Happiest Baby is all about keeping babies happy and safe—but that's not all! For over two decades Happiest Baby’s co-founders, Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montée Karp, have been tireless advocates of a child’s right to a healthy and safe environment. That’s why sustainability is one of our top priorities! Here are just a few of the ways Happiest Baby is working toward a happier Earth.

Our soft goods are  GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Happiest Baby sheets, swaddles, SNOO Sacks, and bodysuits are all GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means our products meet even higher standards than basic organic cotton goods. While all organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers, only GOTS-certified organic cotton is guaranteed to continue high safety standards throughout the manufacturing process. Here are just some of the “green” facts that set GOTS-certified organic cotton apart:

  • The farming process requires far less water than what's needed for traditional cotton.
  • GOTS prohibits on-site waste burning and uncontrolled landfilling of waste.
  • Organic cotton farmers report an increase in beneficial organisms on their farms, which means organic cotton farming leads to healthier crops.
  • GOTS goods must be packaged with sustainably certified or recycled paper.
  • GOTS-certified goods must hold up to stringent washing, shrinking, and color-fading standards. That means our products are built to last—and to be handed down from baby to baby!
  • All dyes used in GOTS-certified goods are non-toxic and long-lasting.
  • Products must be produced in a safe, hygienic working environment, free of child labor.
  • Workers who produce GOTS-certified organic goods must be given fair wages and have a cap on how many hours they work a week.
  • GOTS-certified soft goods are 100% free of harmful chemicals that can irritate baby's skin!

Plus, all of our soft goods boxes are 100% recyclable, printed using GOTS-certified ink, and manufactured at 100% solar-powered facilities that are also certified by Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).

Learn more about why GOTS-certified organic cotton is ideal for your baby!

SNOO is rentable!

Babies are notorious for needing a lot of stuff, which can make it tricky to be an eco-conscious parent! To help, in 2019 Happiest Baby launched our rental program, which not only lowers SNOO’s price to just a few dollars a day, it guarantees that once your baby graduates from SNOO, their beloved bassinet will not wind up in a landfill! Instead, families that choose to rent reuse SNOO’s original packaging to send their beloved bassinet back to Happiest Baby.

Once returned, SNOO gets thoroughly checked, cleaned, and sanitized with a special hypoallergenic, plant-based formula, an ultra-hot steam, and a high-pressure vacuum. Then it gets another once-over with hospital- and NICU-approved cleaners that are totally safe for Baby. (PS: Top companies, like Hulu, Snapchat, and Under Armour, now provide SNOO as an employee benefit to thousands of working parents...for free!)

You can recycle your SNOO with us.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began donating SNOO to hospitals to help alleviate some of the undue burden placed on hard-working nurses. After all, our research found that 85% of nurses think the “extra set of hands” that SNOO provides reduces the strain of staffing shortages. Now we’ve extended the giving opportunity to our generous and eco-minded customers, too!

If you decided to buy your SNOO instead of rent, when you no longer need it, you can contact us at donate@happiestbaby.com and we'll send you a FedEx label to ship your bassinet back to our headquarters—for free. In return for your pre-loved SNOO, Happiest Baby will send a brand-new SNOO to a hospital in need—complete with extra GOTS-certified organic sheets, SNOO Sacks, and a specially designed reusable infection prevention mesh cover that make SNOO hospital-ready.

We’re working to reduce our carbon footprint.

As a part of our sustainability mission, we partnered with EcoCart to give you the option to make each of your HappiestBaby.com orders carbon neutral. It works like this: EcoCart examines factors like shipping distance, package weight, and product type to calculate our orders' carbon footprint. When you opt to make your order carbon neutral, EcoCart triggers an automatic donation to help fund causes that are working hard to help the environment, like wind, solar, and other independently verified renewable energy projects.

To opt in, simply ensure the EcoCart toggle option is set to On in your cart. To date, we're proud to report that almost half of our shoppers choose to check out with EcoCart, which has offset more than 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide so far—the equivalent of saving roughly 116,000 trees!