Step into the light of an age-old phenomenon in baby names. From classics—for which you maybe didn’t know their meanings, like Alina and Zain—to contemporary stunners, like Clarimond and Alpenglow, we’ve got the best and most beautiful names that mean light in many languages for girls, boys, and parents looking for a gender-neutral name.

Give the little light of your life a meaningful name that lets them know just how special they are. Here are our favorite baby names that mean light. 

Boy Baby Names That Mean Light

Anwar: This stand-out Arabic name means “light” but also “luminous, radiance,” and “more enlightened,” for a bright and shining baby boy. 

Argi/Argider: Either version of this unique Basque name is a lovely fit for your little prince; it translates to “beautiful light.”

Deepak: A name you’ve heard, but not one that’s overused; in Sanskrit it means “light” or “lamp.” 

Elouan: This long and flowing baby boy name of Breton / French roots is considered quite rare. It translates directly to “light.”

Fotis: A Greek baby boy name meaning “light,” it’s much more known at home than in the States. 

Gulnur: Such a creative and solid pick for a little guy, this one has a joy- and hope-filled feeling thanks to its particular Turkish translation: “rose light.” 

Lior: Meaning “I have a light,” this sweet baby boy name will always remind him of the power and joy he possesses deep within.   

Lito: The Latin name translating to “light” has a fierce and handsome edge paired with simple spelling, making it an all-around fab choice. 

Lucian/Luciano: In the traditional Latin form or the Italian version with the “o” added to the end, this ancient name means “light.” 

Lucius: Another Latin baby name rooted in the meaning “light,” this one has oomph and character. 

Maor: A Hebrew baby name not well known in the U.S., it falls in Israel’s top 100 and means “a light.” 

Oran: This jaunty baby name of Hebrew, Irish, and Scottish roots doesn’t just mean “light,” but also “song” and “little green one.”  

Pradeep: The Hindu boy name meaning “light” and “lantern” is a super cute pick for your babe.

Reyansh: Translating to “ray of light” in Hindu, it’s a rare and beautiful name to consider.

Roshan: Of Persian origin meaning both “light” and “bright,” this cutie offers up nickname options Rosh, Roshy, and Shan.

Shaviv: Another rare baby name on our glowing list, this one from the Hebrew means “spark” or “ray of light.”

Siraj: An Arabic baby boy name with a sleek sound, it translates to “light” or “lamp.”

Uri: Slowly on the rise, it’s a Hebrew baby boy name with a possessive quality for the adoring parents; Uri means “my light” or “my flame.”

Zain: If you like a more known name but want that special meaning, consider this spelling in lieu of the more popular Zane/Zayne: in this case it means “good light” or “godly light” in Hindu.

Girl Baby Names That Mean Light

Alina: From the Greek this pretty baby girl name means “light;” in Slavic the translation is “bright” and “beautiful.” 

Ayla: Translating to “moonlight” in Turkish, we absolutely love this beautiful baby girl name. 

Azenor: If you like Eleanor but would prefer a name outside the most popular girl names, this unique beauty meaning “light” belonged to an ancient Breton princess. 

Ciana: A shortened version of the lovely Luciana, this cute “C” name means “light” as well.

Clarimond: The rare French baby girl name has a bold meaning to match its maximalist presentation; Clarimond means “light of the world.”

Dawn: It represents daybreak and a fresh start, for a light- and dew-filled baby girl name to cherish.

Elaine: The French and Scottish baby name means a “bright and shining light.” It’s got a classic feel and lots of sweet nickname options to modernize it, should she want to—Lainey, Ellie, Elle, or Laine, to name a handful.

Elena: A version of Helen with mixed European usage (Spanish, Italian, Greek, German) it translates to “bright and shining light.” 

Fairlight: If you prefer rare baby names, put this stunner at the top of your list. From the English, it means “beautiful light.”

Fana: We adore this African name translating to both “light” and “jungle.” It’s like a mix of Hannah and Farrah, with a soft and elegant feel.  

