Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to share baby news with friends and family, whether this is your first baby or another one of many. Turkey, pumpkins, falling leaves, and pie combined with ultrasound photos, cute bumps, or smiling parents-to-be create an array of seasonal ideas for announcing your pregnancy on Thanksgiving. 

Whether you choose to blast the news on Facebook or Instagram, or share it quietly around the dinner table on Turkey Day, we’ve got you covered with all the cutest Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas. 

Turkey in the Oven Baby Announcement Onesie

Thanksgiving theme onesie with baby ultrasound 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

There’s more than turkey cooking this year! Use this wording on a cute felt sign or wear it on your T-shirt for a fun and cheeky announcement idea for Thanksgiving Day. The onesie shown here is another fun choice to consider. 

Personalized Pumpkin Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

Pumpkin painted with pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram

Whether you paint, carve, or add a decal to the pumpkin, this Thanksgiving baby announcement is easy to pull off and makes a sweet social media post for sharing the special news. Make sure to print a copy of the photo for the baby book! 

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Scratch-Off Cards

Thanksgiving-themed scratch-off cards 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy 

You held the news in all throughout the meal, so between turkey and pie, surprise everyone by passing out this fun “scratch-off game” that’s really a pregnancy reveal!  

Pie for Two Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

 Pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says "Pie for Two"

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy 

Pregnancy announcement shirts are an easy and fun way to share your baby news on Thanksgiving…or any time! Build to the suspense by layering a sweater over your tee so that when you casually peel it off, you can quietly keep note of who discovers the phrase and connects the dots soonest. Bring a little piece of chocolate or other surprise for the winner of this secret competition to add an extra sweet detail to your Thanksgiving baby reveal. 

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Thankful Onesie 

Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement baby onesie 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy 

Simple, sweet, and to the point! Create an announcement with a “thankful” onesie, ultrasound photo, or baby booties—plus a few seasonal props. This is the perfect way to let the world know what you’re most thankful for at this special time of year. 

Seasonal Photo Thanksgiving Baby Announcement

 Family photo announcing pregnancy with pumpkins

Photo: Instagram

This shot is easy to recreate with your fur babies, human children, or just the parent or parents-to-be! It’s an affordable and quick photo shoot idea that will make an adorable social media announcement and be worthy of framing for the living room. 

Funny Shirts for a Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement 

 Funny t-shirts for a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

Get your partner in on the action with matching pregnancy reveal shirts. There are tons of options on Etsy; these are some of our faves for a Thanksgiving baby announcement. 

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Letterboard 

 Couple poses behind a letterboard announcing pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Put your wood or felt letterboard to work for a Thanksgiving baby announcement that is at once timeless and trendy. It’ll be fun to reuse this same style when marking the moments with monthly photo shoots as your bump progresses and once Baby has arrived. 

Big Sib Baking Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

A toddler poses with baking equipment and a letterboard announcing Baby #2 

Photo: Instagram

If your babe on the way has big brothers or sisters, a baking party is a ridiculously sweet way to announce the news. Whether you get to the actual pie or just have a lot of fun letting them splay flour and sugar everywhere, this is one Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement that will stand out!  

Football-Themed Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement 

Football-themed Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Rachel Johnson Photography

It’s all part of the big day, and for some, the football watching is even more important than the food! Especially if your team is playing this year on Thanksgiving, but even if they’re not, take a cue from this adorable football-themed baby announcement to spread the news on Turkey Day. 

Announcement Live From the BUMP-kin Patch

A couple poses with pumpkins to announce their pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

He’s got the pumpkin and she’s got the BUMP-kin! This pumpkin-patch-themed pregnancy announcement incorporates both Mom and Dad, and makes for a truly special way to share the little secret you’ve been growing this Thanksgiving. 

“Fall”-ing in Love Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

 Baby onesie arranged with letterboard and fall-themed wreath to announce pregnancy

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

It’s fall, y’all! Create an autumnal backdrop and order this customizable sign to put together a simple and oh-so-special pregnancy announcement to share online and at the table on Thanksgiving Day. 

Gobblin’ & Wobblin’ Thanksgiving Baby Announcement Shirt

 Pregnancy announcement sweatshirt that reads "Gobblin 'cause I'm already wobblin"

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

This extra-cozy, funny pregnancy announcement shirt is the absolute perfect thing to wear to Thanksgiving dinner! 

Little Turkey Coming Soon Announcement

 Baby onesie that says "Our little turkey due May 2021" arranged with fall decor

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

A special pregnancy announcement onesie makes spreading the baby news easy and fun! Save it and take a picture this time next year when your little one is on the outside. 

Food Baby Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

Women's t-shirt that reads "Not a food baby" 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

Did she overdo it on the stuffing or is there more hiding under that cardigan? This is another pregnancy announcement t-shirt that begs you to layer up and then lose the sweater after the meal. Revealing this hilarious “food baby” shirt will lead to lots of fun reactions around the table!

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