Brrr, it’s cold out there—time for some baby news in the atmosphere! Even as the mercury plummets, nothing will warm the hearts of your favorite people like getting word that there’s a bundle of joy on way. Winter pregnancy announcements can feature all sorts of seasonal staples (think: hot chocolate mugs, cozy sweaters, little winter boots, a snowy landscape, or glittery snowflakes). But no matter how you decide to share your pregnancy news this winter, you’ll have everyone eagerly anticipating a big arrival in the spring. Now, bundle up for a flurry of incredible winter pregnancy announcement inspiration!

Pregnancy Announcement Pictures and Photos for Wintertime

Bundled Baby Bump Winter Pregnancy Announcement

 A woman poses with her baby bump in a sweater in a winter pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/silvie_marek

Throw on your favorite sweater and place a baby toy in the frame to create a subtle and sweet wintertime preggo announcement.

Cocoa for Three Winter Pregnancy Announcement

A letterboard that says "Cocoa Milk and A Little Marshmallow 2019" used in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/babygenderpros

The perfect topping to your cozy little cup of family—coming soon! This baby announcement is creative and cute for any time in the winter months. 

Pregnancy Announcement Photo in the Snow 

A couple poses in the snow to announce a winter pregnancy 

Photo: Instagram/fertilityassociates

A maternity photo in the winter weather is perfect. All you need to do is upload a shot like this and add a caption to let your loved ones know what you have brewing this year. 

Neutral & Natural Winter Pregnancy Announcement

A neutral-toned winter pregnancy announcement that features toys made with natural materials 

Photo: Etsy/PebbleandPetal

Warm up with a winter pregnancy announcement featuring dried-out, seasonal “greens” as an alternative to the snow and ice themes.  

Pregnancy Announcement With Wintry Accessories 

 An expecting mom wears red knit accessories and holds a sonogram photo to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Instagram/rebeccaloriphotography

Cozy red mittens and a matching scarf pair beautifully with an ultrasound photo in this whimsical, wintry pregnancy announcement post. 

Winter White Pregnancy Announcement

A mom-to-be wears a white gown and holds white booties in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Monika Hibbs

A dreamy photo shoot complete with white lace maternity gown and sweet little shoesies is a seasonal and special way to say “we’re expecting a baby!” 

Indoor Winter Pregnancy Announcement Shoot

 A couple poses indoors near a holiday tree in a winter pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/madeline_devaux

Outdoor winter photos not your thing? We hear you. A huge part of the season’s appeal is all the indoor hangs, lit fireplaces and warm blankets spread out. You don’t need any seasonal props to make an indoor photo shoot shine—just add knits! 

Sonogram-Centered Winter Pregnancy Announcement

A couple kisses and holds a sonogram photo in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/benditlikebartrum

Throw on a jacket or heavy sweater and head outside for a quick pic. This angle puts all the focus on the baby news, and winter’s softer sun allows you to get the shot at pretty much any time of day. 

Other Great Winter Pregnancy Announcements 

Cozy Knit Winter Pregnancy Announcement

 Cozy baby clothes used in a winter pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/roksanastefanek

A sweet little sweater set and hat are wintry baby things to treasure. This mama made sure the bump got in the shot too, and we’re loving it. 

Mama Sweatshirt Winter Pregnancy Announcement

A beige sweatshirt that says "Mama" used in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Etsy/SpratlinDesignCo

Say it with style! Throw this sweatshirt on for your next hangout with family or friends, and snap a selfie for a social media announcement. The best thing about buying a top like this is, you’ll continue to wear it long after Baby makes their arrival. 

Our Little Snowflake Pregnancy Announcement

A winter pregnancy announcement styled with snowflakes, winter branches, and white baby knits 

Photo: Etsy/LalalandBabyShoppe

Download and edit winter-ready pregnancy announcement art for an easy and beautiful post. This one is gender-neutral and absolutely lovely. (See more pregnancy announcement templates!)

Bump & Booties Winter Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with a pair of knit baby booties in a winter pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/moonstonemumma

Those tiny, warm boots rested on top of your baby bump make for an easy, yet special, pregnancy announcement photo. 

Winter Hat Pregnancy Announcement

A knit hat that says MAMA used in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Etsy/Chosen43Shop

It’s time to bundle up; why not add a subtle message to your winter look? If you’re a first-time mama, this hat will get the word out quick! 

Sweater Pileup Winter Pregnancy Announcement

 A pile of folded blankets and sweaters with a sign on top that says "Baby on the Way"

Photo: Instagram/everythingella2020

Fold up some cozy-wear and blankets, and pop a little sign on top. You’ve got an effortlessly gorgeous winter baby announcement that’s worth all the heart-eyes.

Hoodies & Hugs Winter Pregnancy Announcement

A couple wears hoodies and holds a sonogram photo in a winter pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/mercergreenphotography

Cuddle up with that ultrasound photo in your cozy, everyday duds for a natural and family-focused announcement everyone will love.

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