There’s a baby on the way! Wooo! Why not let the world know of your impending bundle with a tee or sweatshirt that does the talking for you? Since there are So Many modern pregnancy announcement shirts out there, we went ahead and rounded up the funniest, comfiest, and most fashionable ones available for moms-, dads-, and even siblings-to-be.

Finest Print Ever 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Read the Fine Print

To purchase: Etsy/NunuTeeDesign

See whos really paying attention with this fun “read the fine print” pregnancy announcement T-shirt! 

Simple and Chic 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Mama

To purchase: Tenth & Pine

Say it with style, comfort, and class in an organic and sustainable made-in-America T-shirt from Tenth & Pine. (There are “papa” and “dada” versions, too.) 

Spoiler Alert!

Pregnancy Announcement Shirts: Spoiler Alert

To purchase: Etsy/NewaTshirt

Buy a one-off, a pair, the whole lot…or anything in between: This sweet and silly T-shirt collection makes announcing baby-to-be a family affair!

The Big Promotion

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Fur Baby

To purchase: Etsy/herwholeheart

For all you dog moms and dog dads out there…this pregnancy announcement shirt is for you! (Psst: It’ll work for kitty parents, too!)

Deliciously Cute

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Avocado 

To purchase: Etsy/LolitaCustom

Avocados, with their built-in bumps, are the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. Buy this swoon-worthy mamacado version in a cozy tee or sweatshirt. 

Ultra Cool Announcement 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Ice Ice Baby

To purchase: Etsy/

Pretty much everyone who spies you in this amazing 90s throwback T-shirt will be singing the tune…and jumping for joy!

Hungry for a Giggle? 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Food Baby

To purchase: Etsy/MadeByArtly

Starting to show? Cut to the chase with a tee that stops everyone from wondering! This T-shirt is especially perfect if you plan to share your news at a family get-together over a big meal.

Belly Laughs 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Baby, Beer

To purchase: Etsy/PrintAndArrow

Pregnancy announcement shirt for two! Get your partner in on the action with this silly pregnancy announcement T-shirt set that points out the “contents” of your bellies. 

Something Magical is Brewing

Pregnancy Announcement Shirts: Disney

To purchase: Etsy/CassidyJamesDesigns

Salagadoola mechicka boola, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Put them together and what have you got? This amazing pregnancy announcement shirt that plays homage to the one and only Cinderella. Disney fans will adore this one!

Retro Fun

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Big Sibling

To purchase: The Pine Torch

Let the soon-to-be older sibling make the big “we’re having a baby” announcement in this super-fun T-shirt oozing 70s retro vibes.

Super Cheeky 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: You Can Stop Asking

To purchase: Etsy/LoveLuluBell

Have the constant questions about when you’ll start a family got you ready to scream? Instead of losing your voice, offer up a cheeky little clap-back with this sharing-the-news tee.

Little Gamer

 Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Big Brother

To purchase: Etsy/MiniLolStore

Big bro will love this cute shirt that not only announces his new status, but also features a fun graphic. When Player Two enters the game, you might need to add a coordinated bodysuit for the perfect set!

Preggo Partner Tee

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Partner Shirt

To purchase: Etsy/RodeoApparelGifts

Look, they’re already dealing with foot rubs, food runs, and a honey-do list a mile long. Handle with care!

New Addition

Pregnancy Announcement Shirts: Couples

To purchase: Etsy/LoveLuluBell

Math has never been this exciting! Share your special news with this pair of baby announcement tees that can only add up to joy!

Spell it Out

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Big Sibling

To purchase: Etsy/TrexandUnicorn

Big bro or sis will love this “B is for…” sweatshirt that’s as comfy as it is cute. It also comes in a cozy tee.

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Baby Loading

To purchase: Etsy/FastCustomTees

We’ve all spent some time buffering, so this relatable pregnancy announcement tee is sure to get some giggles. 

Sweeter Than Honey 

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt: Mama To Bee

To purchase: Etsy/TrendyBossTees

Get all your family and friends buzzing over your sweet news with this adorable pregnancy announcement top.

Truth Bomb!

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

To purchase: Etsy/LoveLuluBell

Why sleep through the night and only clean up your own messes when you can be at the mercy of a tiny, hungry, pooping machine all day and night for the foreseeable future? This pregnancy announcement T-shirt tells it all! 

Sharing the Load

Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Both

To purchase: Etsy/PacificPrintCo

Great for all pairs of parents-to-be, this T-shirt combo is relatable and hilarious. 

Precious Personalization  
Pregnancy Announcement Shirt for Siblings

To purchase: Etsy/PSstitching

The big sib(s) will feel extra special with their name specially embroidered on a cozy new T-shirt revealing the family’s big news! 

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