It’s such a beautiful time of year to announce a pregnancy. Spring is here, the flowers and sun are out to stay, and you have a special little secret you’ve been keeping. Announcing your pregnancy on or around Mother’s Day is a lovely way to honor your baby-to-be—and your motherhood journey. Whether this is your first baby or one of many, there is truly something so lovely about a Mother’s Day announcement. 

Incorporate a spring theme, decorate with hearts and flowers, or dress up your bump in your favorite colors. No matter how you choose to make your announcement this Mother’s Day, it’ll be a touching moment for everyone in your orbit. Here is some inspiration for your Mother’s Day baby news.

Bump & Flowers Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

Mother's Day pregnancy announcement featuring a woman's pregnant belly and bouquet of flowers 

Photo: Instagram/

A Mother’s Day bouquet and a shot of your growing belly are absolutely stunning ways to announce there’s a little love coming soon. If you’d rather go the no-bump route, an ultrasound photo and flowers work too.

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

Mother's Day pregnancy announcement flat-lay featuring a onesie that says "I love my mommy"

Photo: Etsy/CreativeGoodiez

There are so many adorable baby outfits out there that could be used in a pregnancy announcement, and many choices that call out Mother’s Day specifically. But what we love about this option is it’s simple and to the point, and can be worn by your baby once they’re here —on Mother’s Day or any day. (See more pregnancy announcement onesies!)

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Card


Photo: Etsy/PyperPaper

A photo of a Mother’s Day greeting card from your partner paired with an ultrasound snap is a very emotional and beautiful way to announce. This will be one card you’ll keep forever. (Check out other pregnancy announcement cards!)

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Flat Lay

Mother's Day pregnancy announcement flat lay featuring a letterboard, blocks, and a baby romper

Photo: Etsy/JustSimplyMomDesigns

Editable flat lays are the newest preggo mom hack, and we are so into this Mother’s Day version that’s perfect for posting this time of year. The gender-neutrality and simplicity highlight your news effortlessly. (These templates make announcing a pregnancy a cinch!)

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement With Balloons

Mother's Day pregnancy announcement featuring a pregnant mom holding "M" balloons on either side of her bump to spell "MOM"

Photo: Instagram/yulisa_ocasio

Put that bump to work as the “O” in MOM for a cute balloon photo shoot that will wow everyone. How cute is this?

Mother’s Day Scratch-Offs

Mother's Day-themed pregnancy announcement scratch-off card

Photo: Etsy/PetalPaperCo

Planning a gathering with family on Mother’s Day? Hand out party favors! These sweet scratch-offs will bring on the happiest of tears. (Here are more fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents!)

Mother’s Day Announcement Family Photo

A mom, dad, and toddler pose with an ultrasound picture to announce a pregnancy on Mother's Day

Photo: Instagram/breakingtheicepod

All you need are some pastel clothes and a smile to make a gorgeous and super-simple Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement that’s suitable for posting and framing.

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Journal


Photo: Etsy/AGstationery

This idea is a two-for-one: First, a photo of the journal paired with an ultrasound snap, positive pregnancy test, or little booties makes a cute and unique announcement. Then, of course, you’ll enjoy using this journal to take down notes, thoughts, hopes, and prayers for your baby during the exciting months to come.

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Seasonal Snap

Mother's Day pregnancy announcement featuring a white baby onesie hanging from the branches a flowering tree 

Photo: Instagram/kellytrepanierphotography

There is something timeless about a clean, white baby outfit and pair of booties– make it springy and instantly nostalgic in time for Mother’s Day by hanging them outside on a laundry line or tree branch with flowers and greenery all around.

Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Tee

A Mother's Day pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says "This Mother's Day is extra special"

Photo: Etsy/lovelulubell

Whether you’re bumping yet or not, this Mother’s Day tee is the perfect way to announce in person or in a photo. It comes in a host of colors to fit your style—and maybe even reveal the gender at the same time, too! (Peep more pregnancy announcement tees!)

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