Sun’s out, bump’s out! The best time of year is upon us, and summer is such a joyful time to announce a special secret you’ve been keeping. If you live oceanside or have a beach vacation lined up, we have some of the sweetest and most creative beach pregnancy announcement ideas around. And hey, even into the fall and winter months, a lot of these beach announcement photos would still work beautifully. 

Beach pregnancy announcements strike the perfect balance of relaxation, happiness, and oneness with nature. Use the water, sun, and sand as a beautiful backdrop to the happiest news you’ve ever shared. Not beach-adjacent? That’s okay, too. Some of these announcement ideas can be created digitally, even when there’s no actual sand beneath your feet. Here are some beautiful beach pregnancy announcement ideas to help you share your big news! 

Black & White Beach Sonogram Pregnancy Announcement

Sonogram on the beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Allie Wears

Black-and-white photography is the ultimate in timeless artistry. This idea says it simply, and oh-so-beautifully, for a beach announcement that deserves to be framed and not just posted. 

Bumpin’ on the Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A pregnant woman shows off her bump and poses with her partner in a beach pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Love, Jess Marie

Cuddle up to your honey or strike a pose solo; if there’s a budding bump on board, now is the perfect time to cradle it for the camera, using a gorgeous beach photo shoot to share the word. 

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Tee

Beach pregnancy announcement t-shirt

Photo: Etsy/MolineyDesigns

If you’re not yet showing, or just prefer a more casual look, we love the idea of an oversized tee that does all the talking. You’ll want to live in this one for the rest of your pregnancy, and probably hold onto it for the memories, too. (Check out pregnancy announcement t-shirts for the whole fam!)

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Written in the Sand

"Big Sis" written in the sand to announce a pregnancy on the beach

Photo: Instagram/the_southerntransplants

Absolutely classic and super easy to pull off, find a stick on the beach and scrawl out your message in the sand. Props enhance the look but are by no means necessary. Can’t get to a beach? This Etsy shop will create a custom announcement in the sand for you. Problem solved!

Sonograms by the Seashore Pregnancy Announcement

A couple poses with their ultrasound photos in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Oh How Charming

A romantic photo shoot in pale colors with your first glimpse at Baby on display… This is an image that will stop everyone’s scroll.

Onesie Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A baby onesie hangs on the beach to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Etsy/LovelyChaosPrints

This clever custom onesie announcement is actually a digital download. Just purchase and customize to tell the world you’re pregnant—on a beach—without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. If you like the look but have an actual beach nearby or vacation planned, create something similar with any onesie strung up by the shore. 

Sweet Beach Pregnancy Announcement Signage

A family poses with a letterboard to announce a pregnancy on the beach

Photo: Allie Photo

What can we say? Some parents love a letterboard. Bring yours to the beach and set up the perfect family photo shoot around it.

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Swimsuits

A mom and daughter pose in swimsuits that say "Beach Bump" and "Big Sis" in a beach pregnancy announcement

 Photo: Oshey Vargas Photography

Dive into matching family swimwear for a beach pregnancy announcement that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Baby Shoes on the Beach

A couple poses with baby shoes on the beach to announce a pregnancy

Photo: LexSentials

There’s something so sweet about little bitty shoes in your hand when a tiny human is on the way. This announcement idea is incredibly simple, but so beautiful. 

Dog Beach Pregnancy Announcement

Dogs in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/penny_and_maisie

Get Fido and friend in on the fun with a beach-themed announcement that shares their news. Many parents include their pets in a first baby announcement, and this sandy-pawed cuteness is a great way to do so in summer. (Peep more pet pregnancy announcements!)

Toes-in-the-Water Beach Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses with their ultrasound at the shoreline in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Jessica Buehler Photography

A sunset stroll, the ocean lapping at your feet, and an image of your happy news in hand… We’d say this is just about beach-baby-announcement perfection. 

Beachy Baby Tableau

A letterboard and baby items arranged on the sand for a beach pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Etsy/BumpsNBlessings

A bassinet on the beach—overflowing with baby things—warms the heart as the sun warms the sand. You can lug all this cuteness to your nearest beach, or buy the digital download pictured here and edit it with your info and baby photo in a few clicks. 

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Party

 A couple poses with balloons in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Charleston Crafted

Break out the balloons because a baby is on the way! We love how these parents made their beach pregnancy announcement fun and not fussy.

Matching Jackets Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A couple poses with "mom" and "dad" jackets in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Akiko Liu Photography

Mommy and Daddy are your proudest titles yet—wear them barefoot on the beach on adorable custom jackets and jaws will drop at how cute your baby announcement turned out. (Pro tip: Hold onto these and buy a miniature one so you can recreate these pics next year with your little love in tow). 

“Bigger Boat” Beach Pregnancy Announcement

 A pregnant mom poses with her two kids and a cart and a sign that says "we're going to need a bigger cart" in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/keiramaxime_

Got a third, fourth, etc. baby on board? You’re gonna need a bigger boat… or beach cart, as the case may be! This family photo is adorable and hilarious. Once you have a big pack of kids running around, humor is necessary, so you may as well incorporate it now! 

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Under a Pier

A couple poses with an ultrasound photo under a pier in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Kristina Davini Photography

If you live near a pier or are visiting a beach that has one, don’t miss your chance to take a shot like this one. Chances are, it’ll be one of your favorite photos from this precious time.

Pregnancy Announcement Beach Hat

A mom wears a straw hat that says "baby on board" and poses with her family in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Etsy/SalvageGardenTX

No bump necessary; any parent-to-be rocking this hat will make the news known regardless. Gather up the troops and say “cheese” for a family photo your friends and loved ones will adore. 

Beach Pregnancy Announcement Cuddles 

 A couple lays on the beach and holds up their ultrasound photos in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Allie Wears

Laying down in the sand might get messy, but if you can capture a shot like this, it’ll be more than worth it.

Baby on Board Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A mini wooden surfboard that says "baby on board" is used in a beach pregnancy announcement

Photo: Wild Briar Co.

For the parents-to-be who love to “hang 10”, a wooden announcement board captures the moment flawlessly. 

Big Sibs Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A couple and their kids pose on the beach in a pregnancy announcement photo 

Photo: Stripes & Whimsy

Big bro and sis in smocked outfits spelling out their new titles is just about as heartwarming as it comes. This is an easy beach pregnancy announcement to pull off, and will fill you with all the feels every time you look at it now and in the years ahead.  

Message in a Bottle Beach Pregnancy Announcement

A beach pregnancy announcement that features a bottle with an ultrasound photo inside of it on the sand


Family toes in the sand and the cutest sea-themed announcement yet. All it takes is a glass bottle and an ultrasound shot to send the perfect message… No words needed!

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