Greek baby names have such beautiful stories to tell, with rich history and mythology built into their lyrical sounds. While you can’t go wrong with a classic Greek baby name, there are a world of options beyond standards like Penelope and Alex. Whether you or your partner is of Greek descent, you have special memories of Greece, or are simply smitten with the classics, check out our list of the cutest—and most powerful—Greek baby names for your little boy or girl.

Greek Names for Boys

Achilles: The mythological Trojan War hero died from a shot in the heel with an arrow, giving this popular Greek name reflects both Achilles’ strengths and vulnerability. 

Adonis: The cool Greek name meaning “very good looking or handsome” is a perfect choice for your beautiful baby boy. Adonis was adored by Aphrodite, goddess of love in Greek mythology, and the name has become synonymous with male beauty. 

Andreas: Meaning “manly, brave,” this Greek name is popular throughout Europe and would be a clever way to honor an Andrew or Andrea in the family. 

Apollo: In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom, so there’s plenty of cool symbolism to pull from there. The name means “destroyer,” which will make the most sense when your little boy is about 2 years old! 

Bacchus: He was the god of wine, which is a namesake your son won’t (we hope!) fully appreciate until he turns 21, but it is also just a cool Greek name. 

Calix: This Greek baby name means “very handsome” and sounds it, too. An alternate meaning is “chalice.” 

Christos: This classic Greek name is a staple on Greece’s top 10 list, but it’s still pretty rare stateside. It’s the Greek version of Christopher, translating to “bearer of Christ.” 

Damien: Meaning “to tame or subdue,” it’s a calming name of Greek origin that currently resides just outside the list of top 250 baby boy names in the U.S. 

Eros: The Greek mythology name means “desire.” Eros was the Greek god of love and sex. The name is currently quite popular in Italy, and has also made appearances in Marvel comics— and the solar system!—in recent years. 

Georgios: Greek’s most popular baby boy name might just be the perfect choice for your sweet little one. Not only does it make a unique pick for a little boy not born in Greece, it lends easily to cute nicknames Georgie or Gio. Plus, it’s a great way to honor a George or Georgia in the family. Its meaning is a combination of “farmer” and “earth worker.”

Hermes: He was the god of many entities including trade, wealth, luck, fertility, sleep, language, and travel. If that’s not a good omen to place on a son, we can’t think what is! Hermes is also known simply as “the messenger.” The name is pronounced phonetically (“HER-meez”), but with a different pronunciation (“air-MAZE”) the name could be used to evoke the famous designer. 

Ilya: Or, “the Lord is my God,” is a beautiful religious name of Greek and Russian origin which would be a lovely—and rare—pick for a modern baby boy. 

Jericho: It’s a biblical place name with various roots, but the Greek translation is “moon city.”

Judas: Meaning “praised,” the Greek variation of Judah is a lovely pick for your little one. 

Kairos: This one is so sweet. In Greek, Kairos is the “right or opportune moment.” What a darling name meaning to impart on your precious boy arriving at this time in your life. 

Leander: He was a lovesick young man in Greek mythology and the translation is “lion man,” giving this name elements of both romance and power. 

Nikolas: Another common name for Greek baby boys, this spelling for Nicholas has only barely cracked the top 500 for popularity in the U.S. The Greek name means “victory of the people.”

Pavlos: The Greek form of Paul is a noble sounding option for your little boy, translating to “small.”

Spiro: It’s such a cool-kid name, and he’s likely to be the only one at school with it. Spiro means “I breathe” derived from the Latin, and is a widely used choice among Greek parents. 

Stephanos: A name with a royal feel, translating to “garland” or “crown,” Stephanos isn’t popular in the States but you’ll hear it more often in Greece. 

Vander: A fun alternative to the more heard Xander in the US, it’s a surname inspired moniker that means “good man” or “family of.” You can call him Van for short! 

Greek Names for Girls

Acacia: This is a floral name that’s been rising in recent years, translating to “thorny” and well loved among the Greeks. 

Agatha: This Greek girl’s name means “good woman” and hasn’t been popular in the States since the early 1900’s, which gives it a vintage feel. 

Amaryllis: Another beautiful Greek flower name, this name translates as “to sparkle,” which gives it extra girly cred on top of its association with the pink and red blooms by the same name. 

