Counting down to the Year of the Baby? If New Year’s coincides with when you feel comfortable sharing your pregnancy news, a cute, themed announcement will bring post-holiday cheer to all your loved ones. Tell them about Baby New Year the old-fashioned way with a card in the actual mail…or delight friends, family, and followers with a cute pregnancy announcement post online.

The post-holiday slump is real, making the final days of December and first week of January a great time to lift the mood with baby news. So, pop some bottles of a different kind and break out the black and gold. Your NYE pregnancy announcement will bring cheer at the start of the year. Here are some fun ways to announce a baby on the way in the year to come! 

Snail Mail New Year’s Baby Announcement

New Year's baby announcement mailing 

Photo: Zazzle

This year, forego standard holiday cards and send out these sweet notes instead. Family and friends will tear up with joy when they rip open the envelope and discover the surprise inside. You can screenshot your order too, to post an image of the card on social media after the hard copies have gone out to your inner circle. 

“See You Next Year” Baby Announcement Onesie 

Pregnancy announcement onesie that says "See you next year" 

Photo: Etsy/Avenue52Design

The classic line, “See you next year!” is cute, not corny, when it’s on a onesie. This might not be one you actually put on Baby, but it makes for an adorable announcement post. 

Best Countdown Ever Pregnancy Announcement

 New Year's pregnancy announcement that has a placard saying "September 2022 the real countdown begins"

Photo: Etsy/TheTimeLineDesign

Forget the ball dropping, you’re waiting on a baby to drop! This downloadable pregnancy announcement flat-lay could be the perfect way to spread your news. We love the neutral background and snowflakes for a seasonal touch.

Black & Gold New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement

 Black-and-gold New Year's pregnancy announcement

Photo: Etsy/InstaStoreCo

The classic colors of New Year’s celebrations make a nice change-up from typical baby announcement posts that tend to be neutral or pastel. Lean into black and gold to make your news stand out on their feed, and in your memories. 

Baby Balloon New Year’s Baby Announcement

 New Year's pregnancy announcement with mylar balloons that say 2023

Photo: Etsy/PeachesNCreamArtShop

Number or letter balloons always make things feel extra festive, and in a pregnancy announcement that’s especially true. This all-white look is punctuated by the fun balloons spelling out Baby’s birth year for some extra flair.

Poppin’ Bottles New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement

Letterboard New Year's pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Etsy/KalinasCreations

More balloons, plus a nod to the lifestyle change that’s right around the corner. This NYE, you have baby bottles on the brain, not champagne … but it’ll all be worth it in a few short months.

Outdoor Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot 

Snowy outdoor photo shoot for a New Year's pregnancy announcement 

Photo: The Samantha Show

Bundle up the fam’ and take them outside in the snow. A wintry snap in celebration of the new baby coming soon is simply magical. Add glitter to keep everyone smiling despite the cold!

Bump & Bottle Baby Announcement

New Year's pregnancy announcement where a woman is cradling her bump and holding a bottle of champagne 

Photo: Instagram/ProofAlliance

Clutch that belly and a bottle of whatever you’re comfortable drinking (we hear non-alcoholic wine has gotten tastier in recent years…) for a Baby New Year photo that bursts with joy. 

New Year’s Party Pic Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with their ultrasound pictures at a New Year's party to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Instagram/rachel__ryan


Confetti, balloons, tinsel… and an ultrasound picture? Cuddling up to your beloved has never felt better, and this dressed-up, deliriously happy photo idea is a super-special way to share baby news.

Cute New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt 

 Pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says "New Year New Baby"

Photo: Etsy/nobleapparel

Put it black-and-white, and have a little fun when you take off your jacket at the New Year’s Party to reveal this surprise hiding in plain sight. Size up in your preggo tee to accommodate a growing bump, because you’ll want to wear this one well into the best year ever. (See more pregnancy announcement tees!)

New Year’s Bump Photo

 A pregnant woman poses with a 2021 sign to announce a pregnancy on New Year's

Photo: Instagram/steph_kresta

Put that cute baby bump to work as the “zero” in your birth year to come. This is an adorable idea that’s easy to pull off and will make you smile every time you look back on it as the years go by.

Festive Family Portrait

 A family poses with an ultrasound on New Year's to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Instagram/erin.raley

Simple, classic, and beautifully to-the-point: a black-and-white family photograph on New Year’s Eve that shows off your baby-to-be. We love this idea for those who don’t have the energy to be super creative but still want their announcement to feel memorable. 

Big Sib New Year’s Baby Announcement

New Year's pregnancy announcement big sibling t-shirt 

Photo: Etsy/BohoBabyArt

The older brother or sister in the house has some serious changes coming; get them in on the announcement with this New Year’s resolutions t-shirt that shows off their new role. (See more sibling pregnancy announcements!)

New Year’s Gender Reveal

A New Year's letterboard pregnancy announcement and gender reveal 

Photo: Etsy/MinnyPrints

If you’re already seeing pink (or blue), take this celebratory moment to add some tell-tale color to your black-and-gold NYE announcement pic. (Check out more gender reveal inspo!) 

Serve a Baby Announcement Wine Bottle 

A wine bottle with a label that announces a pregnancy on New Year's 

Photo: Etsy/LabelMeFun

Whether you’re hosting or attending this year’s NYE party, breaking out a bottle with a label like this will be an absolute hit. It’s also kind of a fun game to wait and see how long it takes someone to actually read and realize what it says. Cheers!

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