SNOObie™ Smart Soother

SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
SNOObie™ Smart Soother
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SNOObie™ Smart Soother


$69.95 Out Of Stock
$69.95 Out Of Stock

Every super-parent needs a sidekick! Meet SNOObie: your all-in-one smart soother for babies to big kids! 

Created by world-renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, SNOObie is a white noise machine, nightlight, sleep trainer…and so much more! With a rainbow of nightlight colors plus 14 special soothing sounds, SNOObie helps settle your sweetie, keep scaries at bay, teach calm breathing, and create easy-peasy sleep routines. Your child will love SNOObie’s comforting cues, while you’ll love calmer nights…and happier days!

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From night-waking babies to crack-of-dawn-rising toddlers…from little kids with monster fears to big kids who turn into mini-monsters at bedtime, there are so many things that can steal your family’s precious Zzzs. That’s why we designed SNOObie—to help everyone get more shut-eye!

This all-in-one smart soother features parent must-haves:

  • Sleep-enhancing sound machine. Choose from 14 unique soundtracks to calm infant crying, lull your little one to sleep, and keep them dreaming sweetly.
  • Customizable nightlight. SNOObie’s light shines in a rainbow of hues…that parents can turn on, turn off, and dim with a touch.
  • Gentle sleep trainer. Use the Happiest Baby app to set routines that signal when it’s time to sleep and when it’s okay to wake.
  • Mindful breathing coach. Two Magic Breathing tracks use pulsing light and sound to help parents teach little ones calming, mindful breathing…a key to physical health and emotional balance.
  • On-the-go soother. SNOObie’s rechargeable battery lasts all night, making SNOObie a parent’s go-anywhere friend for around-the-house feeds, car naps, living room camp-outs…or use wherever you need comforting sound or light.

SNOObie Grows Up With Your Family

Fourth Trimester Support

A cornerstone of the 5 S’s, white noise works wonders to ease fussing and boost Zzzs by reminding babies of their first cozy home…the womb! Your bub will love our award-winning SNOO sounds (Rain on the Roof is perfect for snoozing and Fast and Vigorous helps calm crying). And SNOObie’s ready to tag-along wherever your lovebug needs comfort…whether it’s during fussy diaper changes or visits to Grandma.

Crib Comfort

SNOObie’s familiar sounds will ease the transition as your little one moves from SNOO to the crib and help you build a better bedtime! Babies and toddlers love routines, so designating certain sounds and light cues to signify sleepytime helps your sweetpea learn when it’s time to head to Slumberland.

Little Kid Bedtime Helper

Set a Rise & Shine routine to keep your early bird in bed. In the morning, your preset SNOObie light and sound will come on and signal to your tyke when it’s okay to wake (let them tell you their favorite nightlight color and SNOObie sound!). Plus, you can use use SNOObie to teach your tot mindful breathing—a magical calm-down technique that helps soothe tantrums and build emotional balance.
SNOObie white noise machine rotating with rainbow of colored lights

SNOObie Rainbow Light Slider

Choose your favorite from 8 brilliant colors. With the Happiest Baby App, you can mix and match SNOObie's light and sound cues to create routines that fit your family!

Why Parents Love SNOObie

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Soothing Sounds

14 doctor-designed tracks, including lullabies, SNOO’s white noise, and shushing sounds to calm fussing

this is an icon of the moon and some stars.

Customizable Nightlight

Shines in a rainbow of hues that turn on, off, and dim with a touch

this is an icon of sleeping baby.

Rise & Shine Sleep Trainer

Helps kids learn when it’s okay to wake and start the day

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Mindful Breathing Coach

Helps parents teach Dr. Karp’s Magic Breathing calm-down technique through light and sound

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Specialized Easy-Peasy App

Set sleepytime and wakeup routines with your phone

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Rechargeable + Portable

For all-night, cord-free use…anywhere and everywhere you go!

Calmer nights...and happier days!

Mom nursing baby sitting in chair next to SNOObie white noise machine on stool
Sound Machine
SNOObie white noise machine stacked on top of books glowing orange
Customizable Nightlight
Toddler sleeping in bed under covers looking at SNOObie white noise machine glowing blue sitting on nightstand
Sleep Trainer

White noise: Magic for babies to big kids…and beyond!

Before they’re born, babies bask in the low rumbly sounds of the womb. These sounds keep them happy and calm…and that’s why our little ones continue to love white noise after they arrive. The right white noise—like SNOObie’s Rain on the Roof soundtrack—helps turn on a baby’s calming reflex—their natural “on switch” for sleep.

Using SNOObie’s sounds in a bedtime routine helps little kids figure out that white noise means sleepytime. Plus, white noise helps to distract from common sleep-interrupters (think: teething or sniffles) and covers over the sounds of dogs barking or car alarms that might yank them from their dreams.

Routines as Easy as...1, 2, Zzzs!

Download our App

Download the Happiest Baby App to get connected and have fun with your SNOObie routines Choose your favorite SNOObie light + sound cues to create up to 4 routines at a time that fit your family.


