Pregnancy announcements can be funny, simple, or over-the-top; but when you include your furry friend, they’re always extra cute. For many new parents, the family dog truly feels like the firstborn child, so incorporating Fido in the sharing of pregnancy news is essential. 

These days, there are so many unique and fun ways to incorporate your dog in your pregnancy announcement: Just make sure to snap a ton of pictures, because you’ll want the outtakes to laugh at later (trust us!). 

Simple Dog Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Photo: @sullivan.the.sausage 

Sometimes, less is more. As is the case with a sonogram picture and Big Brother Dog outfitted in a bandanna or propped up against a sign sharing the news. 

Dog Pregnancy Announcement With Baby Book

Photo: @quinniefromtheblock

Let the world know that your pup is about to gain a human sibling by posing with a classic baby book, like The Happiest Baby on the Block!  

Bandanna-Wearing Dog Pregnancy Announcement


Photo: @lightcreativeart 

Speaking of bandannas, they can do all the talking in a family photo of the parents-to-be and their dog-child. How cute is a pregnancy announcement photo like this? 

Getting a Human Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @jessicamariephotogal

A cute chalkboard sign is easy to customize with your fun baby news message. If you aren’t planning to hire a photographer, simply set up the self-timer on your phone for a shot like this.

Funny Sign Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @ceciliaandthe6ix

Felt letter boards are easy to find from Amazon or Etsy. Pick a colorful one or go with black-and-white, and add your humorous baby announcement with the dog parked nearby. Bonus: This sign will be handy after the baby is here, for many social media moments to come.  

Secret’s Out Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @mcawesome50

Even if the pups suspect something (has someone been sniffing at your belly lately...?), an announcement like this is too cute and funny.

Announce Your Pregnancy With Your Dog and Baby Gear

Photo: @morgan.haman

Photograph your pup with a recognizable baby item to announce your pregnancy. We’re partial to our very own SNOO smart bassinet, but you could use a stroller, box of diapers, crib…or whatever else your pet is willing to pose with!

Slobbery Sonogram Dog Pregnancy Announcement 

Photo: @raeah_the_presa

Having your dog protectively hold the baby’s photo like he or she would with its own puppy? This is the stuff memories are made of!

Baby Shoes + Dog Pregnancy Announcement 

Photo: @teddyrex_osaurus

The prop says it all with this super cute dog’s baby announcement. All you need is a pair of baby shoes (a bonnet or pacifier would work, too), and a cuddly dog to make it happen.

Pregnancy Announcement Dog Onesie 

Photo & Where to Buy: Photo Pajamas

It’s a little “out there,” but a personalized onesie printed with your dog’s face all over it is just about the most unique way to share your baby news. Simply take a photo of this, beside the dog or alone, and let everyone connect the dots. Bonus: The outfit will look really cute on Baby later! 

Dog Pregnancy Announcement Paw Sign 

Photo & Where to Buy: EvesArtShop via Etsy 

It’s a simple—and affordable—way to spread the news. Adding dog paws to your family’s baby announcement is a sweet reminder that your fur babies are an integral part of the pack.

Dog Pregnancy Announcement Shirt 

Photo: @heatherleighcosta

Find “best friend” shirts for Dog and Baby and all of Facebook will delight! These shirts are such a cute way to spread the news, and will be precious to wear again once Baby is here. 

Give Your Dogs ‘Roles’ 

Photo & Where to Buy: Amazon

Know ahead of time which doggy is on on what detail? Even if you don’t, a funny sign like this that celebrates your dogs’ unique personalities and shares the pregnancy news—perfect (...or should we say pawfect?)!

My Brother/Sister has Paws Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Photo & Where to Buy: BellaLexiBoutique via Etsy

Like the other t-shirts on this list, this onesie does double duty for a cute baby announcement now, and precious keepsake photos on Baby later. 

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