Let there be light … in the nursery! Your baby’s room is designed for sweet dreaming, but you’ll also have all sorts of needs for lighting in this beautiful space. 

Overhead lighting whether in the form of a flush mount, pendant, or chandelier is clutch for morning and afternoon routines that require a good bit of light. Overhead lights are also needed for shining down on those monthly milestone photos you’re bound to cave and take. In overhead lighting, we love soft/warm white bulbs (​​2700k - 3000k) for a peaceful glow that won’t yellow your decor.  

Aside from ceiling lights, ambient lighting is a must in the nursery. Whether you go with a table or floor lamp, wall-mounted lighting, or large nightlights, there are so many options. These smaller lights facilitate reading, quiet wind-down activities, middle-of-the-night feeds or changes, and any time you want to build on your overhead or open windows with extra light. For your nightlights and ambient lighting, consider duller or pink bulbs to enhance relaxation and sleep. 

From floor to ceiling, these are some of our favorite lighting ideas for the nursery…  

Traditional Chandelier Nursery Lighting

 A nursery with a traditional chandelier for lighting

Photo: Instagram/the_grey_residence_no_4

There’s something romantic and upscale about a classic, glittering chandelier in the nursery. Such elegant light fixtures that used to be slated for formal dining rooms and grand entries only are now making the rounds in baby rooms everywhere—and your little boy or girl will love it. 

Colorful Sputnik Nursery Chandelier 

A brightly colored nursery with a colorful chandelier 

Photo: Instagram/sazerac_stitches

Take a hint from the mid-century modern era with a mod-style light fixture that makes a bold statement. A rainbow-hued variety ups the cool and kid-friendly factor.  

Cheerful Nursery Lamp

 A nursery lamp with a pom-pom shade

Photo: Instagram/the_lightpunk

The light you use most often in the nursery just might be for illuminating those smaller tasks like reading stories and picking out the evening’s jammies. A table- or shelf-top lamp creates a soft glow and sweet accent piece.  

Woven Pendant Nursery Light

A woven pendant light in a baby's nursery 

Photo: Instagram/caitmcdonnell

Baby rooms should be whimsical and fun, so selecting a fixture that makes the light “dance” across the ceiling is a fabulous idea. Any pendant light or chandelier with a lattice or woven effect will create these little spots of light pouring through and shimmering across the ceiling.

Vintage-Inspired Nursery Chandelier

A vintage style chandelier in a baby's nursery 

Photo: Instagram/anthologylighting.store

Vintage baby rooms are a big nursery trend this year, and procuring an antique light (or one that just looks old) will evoke those vibes in your baby’s space. 

Industrial Nursery Lighting

Industrial-style nursery lighting in a baby's room 

Photo: Instagram/troylighting

Metal, black paint, brick walls, and other industrial-inspired details are a stylish choice for any little one’s room. Here, the industrial-style light fixture in the ceiling is an example of an investment piece you can buy now and watch grow with your child (and home) for years. (See more nursery ideas that grow with your kiddo!)

Multitasking Nightlight

Snoobie cloud-shaped nightlight shining an orange light 

Photo: Happiest Baby

A parent pro tip for every aspect of life? Get products that work as hard as you do! Enter: Happiest Baby’s very own SNOObie! This cute little nightlight brings a touch of playfulness to the nursery as well as comfort in the form of a rainbow of light colors that brighten and dim with a touch. Plus, this doctor-designed smart soother also plays 12 calming soundtracks and doubles as an OK-to-wake light (which is essential once your tot moves to a toddler bed). Learn more about SNOObie!  

Light-Up Objects in the Nursery

 Rabbit-shaped nursery lamp

Photo: Instagram/twon.rs

Add to the ambient glow in Baby’s room with a little motif that lights up and helps you see without the need of overhead or harsh lighting, any time of the day or night.

Whimsical Nursery Light Fixture

 Hot air balloon shaped nursery light fixture

Photo: Etsy/ElephantDreamLT

Set sail for sweet dreams with a light for Baby’s room that is full of magic and whimsy; Etsy has lots of options that will fit whatever theme you pick for your little love.  

Floral Nursery Chandelier

A gold nursery chandelier decorated with pink flowers 

Photo: Pottery Barn Kids

With all the shimmering appeal of a traditional chandelier, but the soft and feminine addition of little flowers everywhere, a hanging light like this is fit for your woodland princess and makes the most gorgeous addition to a flower themed nursery.

Beaded Nursery Light Fixture

Beaded nursery chandelier  

Photo: Decor Pad 

This funky trend in lighting reaches across many design styles. It looks chill and beachy in a coastal nursery; bright and poppy in a bold hue in the maximalist nursery; or just right in any boho baby room. Beaded lights of every color are lovely; a neutral hue will bring subtle cool-kid vibes to any space. 

Contemporary Nursery Lighting Flush Mount

 Flush mount nursery lighting

Photo: West Elm

Gone are the days of the ugly flush mount lights that were strictly functional. Today’s flush mounts are about style, too. Scallops feel contemporary and classic at once; silver-tone metal or something with crystals are other ideas.  

Boho Fringe Nursery Lighting

 Boho-style fringe nursery chandelier

Photo: Abby Saylor

The boho nursery trend isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. Live out that barefoot dream and have a lot of fun with a fringed, fancy light for your little hippie’s space.

