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Prime Day FOMO?
25% Off SNOO Now!

Prime Day FOMO?
25% Off SNOO Now!

SNOO is the first—and only—medical device to receive De Novo authorization from the FDA for its ability to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs. Babies who are placed on the back for sleep are at a lower risk of SIDS/SUID.

FDA De Novo authorized

Why Parents Love SNOO

  • prevents rolling icon

    Prevents Rolling

    Adds peace of mind by securing baby safely on the back

  • sleeping baby icon

    More Sleep

    Adds 1-2+ hours of sleep per night

  • crying baby icon

    Less Crying

    Automatically calms fussing… often in under a minute

  • caring hands icon

    Extra Hands

    Ready 24/7 to help you soothe baby when you need to eat or catch some Zzz's

  • zzz training icon

    Sleep Trains

    Naturally sleep trains...with little need to cry-it-out

Let SNOO Take the Night Shift...Every Night!

SNOO adds 1-2+ hours of sleep/night and automatically responds to fussing - with soothing sound and motion - often calming crying in under a minute!

And, SNOO's extra-safe sleep sack keeps your baby securely on the back, giving all the benefits of swaddling...while preventing risky rolling.

Image of Dr. Harvey Karp

Dr. Harvey Karp

SNOO is based on 20+ years of research by America’s #1 pediatrician, author of Happiest Baby on the Block and creator of the 5S’s.

Watch How SNOO Works

Real Parents, Real Success

Real Parents, Real Success, Kaeli - California
At 8 weeks old, our girl was sleeping through the night!
Kaeli - California Watch
Real Parents, Real Success, Amaris - Illinois
Oh my god, what an amazing product!
Amaris - Illinois Watch
Real Parents, Real Success, Kate - Minnesota
Sleep deprivation is torture. SNOO is so worth it.
Kate - Minnesota Watch
Real Parents, Real Success, Kara - West Virginia
Gave us peace of mind and much needed rest.
Kara - West Virginia Watch
Father holding baby in arms above a Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Why Babies Love SNOO

SNOO imitates the sounds and movements of your baby’s favorite place—the womb!—to automatically calm crying and increase sleep.

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Happiest Baby App Premium Subscription

Screenshot of the SNOO App

Happiest Baby App Premium Subscription

A FREE Premium Subscription will be included with all authorized SNOO purchases and rentals, or you can pay to subscribe!*

  • Track your baby's sleep, feedings, and diaper changes
  • Dr. Karp’s expert advice…at your fingertips!
  • Helpful settings to customize SNOO to your and your baby’s preferences

*Authorized SNOO purchases and rentals are bought directly from Happiest Baby or any authorized partner. Purchasers buying SNOO after July 15, 2024 will get a free Premium Subscription for 9 months and renters will get it for the duration of their rental + 1 month. Restrictions apply—see details.

SNOO Naturally Sleep-Trains Babies

SNOO helps your baby to become an independent sleeper...with little need to "cry-it-out." The result: By 3 months, most babies sleep 9+ hours a night! Plus, our weaning mode makes transitioning to the crib a breeze!

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A woman checking on her baby sleeping inside a Snoo Smart Bassinet
A woman checking on her baby inside a Snoo Smart Bassinet, with her older child watching beside her

Ready for more sleep?

Find out for yourself why parents love SNOO: Rent SNOO for just dollars a day...or take advantage of our 30-day trial when you buy SNOO!

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