A pregnancy announcement pic is a joyful sight whether you’re behind the camera or receiving the happy news. Lots of parents-to-be use the simple yet sentimental method of writing out a special message on a letterboard to make their pregnancy announcement extra memorable (plus, extra pretty!).

From minimalist or boho to flashy, fun, and filled with color, there are so many ways to doll-up a pregnancy announcement letterboard. This is the start of your baby’s story, so you’ll want to say it your way! Here are our favorite letterboard pregnancy announcement ideas to inspire your big post! 

"Hello, Baby" Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

Letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "Hello Baby" 

Photo: Aspire to Inspire

It’s truly the simplest yet one of the most personal way to spread your baby news — just say “hi” and add a sprig of something seasonal, plus a few snaps of that little one growing within.  

Off-Season Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement 

A couple holds a baseball-themed letterboard pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Bella Adler Photography

Have a “ball” with this cute sports-themed pregnancy announcement using a letterboard and, of course, your favorite guy or gal.  

Ride of a Lifetime Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with a pregnancy announcement letterboard at an amusement park

Photo: Instagram/happilyhitched

Grab your honey and your letterboard and head to the nearest fair, circus, amusement park, or carousel. You’re in for the ride of your lives, so let it be known. (This would also be an adorable Disney-themed announcement if you have an upcoming trip or live nearby)! 

Funny Travel Theme Letterboard Announcement

 A funny, travel-themed letterboard pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/sarahq

If you conceived on vacation, you can’t go wrong with a chuckle-inducing nod to a trip very well spent. (Check out more funny pregnancy announcement ideas!)

Spill the Beans Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

A letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "time to spill the beans" photographed near coffee beans 

Photo: Instagram/fiona_nh

Coffee drinkers can pull off this sweet announcement with a few found objects you already have in your kitchen. Top it off with pair of baby booties for good measure. 

Storybook Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

Harry Potter-themed letterboard pregnancy announcment 

Photo: Instagram/misswizardingworld

Pick a favorite book and stay in theme for a magically nostalgic baby announcement your little one will love to see one day. These parents went with Harry Potter and nailed it. The caption, of course, reads “We solemnly swear that we’ve been up to no good!!”

"One More!" Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

Three siblings pose with a letterboard pregnancy announcement that reads "shut the front door there's going to be 1 more"  

Photo: Instagram/amandaleurinkphotography

If you’re having a third, fourth, or beyond — this hilarious messaging is just perfect. 

Cooking up a Sibling Letterboard Announcement

 A toddler poses in the kitchen next to a letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "recipe for sibling'"

Photo: Instagram/allie_purk

Prop your “big” baby up with a recipe for love and stage an at-home photo shoot right in the kitchen. This is one “food” post that everyone will just adore. (See more sibling pregnancy announcements!)

Crib View Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

Letterboard that reads "New baby on the block"

There’s something so exciting about collecting a few of Baby’s things, like SNOObear, SNOObie, Sleepea, and some adorable bodysuits, and placing them in the crib or bassinet to announce your pregnancy with a letterboard. You’ll definitely want to frame this image to hang near Baby’s sleep space once they’re here.

Sibling Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A toddler poses next to a letterboard pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/SheKnows

A new assistant is on the way and Baby #1 will be ready to make their big statement with this wording on the board.  

Accessorized Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement 

 A letterboard boy pregnancy announcement accessorized with a bow tie

Photo: Instagram/sramarie

Ready to share that it’s a little guy or gal? Add a hair bow or bow tie to your letterboard preggo announcement. 

Doggo Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

A black dog poses next to a letterboard pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/guru_guru

If you have pets, you have to put the message in their words. It simply doesn’t get any cuter! (Psst! Here are more paw-some dog pregnancy announcements!)

Party Size Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with a letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "party of 3 coming October"

Photo: Instagram/spruceandsagephotography

For a cozy photo shoot, bump selfie, or on its own, spelling out that you’re now about to be a party of ___ has the “aw” factor.  

Super Duo Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A toddler in a cape poses next to a letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "every superhero needs a sidekick"

Photo: Instagram/conqueritallfitcouple

Get your pint-sized hero in on the announcement with a statement like this. Cape optional. 

Surprise Baby Letterboard Announcement

A letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "Oops I did it again baby no. 4 due October" 

Photo: Instagram/thelatinanextdoor

If news of this baby is going to blow their minds, you may as well go old school Britney and make them laugh with these lyrics.  

Simple & Elegant Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A simple letterboard pregnancy announcement with flowers

Photo: Instagram/lovinglittlehalls

When you’re not sure what to say, a photo says it all. Add “BABY” and the date for good measure. Don’t worry—keeping it simple is just as memorable as any theme you could muster. 

Poetic Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

A pink letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "tic tac toe three girls in a row" 

Photo: Instagram/perclepeople

It doesn’t matter what theme you go with, making a little rhyme is catchy and oh-so-cute.  

Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement Reveal

A woman poses with a letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "Surprise I'm pregnant" while her partner stands in the background with his back turned 

Photo: Instagram/valentinaboterg

Take your partner’s breath away by spelling out the news on a letterboard at a couples’ shoot or just with your phone and a tripod. Turn towards each other to reveal what it says and cue the happy tears.   

Rainbow Baby Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

A rainbow letterboard pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Felt Like Sharing

If you’re announcing a rainbow baby on the way, find a letterboard that fits that theme and let your joy show in full color! (See more sweet rainbow baby announcements!)

Big Sibling School Letterboard Announcement

A girl shows her sister a letterboard pregnancy announcement that says "Big Sister 101" 

Photo: Instagram/realty.rugrats.redwine

This is an utterly adorable use of your letterboard and easy to recreate, with or without the schoolhouse props. 

Sweet & Sentimental Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with a pregnancy announcement letterboard that says "for this child I have prayed"

Photo: Instagram/natalie__may

Sometimes the best thing to say is just what’s on your heart. 

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