Whether you’re seeking a baby name that has a rich, hopeful meaning or simply are looking for lovely sounds, Chinese baby names deliver. Our list of sweet Chinese names for boys and girls includes a variety of traditional names, which are often two-parters, as well as some more modern choices. Whichever route you take when selecting the perfect Chinese name for your baby, you can’t go wrong with one of the names on this list.

Chinese Baby Names for Boys

Bo: “Ocean wave” is a lovely image to project with your sweet baby boy’s name, and it doesn’t hurt that this one is pronounced just as the popular pick Beau, for a cute crossover pick for your little guy.

Bowen: Currently in the top five in China for baby boys, this popular Chinese boy’s name means “abundant, rich, literate.”

Chang: It has multiple meanings, including “smooth, free, unhindered, good, sunlight”... Pick your favorite if giving this cute Chinese name to your little dude.  

Feng: A “summit,” and also a bold choice for a baby boy.

Haoran: Though very rare in the States, this is currently the third most popular name for Chinese baby boys; it translates to “grand in manner.” 

Jia: A very cute Chinese baby boy name with a multifaceted meaning: “auspicious, home, family.”

Jin: Meaning “gold,” this is a common Chinese name for baby boys.

Jun: This Chinese baby name means “obedient, pure,” and has an uplifting sound to it. 

Kai: This is rising star of a name among American babies, perhaps due to multiple origins and translations (it’s also a popular Hawaiian baby name). In Chinese this baby name means “victory” or “start.” 

Tài Sǔn: A very cool and unique Chinese boys’ name pronounced Tai Soo-un, it translates to “bamboo shoot of great growth” and evokes an image of “walking on fragrant grass,” for dual nature meanings.

Chinese Baby Names for Girls

Ai Mí: Pronounced eye mee, this lovely Chinese name for girls means “overflowing with love and affection,” and its symbolism evokes a “peaceful cloudy sky.” 

Bai: It means “outgoing,” and is an adorable choice for a first or middle name. 

Bao: Meaning “precious treasure,” it’s a beautiful Chinese name for your brand-new daughter. 

Biyu: Consider this sparkling name for girls translating to “jasper” for your little gem. 

Chéng Lì: The Chinese name for girls, pronounced cheng leeh, means “sincere and beautiful” and its associated imagery is a clear and peaceful river. 

Jū Dì: This popular choice among Chinese parents is pronounced just as the Western name Judy. The gorgeous Chinese meaning is a “star that shines like a pearl” and the imagery associated with Jū Dì is a rainbow from a distance. 

Lì Lì: Pronounced leeh leeh, you can close the gap between the two-parter into Lìlì for an Americanized version of this sweet Chinese name for girls meaning “beautiful jasmine” and evoking power, reason, and stability.

Mei: It means “beautiful,” making it a viable option for any little girl, and the pronunciation matches the English word name May making it a fun choice for a spring baby girl.

Xia: It’s a Chinese aristocratic name pronounced ZEE-uh. This one has an almost superhero-like quality to it, for a powerful choice for a daughter.

Xin: Pronounced shin, the short and sweet Chinese baby name for girls translates to “beautiful, elegant.”

Gender-Neutral Chinese Baby Names

Aang: “Peaceful” or “to lift up"—two pleasant meanings are associated with this sweet Chinese baby name for both boys and girls.

Beijing: It’s a nontraditional choice, but parents reaching for a gender neutral Chinese place name might consider the capital city.

Huan: This gender-neutral Chinese baby name means “happiness.”

Lian: Traditionally a feminine name, this Chinese name can be used for modern boys or girls. Lian means “graceful willow.”

Tai: It’s a “great extreme” and can be used as a gender-neutral Chinese baby name.

Final Thoughts on Chinese Baby Names 

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