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  • Safer. Better. Sleep...
    at the touch of a button.


    The safest baby bed ever made. Doctor designed to keep your baby safely on their back...for all sleep.


    Responds quickly to fussing by choosing the level of white noise and rocking needed to soothe your baby.


    Boosts sleep while baby learns to self-soothe and adjust to a day / night schedule, faster.

    Finally, kids do come with instructions!

    At Happiest Baby, we're here to help you succeed at your most important job...raising healthy, happy kids. We've been honored to share some surprisingly effective baby tips and toddler insights with millions of parents, all around the world. And, now we're excited to offer a whole new generation of smart solutions - like SNOO - to help even more families in every way we can!

    You got this. And we've got you.

    "The SNOO Sack swaddle is ridiculously easy and super helpful…we have such peace of mind knowing she can't roll over."

    "SNOO has been life changing for us! As soon as I start SNOO she is in Lalaland...Unbelievable!! And knowing that she is safe is a huge extra bonus."

    "Within days, Sam started sleeping faster and longer. Instead of a swing, noise machine, bassinet and night nurse, SNOO is really all you need!"

    "The technology behind SNOO is very impressive. But most importantly, it's safe."

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