What is a white noise sound machine?
The white noise sound machine is a mix of two great things: Sleep-inducing white noise and other calming sounds. With SNOObie, you get plenty of low-pitch, rumbly white noise that works wonders to activate a baby’s innate calming reflex, aka their natural “on switch” for sleep and “off switch” for fussing. Our doc-designed white noise machine also muffles jarring sounds, that can easily wake a child, like a barking dog or noisy TV. And SNOObie plays soothing lullabies, shushing sounds…even special Magic Breathing tracks to help teach little one’s mindful breathing. (Great for boosting emotional health…and taming tantrums, too!)

How does a white noise sound machine work?
White noise machines help create a comforting environment for our little ones. The best sound for sleeping is low and rumbly and mimics the sounds your baby heard in the womb. (Womb-like sound activates Baby’s innate calming reflex, which is like nature’s “on switch” for sleep.) A white noise machine muffles outside and inside distractions, like a noisy truck zooming under the window and minor teething pain, further bolstering Zzzs. Start playing your white noise machine in the background during your bub’s sleepytime routine. No matter your kiddo’s age, the soothing sounds will signal that their glide into dreamland is just minutes away!

Is a white noise sleep machine better than using my phone or app?

White noise played through a phone speaker can often sound hissy or tinny…which is not ideal for sleep! (Plus, phones release microwave radiation, so if you’re using it for white noise, keep it on airplane mode when near Baby.)

The best white noise for snoozing is deep and rumbly…like the sound babies hear before they’re born. And the best way to get that sound is through a white noise machine with special sounds designed specifically for promoting sleep. If portability is what you’re looking for, know that Happiest Baby’s SNOObear has a white noise module that is removable and perfectly sized to tuck into a diaper bag. And SNOObie’s cloud easily detaches from its dock—and holds a charge all night—making it a great on-the-go soother, too!

What is a nightlight sleep trainer?
A sleep training clock (also called a toddler alarm or an OK-to-wake clock) is a sleepytime tool designed to gently teach little ones when it’s time for night-night and when it’s time to start the day…before their clock-reading skills kick-in! For example, you can set the Rise & Shine light on SNOObie to glow green every morning, signaling to your early bird when it’s okay to get out of bed.

How do you sleep train a baby or child with a nightlight?
A standard nightlight can help tots get to the potty safely when it’s dark, and they can make little ones feel safe from late-night scaries…but a regular nightlight is not a sleep-training tool. The only nightlights that help with sleep training are sleep-training clocks like SNOObie that use lights instead of numbers to signal to your kiddo that it’s either time to go to bed or time to start the day.

When can you start using SNOObie as a “sleep trainer”?
Is your tot in a toddler bed? Can they understand that green means go? If so, you can start using SNOObie as a sleep trainer for your tyke! But you don’t have to wait until toddler-bed age to start reaping the rewards of SNOObie. Children of all ages love SNOObie’s soothing sounds, calming tools, and brilliant array of nightlight colors.

What are the benefits of sleep training a toddler with a nightlight?
Sleep-training nightlights, like SNOObie, use colors instead of numbers to illustrate time. That means you don’t have to wait till your little one can read a traditional clock to help them understand when it’s okay to wake and get out of bed!

Are white noise machines safe for babies and toddlers?
Yes! White noise machines are safe for kiddos of all ages! And white noise machines benefit babies, big kids, and parents by promoting sleep, which is always a win. It’s just important to keep white noise at a safe level for your precious bub’s wee ears…and all of Happiest Baby’s white noise products—SNOO, SNOObear, and SNOObie—do just that. In fact, SNOObie was designed so that the volume automatically decreases when SNOObie is disconnected from the charging dock (please keep the device at least 6 inches (15cm) from the ear).

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Best white noise machine, ever

I love SNOObie and give it to all my friends having babies

Hi there,

We love to hear that SNOObie is your go-to baby gift!


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Gia S
You need this !

So happy we have the SNOObie soother, it’s been in our nursery from day 1. I love the night light options and the white noise is a must. You can also bring it on the go, perfect for overnight trips!

Hi Gia,

We're all smiles knowing that SNOObie's colorful lights and soothing sounds are the perfect pair for a happy routine in your home!


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

SNOObie review

this is one of the best gifts i have received since having my baby in the summer. Would highly recommend the SNOObie to all the mommas !

Hi there,

So glad SNOObie is your favorite sound soother! We love being part of your daily routine.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Helpful for middle of the night feeds / changes!

This is very helpful for night time feeds nd changes when you don’t want bright lights and need something soothing so as to not disrupt baby! Also very cute and portable!

Hi there,

So glad to hear SNOObie keeps the room cozy making those middle-of-the-night feeds and diaper changes easy-breezy!


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Love the night light!

This noise machine/night light is super user friendly! I would highly recommend to a friend. My child transited from the snoo to crib faster using the Snoobie!

Hi there,

It's so wonderful to hear SNOObie made your little one's SNOO transition easier. We hope SNOObie is your favorite part of your bedtime routine!


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team