Hawaii is an incredible oasis of culture, history, and natural wonders. With lots of nature-inspired meanings, simple pronunciations, and lovely sounds, these Hawaiian baby names are certainly worth considering if you have a special connection to America’s 50th state. If you’re looking for the perfect Hawaiian baby name for your bundle-to-be, consider one of these popular and unique Hawaiian baby names for girls and boys. 

Hawaiian Boy Names

Ahe: This Hawaiian name means “softly blowing breeze,” a sweet and gentle name for a baby boy. 

Anakoni: This precious Hawaiian name for boys means “valuable,” and lends easily to the exotic sounding Koni for a nickname.  

Analu: A Hawaiian boy name meaning “manly,” this is a bold choice for your little dude.  

Akamu: “Red earth” gives this unique Hawaiian boy name a cool nature-related meaning.  

Kahalo: This Hawaiian name means “light-footed one,” which may take on new meaning when your little one begins zipping around as a toddler. 

Kainoa: This popular Hawaiian name for boys has cracked Hawaii’s top 100, but hasn’t become quite as widespread in the upper 48. It’s full of significance too! Meaning “father’s namesake” or “junior” it’s a lovely way to pay tribute to Dad. (Bonus: It has the nickname Kai built into it!).

Kalani: It’s a very popular Hawaiian boy name meaning “chieftain of the sky” or “spirit of the sky.” 

Kaleo: If you have a musical family, you might consider this sweet baby boy name meaning “voice” or “sound” in Hawaiian.

Keanu: Made popular by the actor Keanu Reeves, this is probably one of the best known Hawaiian baby names on our list and it translates to “cool breeze over the mountains.” 

Luano: This joyful Hawaiian name for boys means “enjoyment.” 

Mano: A Hawaiian baby name with two meanings: One is “shark” (which any little boy will love), and the other is “a passionate lover.”

Hawaiian Girl Names

Alamea: It’s a very sweet baby girl name that means “precious, whole” in Hawaiian. 

Alana: This Hawaiian name for girls has grown popular on the mainland as well. It means “beautiful offering.”  

Halia: This sweet baby girl's name means “remembrance of a loved one,” so you can give it in honor of someone who has passed or simply for its pretty sound.  

Iolana: A beautiful Hawaiian name for girls translating to, “to soar like the hawk.” 

Kaia: The name Kaia has mixed roots including from Scandinavian and Hebrew. The Hawaiian word meaning is “sea.”

Kiana: Your little “moon baby” will love growing into this pretty-sounding and out-of-this-world-meaning Hawaiian girl name. 

Kona: It means “lady” in Hawaiian, so while the name can be used for boys or girls, it’s more popular with the little ladies. It’s also a place name—notably home to the Ironman World Championship (so for triathlete parents, this could be a draw). 

Leilani: This beautiful Hawaiian name for girls means both “heavenly flower” and “child of royalty,” making it suitable for a little modern princess. In a slight Disney nod, a friend of Sofia the First’s on the TV show by that name has this sweet Hawaiian girls’ name.  

Malia: It’s the Hawaiian version of Mary, and is used quite commonly there. It has several meanings including “sea of bitterness” (which reflects the English translation of Mary), “rebelliousness,” and “the wished-for child.” (It’s also the name of President and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter).  

Naia: The Hawaiian translation is “dolphin,” giving this alternative to the more common Maia a meaning that nods to the waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands (which are home to more than 18 species of the cheerful sea creature!).  

Nalani: This Hawaiian name means “the heavens,” for a big, bold, and spiritual choice for your baby girl. 

Oliana: If you like O names, consider this oh-so-sweet one meaning “evergreens” for your little princess.  

Hawaiian Baby Names for Boys or Girls

Aloha: The standard greeting used in Hawaii has a more complex meaning than simply hello; its translation is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life,” making it an impactful gender-neutral baby name choice.   

Healani: This is a newer Hawaiian baby name, only picking up usage in the 1900’s, and it can be used for both boys and girls. Healani means “haze from heavens.” 

Kai: One of the more popular Hawaiian names, Kai is effortless, chic, and to the point. If you love a one-syllable name, consider this unisex choice meaning “sea.” 

Kahula: A somewhat vintage name given more often in the 1800’s, this boy-or-girl name from Hawaii translates to “dancing.” 

Kapano: The rarely used gender-neutral Hawaiian baby name means “righteous.”

Mahina: It’s a beautiful nature name translating to “moon” in Hawaiian. 

Noelani: This beautiful gender-neutral Hawaiian name means “heavenly mist.” 

More Baby Name Ideas 

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