Sharing your big baby news with the world is fun, but what’s even more exciting is announcing your pregnancy to your husband or partner. While blurting it out minutes after getting a positive pregnancy test is a totally acceptable (and understandable!) option, for those of you who can keep a secret a little bit longer, there are tons of ways to tell your boo that there’s a new little love on the way.  

From pregnancy announcement mugs and puzzles to reveals that get a sibling or pet in on the action, here are 13 seriously cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant from real moms. 

Announce Your Pregnancy With a Cup of Joe

Photo: MugsandMoreIE via Etsy

Serve up his morning coffee with a side of sweetness when you pour it into this precious mug. Once he’s finished, the mug reveals news that’ll top even the best caffeine high! 

Scratch-Off Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: FadedGardenias via Etsy

Pop this scratch-off pregnancy announcement into your husband or partner's work bag or a just-because card and get ready for the best reaction ever. If your honey likes to play scratch-off lotto, this will be even more fun because you can just slip one into a stack of regular tickets and watch his face light up as he gets to this one.  

Shhh! Photo Shoot Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @HelloHollidays

Give your main squeeze the surprise of a lifetime when you book a “couples” or “family” photo shoot and then get a shot like this with a hidden sign before you turn toward each other and reveal the big news. Best of all: You’ll have his reaction caught on film for years to come!

Order Some Baby Booties 

Photo: WoollyBudgie via Etsy

This pair of handmade Etsy booties and the accompanying card are a simple, but sweet, way to share the exciting news with the daddy-to-be. 

Present a Funny Card

Photo: THEARIACODE via Etsy

If he’s got a sense of humor, lean into it! Etsy has tons of options for classic and more out-there pregnancy reveal cards, but this one is just hilarious.

Put Big Siblings in a Telling Outfit

Photo: PleatsandStitches via Etsy

How absolutely thrilled will he be when you ask him to get Big Brother or Sister out of their carseat, or take off their coats, and in the process catches a glimpse of a Big Sister dress or Big Brother tee? 

Blow Up Some “Baby” Balloons

Photo: Party City

It only takes a few minutes to put up a “BABY” balloon or banner. Casually hang it in the kitchen or somewhere else central in the home and see how long it takes to be discovered!

Hide Your Pregnancy Announcement in Plain Sight

Video: Today

It’s always funny to watch men look around for something that’s right under their noses. It’s even cuter when they don’t know what they’re looking for. Put your positive pregnancy test somewhere he’ll find it … eventually … and wait for that big moment when he puts it all together. 

Wrap Up a Tiny Sports Fan’s Outfit

Photo: Saluna via Etsy

If your boo has a favorite team, announce your pregnancy with a pint-sized uniform or jersey. Whether you present it as a gift to open during halftime, or take a more casual approach (displayed beside a box of Cracker Jacks, perhaps?), this is a winning way to share the game-changing news.

Plan a Pregnancy Announcement Proposal

Photo: Kenita Miranda via Pinterest

Time for a little role reversal. Getting down on one knee (or handing over a cute card and box full of tests) and asking, “Will you be my baby daddy?” is a fun way to flip the script as you tell your partner you’re expecting. 

Bake (Or Buy!) “Baby” Cookies

Photo: @MissyButlerBakes

Talk about sweet! Pretty little cookies that spell out the word “baby” or hint at your pregnancy announcement with cute footprints will definitely be the best dessert he’s ever had.

Get Your Pup in on Your Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @WhatsLincolnThinkin

Man’s best friend can say it best—even without words! Put Fido to work and use a sign or a cute personalized bandana to share your big baby news. 

Puzzle Your Partner

Photo: FJ4LifeCreations via Etsy

It’ll be the best problem he’s ever solved! Handmade baby news puzzles are not only a darling way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant, but they also can be framed and kept as a precious keepsake to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

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