We love a unique baby name, and they’re extra sparkly when they’ve got star-studded status. Celebrities tend to get creative with baby naming, making celebrity baby names a font of offbeat name inspiration. Now, some celebrity baby names, like Pilot Inspektor or X Æ A-12 (yes, that is the given name of Tesla founder Elon Musk’s child) may still feel a bit too off the beaten path for many of us mere mortals, but there are plenty of other celebrity baby names that may spark an idea for your little one. So pop some popcorn, and have fun browsing these top celebrity baby name ideas for your little boy or girl! 

Celebrity Baby Names for Boys

Apollo: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale gave this strong name to their son born in 2014. The little guy shares his name with Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno. In Greek mythology the name (spelled with two ll’s) belonged to the handsome son of Zeus; he was the god of medicine, music, and poetry.

Bear: Celebrity couples Liam and Cheryl Payne, and Christopher Jarecki and Alicia Silverstone, have both imparted this unique boy name on their sons. Because of the cuddly and fierce associations with the animal itself, this is a nature name that feels both strong and sweet.  

Bingham: Kate Hudson’s baby boy bears this quirky moniker (and the adorable nickname Bing). It’s actually a British surname translating to “homestead at a hollow.” (See more British baby names!

Bronx: It’s a unique boys’ name belonging to the son of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. Though they never provided much of an explanation in choosing it, we like that it’s a place baby name not dissimilar to Brooklyn, but far less used. 

Crew: The fifth child of HGTV celebrity decor stars Chip and Joanna Gaines was given this short and sweet name. It’s an English word name that means “fort near a slope” and could be a great choice for the newest member of your crew. 

Exton: Robert Downey Jr and wife Susan dubbed their 2012-born son this unusual baby boy name which is our second British surname to make this list! The Old English translation is, “town on the River Exe.” 

Moses: One emerging baby name trend is rarely heard biblical names, so we’d love to suggest this adorable Old Testament name for boys with the Egyptian translation, “delivered from the water.” Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow gave it to their baby boy back in 2006, and it has yet to feel overplayed. 

Reign: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick gave this unique celebrity baby name to their son born in 2014. While “Rain” is a more popular choice for babies, we like that this spelling connotes royalty and power, making it a strong choice for your little one.

Slash: This celebrity baby name might be the most unconventional on our list, but the son of model Amber Rose and Def Jam Records exec Alexander Edwards wears it well. It’s a cool-kid celebrity name that might go better in the middle spot if you don’t want a first name with a super hard edge. However, we won’t count out this totally unique baby boy name for the first position either!

Celebrity Baby Names for Girls

Apple: Gwyneth’s first-born makes our list for this sweet-as-pie name that in many ways ushered in a generation of piqued interest in unique celebrity baby names. The fruit word name is adjacent to floral choices that are more popular, but definitely is not unheard of since the Paltrow-Martin family made it a “thing.” 

Birdie: Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson’s third child born in 2019 was given this absolutely precious antique name that also belongs to Busy Phillips’ oldest child. This one is staged for a trend-driven comeback as the current zeitgeist has parents reaching for names that haven’t chart-topped in a century or more. The English/Swedish take on “bird” is just adorable for a little girl.  

Haven: Jessica Alba’s second-born daughter has this pretty name translating to “a safe place.” But we aren’t overlooking Haven’s big sister’s name, Honor! They’re both sweet choices for a baby girl.  

Moxie: It’s a name with spunk for a girl who doesn’t give up or back down. Magician Penn Jillette’s daughter has this cool-girl celebrity baby name, and we’re loving it for bold babies everywhere. 

Olive: The name belongs to daughters of both Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore; like Apple further up our list, it’s a unique food name with plucky appeal. It’s caught on some in recent years along with other foodie picks for girls, like Pepper and Clover.  

Petal: This is the sweetest of the bunch for celeb parents Jamie and Jools Oliver, with a nod to the flower name trend but without being a top pick. Petal Oliver also has two middle names, Blossom and Rainbow, that take her unique name to another level. Petal feels hip and soft at once for a baby girl. 

Rumi: The girl of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s boy-girl twins is named Rumi, which is actually a gender-neutral Japanese name we especially love for little girls. Its meanings include “beauty, flow,” and the stone “lapis lazuli.” 

Rumer: A similar celeb choice is Rumer, as in Willis, daughter of Demi and Bruce, who is now a celebrity in her own right with a budding film career. Rumer means “gypsy.”

Stormi: Kylie Jenner’s little girl bears this, well, stormy, first name with nature vibes and cool-kid cred. 

Story: Derek and Hannah Jeter gave their baby girl the “storied” first name which carries with it a sense of fairytale-like whimsy. It is also the middle name of a child of Minnie Driver, and was the pick for a baby boy born to Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg. 

Sunday: This pretty baby girl name has two recent celebrity credits, including the eldest daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and the 2020-born baby girl of Mike Meyers and wife Kelly. The word name is considered a day of rest for many, giving it relaxing and hopeful vibes that also shine through in its front half–Sun.

Zuma: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s daughter was named after Zuma Beach, California, and we love the rare sound and beach vibes this name gives off. 

Gender-Neutral Celebrity Baby Names

Destry: Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw gave this rare but not made-up name to their daughter; we think it’s a fun gender-neutral choice to consider. Destry means “war horse” with mixed English and French origins.  

Gravity: A cool word name—especially if you’re into science. Model Lucky Blue Smith and wife Stormi chose this one for their daughter born in 2017. 

Journey: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s son Journey has a name filled with promise and poised for a story. We love this whimsical, winding word name for a baby boy or girl.  

Kulture: Cardi B’s little girl’s name is definitely in one of the top spots for uniqueness on our list. You might consider reining it in slightly by using the traditional spelling (“Culture”), but it could work for a son or daughter! 

Lux: Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry’s third baby boy has this fancy gender-neutral baby name that means “light” in Latin and carries a luxurious feeling with it in English. 

Navy: Color names are big right now, but think outside Ruby and Gray to some nontraditional and truly striking options like this unisex choice. It has recently been given to country singer Jason Aldean’s little girl and is also the name of R&B singer Nivea’s firstborn, a daughter. 

North: Kim K and Kanye definitely put this quirky baby name on the “map” so to speak, but it’s a name that’s headed nowhere but “up” in the charts. (Okay, you get the point.)

Ode: Actress Jena Malone’s sweet baby boy was given the name Ode Mountain, and while that single syllable in first position is super simple, we love it. An “ode” is an elaborate literary poem and this cute choice can be given to a boy or a girl. 

Remington: Maybe not as rare-sounding to Southern parents, this flowy moniker selected by Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s little boy is gaining popularity from coast to coast. It’s an English word name meaning “place on a riverbank.” (See more southern baby names.)

Scout: Given to a daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore back before the world was so obsessed with celebrity baby names, this is a sweet gender-neutral choice with literary significance and single-syllable ease. Other celebs who’ve used the To Kill a Mockingbird name for their children recently include Tai Babilonia and Kerri Walsh. (See more literary baby names!)

Beyond Celebrity Baby Names…

Looking for a baby name that’s a little less starry and more...down to earth? Check out our other favorite baby names: 

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