Nursery Bubble Chandelier

A bubble chandelier for a baby's nursery 

Photo: Etsy/TheLightFactory

These gorgeous lights are one of those things you’d hesitate to splurge on for yourself, but for your baby you can probably justify the price tag. A bubble-look light is edgy and pretty with that little bit of childish delight from the allusion to actual bubbles.  

Prismatic Nursery Flush Mount

 Prismatic nursery lighting mount

Photo: West Elm 

It’s a simple yet elegant idea in flush mount lighting that creates a beautiful glow and doesn’t detract from the rest of your decor. This would look perfect in a trend-right, retro baby room.

Vintage Tassel Pendant Light

Vintage-style chandelier for the nursery 

Photo: Build.com

Picture everything good about the 1920s and bring that flapper spirit into your 2020s nursery. Elegant fringe makes a luxe and fashion-forward addition to a baby room of pretty much any theme.

Colorful Nursery Chandelier

 Colorful nursery chandelier

Photo: Etsy/LamppoDesign

Like any other pretty chandelier…but even better! Pops of color everywhere make this handmade light fixture one to treasure for years to come. If you redecorate your baby’s room later, it can be used in a common space like a play room or craft area. 

Nursery Floor Lamp

A baby nursery that features a floor lamp 

Photo: J&J Design Group

Like a desk lamp, floor lighting is another option for bringing dimensional light into the room, so you have options aside from the overhead light. There are so many pretty floor lamps out there; you’ll want a sturdy one for looks and safety. 

Ambient Nursery Wall Lighting 

 Cloud-shaped wall lamp for a child's nursery

Photo: Etsy/IWoodenToy

A larger light installation on a wall is an option in ambient lighting that not only brightens the space, but also brings a touch of magic and fun that your little one will love. 

Personalized Nursery Nightlight

A lucite nursery nightlight that says "Olivia" 

Photo: Etsy/Gavani

Nightlights are a favorite for new parents and will serve you well into the toddler years and beyond. This style is substantial enough to help you find things as you pad around after dark, and has the extra sweetness of displaying your tot’s name.  

Name Sign Nightlight

 A personalized wooden nursery nightlight that says "Olivia"

Photo: Etsy/Lambalar 

If lucite isn't your thing, consider a wooden name sign that is a bit of a boho-modern twist on the same concept in night-time glow.

Light-Up Nursery Mobile

A gold butterfly nursery mobile light 

Photo: Etsy/ButterflyMobile

Lots of parents use a nursery mobile to give Baby something interesting to look at and be soothed by during changes, feeds, or bed time. Why not make your baby mobile do double-duty by finding one that glows from within, for a gorgeous and unique lighting option?

Knitted Name Nursery Light

 A knit name sign with twinkle lights that spell "Lily" in script

Photo: Etsy/StripeyFlamingo

Put their name up in lights! This precious, personalized light-up accent rests on a shelf or dresser and adds a soft touch of light to the room while blending effortlessly into your decor. 

Storybook Hanging Nursery Light

Nursery lighting fixture that looks like a house being lifted by balloons 

Photo: Etsy/LamppcoDesign

It’s up, up, and away when you draw from your favorite storybook or Disney movie to pull unique lighting options into a little one’s room. This is an heirloom piece they will probably steal one day for their own baby’s nursery! (See more Disney-inspired nursery ideas!)

Merry-Go-Round Nursery Chandelier

 A nursery lighting fixture that looks like a vintage merry-go-round

Photo: Etsy/MiaoBerry

Whether your baby’s room is full-scale carnival theme, or you just want that one pop of classic childhood nostalgia, a statement piece like this is the absolute perfect pick.

Nursery Fairy Lights

 String lights for the nursery that look like stars

Photo: Target

Twinkle, twinkle, little one. Your dreamy life has just begun! String lighting of any kind adds a scattering of gorgeous glow in the nursery, and these stars are just extra-special. Pro tip: bring them to the hospital or birthing center when you have Baby, to cut down on the need for harsh overhead lighting during vitals checks.  

Stylish Fan Nursery Lighting

A nursery with a ceiling fan light fixture 

Photo: Hunter

If Baby’s room is over a garage, or if you live in a warm climate and/or don’t have AC, you might have to install a ceiling fan. The good news about today’s fan-light combos is that they are truly a case where function meets style, and you can find a lighted fan to fit any theme or color scheme.

Nursery Sconces

Brass lighting sconces 

Photo: Instagram/wifestyleandmotherhood

A more traditional take on wall lighting, antique or contemporary sconces add a sophisticated air—and solid extra light source—to Baby’s room.

Glowy Animal Nursery Lighting

 A light-up rabbit perched in a nursery

Photo: Instagram/littlehomesuk

Delight your little love with a light-up animal that sits atop a shelf, cabinet, or closet and creates a magical glow they’ll cherish (perfect for a woodland-themed baby room or safari-themed nursery!)

Light-Up House 

 A small wooden house with cut-out windows lit from within to provide nursery light

Photo: Instagram/BrightCornerShop

Dainty, sweet, and evoking childhood wonder effortlessly, these beautiful wooden houses are lit from within for a combination light source + unique decor.  

Neon Nursery Sign 

 A neon sign above a crib that says "dream big little one"

Photo: Instagram/littlerae_neonsigns

All the rage right now with no signs of slowing down, neon signs have moved from nightclubs to nightie-nights. We are so here for it! 

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