Selecting the perfect baby name for your little one is an art, and a very personal choice. Many parents-to-be like to start with a letter and seek inspiration from there. Whether naming your little one after a family member who shares the same first initial, or just looking at the first letter “A” for its soft and inviting opening sound, you’ll earn an A in baby-naming if you pluck one of the special name ideas off our list of the best baby names that start with the letter A. 

Boy Baby Names Starting With A

Abbott: Meaning “father” from the Hebrew, it’s a strong and charming “A” name for your little guy. 

Abner: This one has a vintage feel, which actually makes it very of-the-moment. Abner is also a Hebrew name, which translates to “father of light.” (See more old-fashioned baby names!)

Achilles: A unique baby name that starts with A from Greek mythology, it belonged to a hero with a soft spot, representing both strength and vulnerability. 

Adelio: Rare European-inspired names are always fun. This unique baby name starting with A comes from the German meaning “the father of the noble prince” and packs a royal punch.

Aiden: The Irish baby name is experiencing stunning popularity these days, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Meaning “little and fiery,” it’s such a cute baby name starting with A for a boy. 

Alastair: Classic and debonair, the Scottish name meaning “defender of men” is a handsome choice for Baby.

Alcott: Rarely heard but easily recognizable, this English baby name with the meaning “dweller at the old cottage” is loaded with charm. 

Aleric: If you’re drawn to Alex but want something more unique, consider this “Al--” baby boy name starting with A meaning “all powerful ruler” from the German. 

Akim: It’s a Russian take on the Hebrew Jehoiakim, or “God will establish,” for a deeply meaningful name with religious roots. 

Akiro: No list of “A” names would be complete with some Japanese options; Akiro translates to “bright boy” and sounds just like its meaning. (Browse more Japanese baby names!) 

Amir: The Hebrew/Arabic baby name starting with the letter A meaning “king, ruler” and also, “treetop” is on the rise for boys in the States.  

Anchor: We love the symbolism of this English word name for boys; it’s grounded, strong, and powerful… and also really cute! 

Anderson: Surnames can be a great choice for a first name; this Scandinavian one translating simply to “son of Anders” is a lyrical boy baby name that starts with A.  

Aramis: The French literary name is not often heard, which could make it a perfectly unique baby name that starts with A. We love the nickname Ari here, if his full name proves a mouthful.

Archibald: Another old-fashioned name that starts with the letter A is making a bit of a comeback, your little Archie would share it with the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Teutonic name means “truly brave.”

Ashford: This baby name starting with A combines soft and hard sounds for a truly charming moniker name we love; it’s an English surname that definitely fits the bill. 

Baby Girl Names That Start With A

Abrahana: We love a unique baby name with familiar roots, and this feminine take on the Hebrew Abraham—“father of multitudes"—is a pretty example. 

Acadia: It’s an English name with Greek origins, meaning “idyllic place,” and makes a lyrical and very special baby name starting with A for a girl. 

Adelaide: A girly vintage name choice to bring some floaty flair to our “A” list, Adelaide is from the German Adelheidis, for “noble/nobility.”

Adina: It’s powerful and pretty at once, making it a bold baby girl name that starts with A. Adina’s meaning is softer than it sounds though, translating to “slender, delicate” in Hebrew.

Aften: We love this luxe-sounding place name for girls with Scottish roots; it’s a slant spelling of the gender-neutral Afton which is another nice name that starts with the letter A to consider. 

Agneta: Put a cool twist on a dated classic with this variant of Agnes, meaning “pure” or “virginal” from the Greek.

Ainsley: One of our trendier examples of the best baby “A” names, this one with Scottish origins means “one’s own meadow,” and while technically gender-neutral, it’s much more popular in the US for girls.  

Alastrina: This modern name combines Alexandra and Alastair to mean “man’s defender” with a very feminine and beautiful sound and spelling.  

Allegra: From the Italian, it’s a name translating to “joyous” that absolutely sounds just like its meaning. 

Amiyah: This baby name starting with A is on the rise, not only for the ethereal feeling and intuitive spelling, but also the cool meaning: “night rain.”

Ariana: It’s one of the more popular baby names starting with A on our list, and can be attributed to multiple European roots including Greek and Italian. Ariana means “most holy.”

Akari: Another “A” baby name from Japan, because the country has seemingly endless sweet “A” options...this one means “light.”

Astrid: A rare floral name with lots of potential and a dignified sound; it not only belongs to a flower but also means “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian. 

Atina: This cute version of the Greek mythology name Athena is an unexpected and peppy baby girl name that starts with A.

Aurelia: If you love Ariel but want a more unique baby name, this lyrical pick that uses the same consonants could be perfect. It’s from the Latin, meaning “the golden one.”

Aveline: This pretty pick gives off Ava vibes but with more syllables and sweetness. It’s a French baby girl name with three meanings—“desired,” “island,” and “water.”

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With A

Ackerley: The English A name meaning “meadows of oak trees” is traditionally for boys, but in today’s era of fluid baby naming, could just as easily work for a baby girl. 

Adley: Less popular than Hadley, but just as romantic and charming, this gender-neutral baby name starting with A means “God is just.”

Adrian/Adrienne: The classic name starting with A meaning “man from Adria” is one we can’t see ever going out of style. Here we’ve given the masculine spelling first and feminine second, but choose the one you prefer.  

Alabama: An American name bursting with Southern pride and nostalgia, it’s one of many US State names that work well for babies. Its original meaning from the Choctaw tribe is “vegetation gatherers.” (See more southern baby names!)

Alchemy: Science geeks—or anyone with a passion for rocks and potions—might gravitate toward this unexpected A name for a baby boy or girl, which applies to the Medieval area of scientific study that preceded chemistry. 

Amani: The Arabic name means “faith” and is a beautiful gender-neutral name idea. Originally spelled with an “I,” this version is pronounced very similarly but reads a bit softer.

Arden: Meaning “valley of the eagle,” the English baby name gives off a vague floral feeling due to its rhyme with the word “garden,” and plenty of zest as it also sounds similar to “ardent” or passionate. (Peep more nature baby names!) 

Avery: A jaunty English baby name meaning “ruler of the elves,” we love it for a boy or girl. 

More A-mazing Baby Name Inspiration: 

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