Let’s be honest: News of the baby you’ll soon bring into the world is pretty much the best gift that your close family could receive. But if you want to up the excitement as you announce your pregnancy to your partner, the grandparents-to-be, or another special family member or friend, adding a meaningful little token can enhance the experience.  

Whether you choose a keepsake like an ornament, frame, or statuette that can be displayed in the home; a themed item for daily use like a mug, keychain, or spoon; or a specific piece of baby paraphernalia that they’ll use when your bundle arrives, there are so many possibilities! 

And we’re here to help narrow down your options. Browse our list of the sweetest and most sentimental pregnancy announcement gifts around…then get shopping! Congratulations!

Pack of Pregnancy Announcement Pacifiers

Pregnancy announcement pacifier that says "I'm a boy" 

Photo: Zazzle

It seems pretty basic, but sometimes the simplest items can bring on the most happy tears. Try a baby announcement pacifier or wrap up any pack of newborn-sized binkies; once opened it will be the sweetest (and most practical for later!) surprise. 

Baby Announcement Booties

 A box of baby booties used to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Etsy/LittleMenCave

Little baby shoesies are a keepsake item you can give now, use later, and treasure forever. If you’d like to announce the gender at the same time, pick pink or blue. 

Baby Announcement Onesie

A baby onesie that says "I can't wait to meet you grandma and grandpa" 

Photo: Etsy/ChloesFund

Any pregnancy announcement onesie is a joy to open by the recipient who’s learning your news. If you want to go in the fun and extra-personalized direction, choose one in line with the family’s interests or location, like a favorite sports team or one that depicts your home state. 

Framed Ultrasound Picture

A baby ultrasound in a frame that says "love at first sight" used to announce a pregnancy 

Photo: Wayfair

You can’t beat the classics, and placing an ultrasound image in a cute frame is a joy-inducing gift your recipient will display and adore. You can also have a watercolor rendering done of your favorite ultrasound shot for a more artistic feel. 

Pregnancy Announcement Mug

 A pregnancy announcement coffee mug that says "only the best friends get promoted to aunties"

Photo: Etsy

Etsy has so many options for this useful pregnancy announcement gift, including some that have the message placed inside to be discovered after the last sip has been consumed. You can also go simple with a “Dad” or “Grandma” mug in a color they’ll love. 

Baby Announcement Scrapbook or Photo Journal 

 A scrapbook that says "The James's Family Memories" used in a pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/LittleSecretsGifts

If time and energy allow, putting together a small collection of family photographs will create a keepsake item for them to enjoy. Leave the back half empty to fill with baby pictures, and make the last photo you use an ultrasound shot so they discover the joyful news as they leaf through.

Celebratory Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

 Pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says "first time grandpa, est 2022"

Photo: Etsy/CustomTrendyShirts

What dad, grandparent, big sib, or other special family member won’t want to wear their new role proudly on a tee? Pick something that displays the news in their favorite color and style, and watch the smile erupt as they open up their new favorite piece of clothing.

Hand-Written Pregnancy Announcement Note 

 A woman holds a sealed envelope which contain a handwritten pregnancy announcement note

Photo: Envato 

In our tech-obsessed world where text messages and social media comments make up the bulk of communication, a long-form letter in your handwriting might be the best thing they read all year. Tell this person what they mean to you, and what you hope for the relationship between them and your child, and make sure to sign, date, and seal it with a kiss!

Baby Announcement Bottle of Wine or Champagne 

 A pregnancy announcement bottle of wine with a label that says "pairs well with becoming a grandparent again"

Photo: Etsy/LittleMininalistHome

Cheers! There’s a baby on the way and it’s time to celebrate. Even if you’re not imbibing, bring a bottle of something special for the family to use now or save for Baby’s arrival. You can make this even cuter with a custom label sharing the news. 

