Announcing a pregnancy is such an exciting moment; letting family and friends in on your news makes things feel just a little more official. There are so many adorable, sentimental, funny, or sweet ways to spread the word, and lots of parents decide to mark this milestone with a few items Baby can actually wear later…enter the statement onesie! 

You can pair one of these pregnancy announcement onesies with baby booties and a little hat or bow to make a cute flat lay that tells your story. Other parents choose to incorporate the onesie in a photo with Mom and/or Dad holding it up.  

You can also use one of these pieces for an in-person pregnancy announcement to the grandparents-to-be and other family members. Just fold and box it up, and hand it over like a present—trust us, this will be the best thing they’ve received all year!

No matter how you incorporate a baby announcement onesie in the sharing of your news, it will be so special to you and all who eagerly await your little one’s arrival. Make sure to hold onto this piece so you can put it on them later for photos, too. Here’s some inspiration to get you started in your search for the perfect pregnancy announcement onesie.

Minimalist Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

White or cream onesies with simple black writing are popular with minimalist and boho moms- and dads-to-be. And who doesn’t love a simple, to-the-point piece? Any of these precious picks will deliver your news in style and make for an announcement no one will soon forget.

Coming Soon Onesie 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "Coming Soon"

Photo: Etsy/SnuggleBugsBaby

Deliver the news in black-and-white with the simply sweet verbiage on this style.

Baby Last-Name Onesie 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "Baby Anderson"

Photo: Etsy/ChloesFund

It doesn’t get any simpler or more classic than a statement of “Baby” paired with the last name and due date.

Retro Look Announcement Onesie

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "Baby Douglas" in 70s-style text 

Photo: Etsy/PintSizedPremium

Mix it up in monochrome while staying short and sweet with a vintage-inspired font to match your style.

Birth Month Reveal Onesie 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "See you in May"

Photo: Etsy/EverLittleCo

There is just something precious about announcing Baby’s pending arrival with nothing more than a date to look forward to.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

Sometimes the best move is to bring in humor—whether this baby was a surprise, or they fall in line behind several others, or you’re first-time parents willing to admit you’re not quite sure what you’re in for! A funny pregnancy announcement onesie will mark the moment with giggles and love, and much of parenting will be a lot like that, too.

Plot Twist Baby Onesie 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "Plot Twist"

Photo: Etsy/RaspberryQueenCrafts

Surprise! If news of this baby is even slightly unexpected by friends and family, this cute message will make for a funny jaw-dropper.

Stop Asking Baby Onesie

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "You can stop asking now" 

Photo: Etsy/ThisAndThatMom

Any couple that’s been together for a while has fielded the well-meaning (but kind of annoying) questions about when there will be a baby. Silence the smotherers with this hilarious onesie!

“Last One” Pregnancy Onesie

 Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "I'm the last one seriously"

Photo: Etsy/CaliberApparel

If you’ve said you’re “done” before, or simply have a decent-sized brood already, this is the perfect way to get in on the large-family jokes while also savoring this special moment.

Special Delivery Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "special delivery" with an illustration of pizza 

Photo: Etsy/ShopMiniBisous

Just about the only thing better to arrive at home than a box of pizza, is the little love who will be there soon. This funny onesie is just delicious.

Cheers to Twins Onesies

 Twin pregnancy announcement onesies that say "drinking buddies"

Photo: Etsy/TheTipsyBird

Seeing double? A cheeky pregnancy announcement onesie set will have you covered for a hilarious reveal, and will also look so cute on the twins once they’re here.

Holiday & Seasonal Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

Depending on the time of year you announce, you can make your news seasonal for the memory book. If sharing news of your pregnancy around Valentine’s Day, consider something with a simple heart and Baby’s due date. If it’s your birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, select something that reflects the “best gift you could ever receive.” Here are some other ideas as you work your way through the calendar to the perfect moment for your announcement.

Easter Pregnancy Reveal Onesie

 Easter pregnancy announcement onesie that says "we're eggs-pecting"

Photo: Etsy/TheTipsyBird

Spring is in the air and all things egg, bunny, and floral are timely. This Easter pregnancy announcement onesie is the perfect pick for anyone who celebrates. 

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Onesie

 A mom-to-be holds up a pregnancy announcement onesie that says "cutest pumpkin in the patch"

Photo: Etsy/BabyKDesigns

September through Thanksgiving, the pumpkin reigns supreme, and this fall-friendly announcement idea couldn’t be any sweeter. (See more Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas!)

Winter Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

 Holiday pregnancy announcement onesie that says "Best. Gift. Ever."

Photo: Etsy/TwinkleBabyCo

Simple, sweet, and straight to the point, a “best gift ever” onesie shares your joyous news at holiday time. Keep the red lettering for a Christmas announcement, or go blue for Hanukkah! This is another onesie that can be worn later for maximum cuteness. (See more holiday baby announcements!)

Baby New Year Onesie

 New Year's pregnancy announcement onesie that says "poppin bottles" with the image of a bottle

Photo: Etsy/LittleMelonCo

If Baby is due at NYE, you’ll be most focused on a different type of bottle this year. Cheers! (Peep more New Year's pregnancy announcement ideas!)

Colorful Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

A lot of the popular announcement onesies are black-and-white or mostly monochrome. This format keeps gender neutrality and allows the rest of the colors in your photo to pop, but some parents want more color and we’ve rounded up some charming choices to bring that in.

Name Reveal Onesies

Pregnancy announcement onesies for twins

Photo: Etsy/palmettosandpines

A personalized onesie sharing Baby’s name against a bold color is perfect. Not only does this piece take the guesswork out of your mini photoshoot, but it will be worn time and time again by your little sweetie when they arrive.

Due in Hue Onesie

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "baby due in '23" in colorful letters 

Photo: Etsy/CaliberApparel

Spell it out in full color with a funky font and little hearts sharing the big news. 

Our Little Rainbow Onesie

 Rainbow pregnancy announcement onesie

Photo: Etsy/SouthernBelleVinylbo

Rainbow baby announcements are best made in full color! 

Sentimental Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

There are lots of super-simple, extra-funny, and straight to the point baby announcement onesies to choose from. But if your inclination is to say a bit more with this photo, consider a style that features a phrase close to your heart. To follow is some darling inspiration. 

Baby Baking Announcement Onesie

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "we're baking something extra sweet" 

Photo: Etsy/SixtyOneClothing

It’s extra sweet to tell the world about the little sticky bun in the oven via adorable outfIt. 

Say It With a Psalm Baby Onesie

 Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "I am fearfully and wonderfully made"

Photo: Etsy/ShopMiniBisous 

Beautiful biblical words to wrap your baby news in a big hug steeped in tradition. 

So Precious Announcement Onesie

 Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "little blessing" in script

Photo: Etsy/TwinkleBabyCo

Just about the biggest “little blessing” ever — whether religious or more spiritual, it’s the baby announcement onesie for you! 

Baby Makes Three 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "and then there were three" 

Photo: Etsy/CaliberClothing

Isn’t it crazy how a baby can make a family? Tearjerker for sure. 

More Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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