Arianna: It means “most holy,” and is of both Greek and Italian roots. The name has been growing in popularity in the States and in Italy over the past several years, and remains a favorite in Greece. 

Athena: She was a goddess of wisdom and war, associated with peace and weaving. The majestic Olympian deity was a favorite daughter of her father, Zeus. This is a beautiful choice if you’re looking to pay homage to Greece, as it’s close in spelling to Athens, the capital city. 

Calandra: This unique Greek girl name means “lark.” A nature name is always a good idea for a little girl, and this one is so rare and sweet. She can easily be called Cala, Callie, Lan, or Andra with this multidimensional Greek baby name. 

Calista: Made popular by the American actress Calista Flockhart, this unsung Greek baby girl name means “most beautiful.”

Delia: It’s a place name translating to “born on the island of Delos,” which gives a beachy feel to the classic Greek name for girls. 

Demetra: This beautiful Greek name is a take on Demeter, the goddess of fertility, and translates to “half.” Dee Dee and Mimi are darling nicknames. 

Dorothea: If you grew up loving The Wizard of Oz and have an affinity for all things Greek, this is probably the baby name for your little girl. Dorothea means “gift of God” and is just different enough from the Americanized Dorothy to feel special for your baby girl-to-be. 

Evanthe: A Greek name for girls meaning “fair flower,” this is a sweet choice for your little lady. 

Galatea: When the mythical sculptor Pygmalion of Cyprus rendered his ideal woman in ivory, Aphrodite turned her into a real woman named Galatea. So the “My Fair Lady” connotation is there. But, the name is so pretty on its own that its backstory only matters as much as you want it to. 

Halo: With the same meaning as it has in English, or more specifically translating to “divine aura,” this heavenly Greek baby name is a beautiful pick for your little cherub. 

Helena: Revered for her beauty in Greek mythology and making appearances in Shakespeare (twice!), Helena is rolls-off-the-tongue pretty and just different enough from its original version, Helen, to spark interest. 

Konstantina: It’s a mouthful, and we like it. Big, bold baby names are not for everyone, but if you like long and flowing, consider this Greek iteration of Constantine, meaning “steadfast” from the Latin. 

Lyris: This musical Greek name meaning “harp” or “lyre” is very rare and just as special.

Nerina: Meaning “sea nymph, mermaid,” it’s a mystical Greek name for girls that lends a quality of magic and whimsy.

Ophelia: Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t a Greek goddess. But this lovely Greek name for girls meaning “help” was given to one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, the tragic heroine in Hamlet. It’s in the U.S. Top 1, not unheard of, but still rare. Also, Fifi would make a super cute nickname!

Philena: Naming a baby girl after an uncle Phil? Have we got the perfect name for you! This beautiful Greek baby name means “lover of mankind.” 

Sophelia: Is Ophelia close but not quite it? Consider this cool Greek name for girls that bridges the gap between that Greek name and the more popular Sophia. In Greek it means “wisdom, helper.” 

Thalia: It means “to flourish” and appears twice in Greek mythology: once as one of the Three Graces and again as the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. 

Xenia: A Greek name for girls with a pretty sound and good sentiment, this one means “welcoming, hospitable” and is sure to be a standout.  

Greek Baby Names for Boys or Girls

Artemis: In Greek mythology, Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo and the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, and wild animals. Modern-day use of the name is for boys as well, thanks to its more masculine sound. 

Calypso: The Greek name means “one who hides”, and is given today to both boys and girls. 

Dion: Your “child of heaven and earth” will love growing into this cool unisex Greek baby name. 

Echo: A word name from the Greek, with the same meaning in its original language as it has in English, and equally suitable for a boy or girl. 

Indigo: A Greek name that’s as bold as the deep blue color it represents. 

Kyrie: This unisex Greek baby name means “Lord,” and is closing in on the Top 200 baby names for boys in the U.S. For girls, it’s more rare but still used. 

Memphis: At first glance it might appear to be a U.S. place name for the city in Tennessee, giving this unisex Greek baby name country cred to boot. But the name meaning “enduring and beautiful” also has ties to ancient Egypt.  

Orion: In Greek mythology, Orion was a huntsman who Zeus turned into the constellation by the same name. Today, the Greek name is used for both boys and girls.  

Final Thoughts on Greek Baby Names

Greek baby names are truly classic—but if you’d like something more modern, there’s a whole world of baby name inspiration out there! Here are some of our other favorite baby names:

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