If you think you’re excited that you’re having a baby, wait until your bestie finds out! There’s nothing so special as sharing wonderful news with that pal who’s been there for it all. From breakups to your wedding day, schoolyard fun to late-night calls, and teenage mall trips to all-grown-up beach trips. Now, your BFF gets to dote on your little one and be the best “auntie” around. 

There are so many cute best friend pregnancy announcement ideas—face-to-face, by text or phone call, or via snail mail. Pick a vibe that fits your friendship and make sure to capture their reaction if you can, because this is one of those moments you’ll both want to remember forever. To follow are all our favorite ways to tell your best friend you’re having a baby! 

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Wine

Best friend pregnancy announcement wine label

Photo: Etsy/LoganandCoDesign

You’ll be poppin’ bottles of another kind soon, but bust out some wine for your next bestie get-together and set it up ahead with a label like this one. Your BFF will be confused at first when you only pour one glass, but once your best pal looks closely at the bottle, tears of joy will fall.

Best Friend Baby Announcement Brunch 

Host a bestie breakfast or brunch and make everything baby-themed. Serve miniature bagels, baby carrots, a salad made of baby greens, and so on. Put the beverages in baby bottles and decorate in pastels. It might take a few minutes for the ah-ha moment, but once it happens, the moment will be so beautiful!

Best Friend Babysitting Kit Pregnancy Announcement

If there’s a gifting opportunity around the corner, that’s perfect. But any day is a good day to give your bud a little something. Wrap up a box for your bestie containing a small pack of diapers, some wipes, pacifiers, and a tiny pair of pajamas. When she looks baffled, explain that it’s an emergency stash of baby stuff to keep at her place for when you need a last-minute sitter.

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Note

Best friend pregnancy announcement note

Photo: Etsy/DesignsLM

Any handwritten letter telling your best friend how much you love her… and then going on to explain that you’re having a baby (!) will be one for the books. Buy a custom card like this to make it extra-special.

BFF Pregnancy Announcement Balloons

Even the most casual hangout will get a big boost when you blow up “BABY” balloons or spell it out in any themed decor. The best part about this cute pregnancy announcement idea is that it presents the perfect backdrop for some much-needed celebratory photos, too.

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

Go old-school with a childhood game everyone loves. Set up a trail of clues with the ultimate discovery at the end being your positive pregnancy test or an ultrasound photo.   

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Candle

Best friend pregnancy announcement candle 

Photo: Etsy/ScentSocietyGiftShop

Etsy has lots of options from beautiful to funny. Browse their selection and add the one that’s most “her” to your cart.

Selfie Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

It doesn’t get any simpler than this photo bomb BFF baby announcement idea, but the subtlety is what makes it a success. Gather around your pals with a self-timer set on your camera or phone and at the very moment that the flash is about to go off, hold up a sign in the background that says, “I’m Pregnant!” (Peep more surprise pregnancy announcements!)

Baby Bestie Pregnancy Announcement

If your BFF is also expecting, there’s a very beautiful and sentimental way to share your news. This pair of best friends went multi-generational when Friend #2 gave the first preggo a set of onesies and waited for her gal pal to figure out what was going on. Cue the happy tears! 

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Card

 Best friend pregnancy announcement card

Photo: Etsy/VerifiedGraffics

With a card that hits it on the head this brilliantly, you really don’t need to say or do much more. Something tells us she’ll be framing this one on her nightstand, at least until it gets outshone by pictures of the actual baby. (Browse more pregnancy announcement cards!)

Best Friend Pregnancy Announcement Party in a Box

It’s hard living far away from your best friend, but there are ways to share your pregnancy news that feel like you’re in the same room. Tell her that a package is arriving and to set up her phone to film herself opening it, because you’ll both want to watch it again. Inside, put a copy of your latest ultrasound, an “auntie” keychain or mug, and cute baby booties, plus some confetti and even a string of paper letters that spells out “BABY.”

Ultrasound FaceTime BFF Pregnancy Announcement 

If your best bud is long-distance, there’s a way to do it in realtime that doesn’t involve big fanfare, planning, or spending. On your next FaceTime catchup sesh, wait until the moment feels right and quickly flash an ultrasound pic on the screen. If she didn’t catch it, try again a few minutes later. It’ll make for such a fun surprise when she finally gets what’s going on. 

Bestie Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

Best friend pregnancy announcement cookies

Photo: Etsy/OneSweetGift

Order your bestie a cookie that spells out the news in the sweetest (literally!) way ever. Or better yet, make that an order of two cookies so you can have one, too! 

Best Friend Baby Announcement Tees

If Bestie loves a graphic tee, and a good match, take this opportunity to set her and your baby-to-be up with their first twinning set (think: verbiage like “Best Auntie” and “Best Baby”). It might take her a sec to make the connection, but film her reaction now and get ready to take a twinning photo of them wearing these shirts in a few short months. (See lots of pregnancy announcement t-shirts!)

Best Friend Pregnancy Reveal

The way this woman told her best friend is so creative and yet simple to pull off. If you’ve recently done a little makeover on an area of your home, show it off and then have an ultrasound pic or positive pregnancy test hiding somewhere you know she’ll look.

This renovated powder room was the absolutely perfect excuse to send her bestie on a little hunt she didn’t know she was on; you can recreate similar with anything—even hiding a snap of Baby inside the pages of a book you lend her! 

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