Helena: Meaning “shining light” in Greek, it’s a classic beauty to consider. 

Inara: An Arabic baby girl name translating to “shining light,” it has grace, intrigue, and of course that bright and shining meaning you seek.

Kiara/Chiara: With Italian roots meaning “light” or “clear,” this cutie interestingly also means “first ray of sun” in Korean. No matter which spelling you choose, the pronunciation is the same. 

Laoise: Meaning “light” in Irish, she’ll definitely be the only one in her class with this rare name. 

Leora: A diminutive of Eleanor translating to “light” in Hebrew and Greek.

Lucasta: It almost implies casting a light on your family. This precious English name means “pure light.”

Lucille/Lucy: Whether you go with the full or shortened version of this ‘50s favorite, you’re giving your sweet girl the English version of a Latin name meaning “light.”  

Lucia: In Italian, the central “c” is pronounced like the English “ch” sound. In Spanish, it’s like an “s” sound. No matter which one feels like the better fit for your family, this centuries-old favorite meaning “light” is a beauty.

Lucinda: If you’re into Lucia but want something a bit more rare and flowery, this variation feels fit for a princess. 

Luminosa/Lumiere: Two takes on the same French baby girl name meaning “light.” We’re honestly obsessed with both! 

Nahara: A “light” name of Hebrew and Aramaic roots. 

Nera: The Hebrew girls’ name translates to “candle” or “light.”

Nora: Old-fashioned names are back in a big way, and this one’s no exception. Nora means “light” of Irish and Greek origins as a diminutive of Honora, and if you love it but want something longer, there’s Norabel or “beautiful light” which might suit. 

Oralee: This gorgeous French variation on the classic Aurelia translates sweetly to “my light.”

Sanaa: It’s a global name with more than one set of roots and meanings, but from the Arabic it translates to “shining light.”

Solana: Meaning “sunshine” in Spanish, this warm and shining baby girl name brings lots of joy. 

Toula: It’s the feminine version of Fotis from the Greek, sharing the meaning “light” with the masculine take. 

Yetta: At a time when pretties like Etta are climbing up the charts, this one of Yiddish origin translating to “light” could be the one for your sweet girl. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Light

Akari: We love Japanese baby names with their unique set of sounds and deep meanings. This gender-neutral choice means both “light” and “vermillion.”

Alpenglow: If you’ve been on the lookout for a name that’s extra-special with a lovely, light-filled meaning and beautiful sound, look no further than this gem. Its illustrious meaning from the German is “the rosy light of the setting or rising sun on high mountains.” Ahhh! 

Beacon: A pretty English word name for a “signal light,” it’s got charisma and familiarity in spades. 

Hikaru: A beautiful gender-neutral name of Japanese roots meaning both “light” and “radiance.” 

Kiran: This Sanskrit moniker is used for boys and girls all over the world, most traditionally in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It translates to “ray of light” or “sunbeam.”

Luce: Whether you pronounce it like the Italians do “LOO-chae,” or as a shortened form of Lucy, this gender-neutral pick meaning “light” from the Latin is adorable.  

Lucero: The Spanish “light” name is long and stately for your little guy or girl. 

Lumen: From the Latin meaning “light” as well, it feels like the word luminance and gives a soft and glowy vibe for your babe.

Lux: A Latin root showing up in our language often, as a gender-neutral baby name it means “light.” It also possesses a luxurious feel for the bougie baby. 

Noor: If you like one-syllable or short baby names, this gender-neutral Arabic “light” pick could be perfect.

Ori: A lovely gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin translating to “my light.”

Sunny: This cheerful word name is a perfect pick for the little boy or girl who brightens up your world. 

Valo: The Finnish / Malagasy name meaning “light” is a solid pick for your little one of either gender. We love the slant connection to the word valor which makes it feel victorious and strong.

Zohar: A beautiful name for your boy or girl, it translates to “light” and “brilliance” in Hebrew. If you’re naming a girl and want a more traditional feminine sound, consider adding an “a” to make it Zohara.

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