When you’ve got a baby on the way, there are so many questions to be answered. Like what color to paint the nursery and how on earth are you going to pick the perfect baby name? But before you get to all that, there’s the issue of how to share your sweet news. 

Oftentimes, family and friends won’t necessarily be expecting to hear that you’re, well, expecting! So, if this is a sweet surprise, the pressure is on to make the announcement special. Whether you want to make it funny or heartfelt, say it in person or on social media, and with pictures or words, there are so many cute ways to make a surprise pregnancy announcement. Here are some of our favorite surprise pregnancy announcements. 

Baby Pic Surprise Pregnancy Announcements

Whether simply photographed and shared to FB and the ‘Gram, or sent via snail mail to your nearest and dearest, an ultrasound or bump photo is a lovely way to spread the word far and wide. Find some inspiration in these sweet snaps… 

Make a VERY special delivery.

  Pregnancy announcement card

Image: @ditsyboo_design

This design says it all without going overboard. Inside, add a copy of your favorite image of Baby or bump, and happy tears will ensue. (Peep more pregnancy announcement cards!)

Put yourself in the picture.

 Couple poses with an ultrasound on a park bench

Image: @ginambernadette

Mama and Dada, sittin’ by the sea – K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Have you ever seen such joy? This photo says it all; no caption needed. And from ultra-sweet to ultra-chic…

Nailed it!

Manicure with ultrasound decals 

Image: @naglaralingsas

The glam mama-to-be might consider this outrageously modern and totally fun mani for her next night out on the town. Wait and see what they notice first–your nails, or the fact that you didn’t order a glass of wine!

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Games

Level up the suspense and joy of your surprise pregnancy announcement by turning it into a game! Invite family or close friends over for a night of charades or Clue and throw in an unexpected twist that will totally spill the beans. 

Surprise ‘em with scratch-offs.

Pregnancy announcement scratchers 

Image: Amazon 

These can be handed out as favors at the beginning or the end of the night or set out around the table if you’re serving dinner or dessert. Alternatively, place them in a bowl and pass around between games. The possibilities are endless, but the result is always the same; a pregnancy announcement scratch-off is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Play the ultimate guessing game.

 Pregnancy announcement word game

Image: Etsy

This digital download is an easy game to throw together and will have your guests thinking and problem-solving with the reward being who can guess your big news first.  

Coffee and Tea Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

When you’ve got baby tea to spill, a warm cuppa can be the perfect way to catch your favorite people unaware with your piping hot news. Here are some touching and totally surprising ways to pull off the big reveal on a casual coffee or tea date. 

Stir things up.

 Spoon that says "we're pregnant"

Image: Amazon 

One lump or two? No matter what they’re stirring into that cup, once they pull out the spoon, the news will be unmistakable. Such joy!

Heat and reveal.

Mug that reveals pregnancy announcement message when filled with hot water 

Image: Etsy

Custom color-changing cups do all the talking; these mugs can be printed with any message you want, and when you set out the tray they just appear black. Once your guest’s warm beverage is poured inside, the surprise is theirs to learn.

Savor every last drop.  


Bottom of coffee mug that says "hey there, grandma"


The suspense may make you batty, but this is a fun one. Wait until they get all the way to the bottom of the mug and there, etched within, is the best news ever.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Casual get-togethers and celebratory family affairs alike are perfect occasions to make your special surprise baby announcement…and you can do it without saying a word! All you have to do is sidle up with a jacket or cardigan over a very telling t-shirt, only to take your outer layer off at the right moment and watch jaws drop. (See even more pregnancy announcement tees here!)

Say what?!

 T-shirt with an anagram for "we're pregnant"

Image: Etsy

Calling all word nerds! This puzzling pregnancy announcement tee might just be more fun than a Wordle. The only downside: It may require a little patience as you wait for people to figure it out (but isn’t that the fun of it?!).

Read the fine print.

 T-shirt that says "Always read the fine print" with pregnancy announcement written beneath it

Image: Etsy

Put your friends’ attention to detail to the test with this cheeky—yet direct—surprise pregnancy announcement tee.

Tacos for two!

 T-shirt that says "tacos for two"

Image: Etsy

When you roll up to taco Tuesday in this apt tee, your virgin margarita won’t be the first thing to tip folks off that a baby burrito is on the way.

Post a tiny tee.

 Pregnancy announcement onesie

Image: @akcoie

It’s a change-up from the idea of you wearing a shirt to surprise people with the pregnancy news, but sometimes the tiniest tees bring the biggest joy. Purchase, pic, and post. Done!

Stage a Scene to Make a Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Nursery photos, a clothesline featuring baby clothes, or even a little pair of shoes in your hands are cute images to enhance the sharing of your precious surprise. Sometimes, less is more, and all it takes is the most beautiful picture from inside your baby-bubble, to let family and friends in on it all.

Create a darling tableau.

Pregnant woman poses with onesies on a clothesline to announce a pregnancy 

Image: @guerreraphoto

The neutrals in her dress, Baby’s clothes, and accessories create the perfect backdrop for sharing this wonderful surprise. Mama looks at ease and glowing, among some of the tiny treasures that will make up her happy world with her little one in a few short months.  

Pull a baby-reveal/nursery-reveal double!

Pregnant woman poses in work-in-progress nursery to announce a pregnancy 

Image: @stephanilynnkase

Is there anything more inspiring than a beautiful bump and a nursery in progress? A photo like this alone would be the most charming surprise pregnancy announcement to share your news!

More Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:

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