular Scottish name meaning “one strength,” it’s on the rise in the States but still feels special. 

Brodie: It’s a cute Scottish surname that belongs with a confident and kind kiddo. Brodie means “little ridge” and sounds just about as darling as its meaning. 

Callan: Meaning “rock” with Gaelic roots and widely used in Scotland, this solid name is technically gender-neutral but may work especially well for a boy.

Carmichael: It has a devastatingly cool sound that would lend well to a character in a book or play, making this Scottish extension of Michael a contender if you want something rare. 

Duncan: The Scottish name meaning “dark warrior” is a classic pick that’s shown up throughout history and literature. It belonged to a saint and two early Kings of the Scots, as well as a Shakespearean character and many others since. (Browse more literary baby names!)

Hamish: It’s the Scottish version of James, “the supplanter,” and is very popular across the pond. Here, your little boy would have a unique name with this cool pick. 

Jack: Though not of Scottish origin, this cute and simple baby boy name made it onto our list because it is currently the #1 name for Scottish boys. With English roots meaning, “God is gracious,” you can’t go wrong with this popular Scottish baby name. 

Kester: Quite authentically Scottish, this baby name is a version of Christopher meaning “one who carries Christ,” for a name that’s both religious and rarely heard. 

Lachlan: This Scottish name for boys, alternatively spelled Lochlan, means “land of the Vikings.” Any little boy would love growing up with a powerful name like this one. 

Laird: Meaning, “lord of the land,” it’s an edgy—yet warm—Scottish boy name to consider. 

Sanders: It seems very few baby name lists would be complete without some version of Alexander. We love this gentle Scottish take, sharing the root meaning of the original name — “defender of man.”

Teague: A one-syllable Scottish baby name that packs power and thought, Teague means “bard” or poet and is absolutely precious.  

Scottish Baby Names for Girls

Ayda: This lovely name has recently climbed into the top 100 names for Scottish girls, having actually derived from mixed Arabic and Turkish roots meaning “benefit” or “moon.” The rise in popularity for this name in Scotland just shows that baby names are going global, and parents everywhere are breaking tradition to seek outside influence in this important choice. 

Collins: Very popular with southern American parents, this mixed Scottish/Irish surname derived from Nicholas or Colin makes a refined name for a baby girl. (See more southern baby names)

Elspeth: Charming and dignified, the Scottish version of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God” is just perfect. 

Isla: This stunner has held her own in the top five names for Scottish baby girls for the past several years and is popular in the US as well. Isla means “island.”  

Kenzie: The shortened form of Mackenzie, meaning “son of Kenneth,” is a cute Scottish name for a baby girl. 

Kyleigh: This adorable name is having a moment thanks to a certain Kardashian (who spells it Kylie). We love the Scottish spelling for something more unique. The name of Scottish, Aboriginal origins means “narrow spit of land” or “a boomerang." (See more celebrity-inspired baby names!)

Maisie: The Scottish diminutive of Margaret is just so darn sweet. This one means “pearl,” an absolutely fitting description of the treasure that is your newest little addition. 

Paisley: A popular Scottish name that’s gaining traction in the States, we often associate it with a classic fabric print, but the original meaning is “church” or “cemetery.” 

Rowan: One of Scotland’s top names for girls, it refers to both a certain type of tree and a petite, red-headed child. Both are sweet associations for your little girl on the way.  

Shona: This beautiful Scottish girl name means “God is gracious.” It’s rare enough to let her stand out, but familiar in both sound and spelling. 

Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names

Ballantine: It’s an unusual name with a grand sound and spelling. The Scottish surname meaning “worship place” is traditionally a boys-only choice, but we love it for a baby of any gender. 

Cameron: This one has a quirky meaning—“crooked nose”—but if you can get past that, it’s got potential as a cool gender-neutral name choice from the Scotts. 

Finley: Alternatively spelled Finlay, this popular gender-neutral Scottish and Irish baby name means “fair-haired hero,” making it an apt pick for a blonde baby or any little love. Nickname choices include Finn for a boy and Lea, or Lili, for a girl.

Firth: The Scottish nature name meaning “arm of the sea” has a refined feeling and easy spelling for a one-syllable stunners that’s sure to carry them well through life. 

Greer: If you caught any of Reign on The CW (or Netflix), this ancient Scottish baby name might have grabbed your attention. It’s a powerful pick for a baby girl or boy, meaning “alert” or “watchful.”

Rory: Rory is just one of those baby names that makes you go, “Aw!” The short and sweet, gender-neutral Scottish name means “red king.”

Sinclair: This one is just so cool. Is it that hint of edge that comes from the first three letters or its smooth finish? We’re not quite sure, but one thing we do know is that this fab gender-neutral place name from Scotland is a solid contender. 

Skye: The Scottish place name is about as pretty as it is popular, and it works well for a little boy or girl. If you prefer a longer version, Schuyler or Skylar work.  

Beyond Scottish Baby Names:

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