Baby Announcement Stork Ornament or Tabletop Motif  

A stork ornament used to announce a pregnancy 

Photo: The Holiday House

The time-honored stork story maintains baby-arrival symbolism, even though parents don’t actually tell their kids this is where babies come from anymore. For anywhere in the home where they use and display and knickknacks, a little stork would be so cute.  

Pregnancy Announcement Spoon 

Pregnancy announcement spoon that says "you're going to be a daddy" 

Photo: Etsy/Ashijewelers

For sugar in their coffee or cereal in their bowl, casually discovering a stamped spoon by their place setting with news of the baby is a great way to start the day. 

Embroidered Baby Announcement Bib or Burp Cloth

A bib and burp cloth with pink monograms used to announce a pregnancy 

Photo: Etsy/SBMonograms

Monogrammed items are beautiful gifts to give and use with Baby. Even if you don’t know the baby’s name yet, you can have something embroidered with the family name or “Baby On the Way” and give that to a special family member to use with your little one when they arrive. 

Baby Announcement Stuffed Animal 

A stuffed animal elephant with the words "Big brother Lukie" embroidered on its ears to announce a pregnancy 

Photo: Etsy/TheCustomiseCompany

Say it with a stuffy, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Teddy bears are the classic pick of course, but a soft doll, sweet little bunny, or any other cute animal is just as nice.

Baby Announcement Crayons

Crayons in the shape of the letters "BIG COUSIN" used to announce a pregnancy 

Photo: Etsy/LittleBrownBarnCo

If you’re looking for the perfect pregnancy announcement gift for a special child in your life, try something they can actually use and have fun. Crayons shaped to spell out their new role in the family are a sentimental, cute, and practical pick.

Pregnancy Announcement Pillow

 Throw pillow that says NANA EST: 2022 used to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Etsy/MiasPillowLab

Custom decor that’s both celebratory about the baby and looks cool on the couch? Yes, please! 

Baby Announcement Charm

 A heart-shaped gold bracelet charm that says "Grandma"

Photo: Walmart

Does the grandmother-to-be have a charm bracelet she builds on for special occasions? She’ll delight in unwrapping a “Grandma” charm with news of the best gift ever!

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle 

 A jigsaw puzzle that says "Baby Wright Arriving March 2021"

Photo: Etsy/BabySquishyCheeks

Give them a bag or box full of little pieces and watch their faces light up as they put them together to learn the news. This is a fun gift to send a loved one you haven’t seen in a while and makes a lovely after-dinner activity for an in-person gathering. 

Pregnancy Announcement Keychain 

 A pregnancy announcement keychain that says "when a baby is born, so is a grandmother"

Photo: Amazon

Any keychain engraved with the recipient’s new role in relation to Baby (“Dad,” “Grandpa,” “Auntie”) will be a welcome and sentimental piece. You can add a feature that appeals to their interests or hobbies (like a mini flashlight or bottle opener) for an extra touch. 

Pregnancy Announcement Jewelry or Trinket Dish 

 A pregnancy announcement jewelry dish that says "Aunt EST 2021"

Photo: Etsy/YouniqueOrnaments

This is one of those super-useful items that not everyone knows they need, but once you have one, you’ll never look back. A bedside, dresser-top, or work-desk dish engraved with the baby announcement is a perfect gift.  

Baby Announcement Bookmark 

 A wooden tarot card themed bookmark that says "The Baby" with an etching of a stork

Photo: Etsy/CactusWoodStudios

Any pregnancy announcement bookmark is a lovely item to give to the avid reader in the family. Mix things up with something different like this handmade tarot card, or have a standard bookmark customized to announce your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement Candle 

A pregnancy announcement candle that says "Best Grandma" 

Photo: Etsy/TerrosaHomeDecor

A calming scent, a beautiful glass container, and the best news they’ve heard all year? A pregnancy announcement candle does it all and will genuinely be used and enjoyed in the months ahead, while everyone waits on Baby’s joyful arrival. 

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