Theres no better way to embrace the sweet and precious days of childhood than with a nursery that’s not only beautiful, but full of magic. Enter: the whimsical nursery! The great thing about whimsy is that it can be introduced into any nursery, whether themed, neutral, or any style in between. The only rules: Baby’s room must evoke fanciful feelings and a distinctly carefree vibe! Here, oodles of ideas to spark whimsy in your baby’s (or big kid’s) room!

Lively Lounging 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @changoandco

Part of creating a whimsical nursery is trading the tried-and-true for something a little more fun. For instance, instead of a traditional glider or even a standard sofa, set up a groovy lounge area on the floor. (Also: check out that wallpaper!)

Bearly Hanging On Whimsical Lighting

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Beautiful Halo

These darling bears can be added to just about any theme from fairy tale to circus for a creative and whimsical way to light up Baby’s room with wonder.

Classy & Whimsical Nursery

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Serena & Lily

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to create a sense of whimsy in your baby’s nursery, while keeping it upscale and elegant. On-trend wicker and metallics paired with elephant wallpaper melds the best of both worlds! (See more elephant themed nursery ideas.)

Playful Pup Whimsical Nursery Wallpaper 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @sophlog

As if doggies weren’t fun enough, this amazing peel-and-stick wallpaper looks as if you Magic Marker-ed their sweet furry faces all over your babe’s nursery. Whimsy times two…plus, SNOO

Book Bliss

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: decor pad

A car that’s a bed. A rainbow that’s a light. A tree that’s a bookshelf. When everyday objects mix with a bold imagination, wonder and whimsy follow!

Princely Palace

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Houzz

Your little prince (or princess) will sparkle and shine in a fairy tale themed blue baby room bedecked with a tufted bed, silk curtains, a crystal light fixture, and crown-shaped cornice.

Pop Art Walls

Whimsical nursery ideas

Bold, beautiful, 1960s-inspired florals create such a fun nursery! And using burnt orange, gold, and blush bring just the right amount of elegance to the mix. 

Modern Fairy Tale 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @tenleyclark

Once upon a time, a small child lived here…and all their dreams were big and their room was beyond charming. The white walls work overtime making the sherbet color details in this room pop. The bunny mirror, bow hooks, and animal heads bring everything together.

Layered Levity 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: DigsDigs

Whimsy does not have to look unsophisticated! This nursery, with its strategic bursts of bright fun, is elegant and wondrous all at once. Layering the dot wall decal atop the animal print is a fabulous way to mingle reality and fantasy. Swoon!

Mural Magic

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @the_a_family_x

You don’t need to be an artist to create a whimsical mural in your little one’s nursery. Some bold lines coupled with bold colors—plus some painters tape and maybe a few fanciful wall decals and—voila! (Here, more SNOO nursery ideas!)

 A Sparking Shelfie

Whimsical nursery ideas

Photo: @soph__styles

Sparkly, tiny, and out-of-this-world cute: an assembly of fairies, glittery stars, flowers, princesses, and other magical details brings whimsy and wonder to this nursery. Create a shelf or corner like this and swap out the details as Baby grows or seasons change.

Garden Gaiety

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Project Nursery 

A show-stopping chandelier and wallpaper that makes you feel like you’ve entered a secret garden are prime examples of easy yet breathtaking ways to bring whimsy into your baby’s room.

Twinkles & Clouds Whimsical Nursery

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Decor Pad

Cloud pillows on the wood plank wall and twinkling string lights morph Baby’s nursery into a dreamy woodland nursery. But remember, when decorating your babys room, keep the lights out of crib's reach. (Want more more cloud nursery ideas? Youre in luck!) 

Go Bananas! 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Studio Munroe

Whimsical can mean different things to different people. One whimsical nursery could have a soft, billowy, dream-like feel, while another might be bursting with wackiness and fun. Here: The wacky and fun! Fruit wallpaper, an elephant dresser, tassels, wicker…all of it is perfection!

Ship-Ship Hooray! 

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @suziemcadam

Fanciful stories and wondrous dreams are the best stuff of childhood, and you can add these touches in the smallest and subtlest ways. A ship mobile strung up in the nursery is one such idea that’ll spark delight in your little one. (Check out even more nautical nursery ideas.)

3D Delight

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Sister Golden

The whimsy is in the details! When selecting artwork for your baby’s nursery, choose pieces that make you laugh, smile, or simply gawk in delight, like this stunning piece.

Star-Studded Wonder

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Life with Brittany

The smattering of stars across the wall, the star-studded mobile, and the starburst chandelier all work together to create a room bursting with timeless magic.

A Celestial Celebration

Whimsical nursery ideas

Photo: Petit & Small

For an ethereal feel in your baby’s whimsical nursery, consider airy and twinkly accents, like a flowy canopy over your little one’s reading nook and fairy lights. Just make sure the lights are fire-safe and strung out of Baby’s reach.

Swing into Action

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: @sweet.swinging

What’s more fun than a playground right in your baby’s room?! With the proper support, an indoor swing can be the perfect finishing touch that inspires whimsy—and serves as a practical play element on rainy days!

Slide Time

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Kids Interiors

Anything and everything that makes a child’s room fun is a win! A wood slide can be painted any color to fit their theme, or left bare for a more boho vibe. This room also proves that dark hues can be just as whimsical as brights and pastels! 

A Joyous Jungle

Whimsical nursery idea

Photo: Architectural Digest 

A safari or animal themed nursery cant help but be whimsical, and this tent-inspired ceiling takes the wonder over the top! Even though there’s a lot going on here, a pleasing palette and functional furniture keep this nursery grounded in reality.

Paint Power

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: @thiscolourfulnest

With wallpaper and decals dominating nursery decor, it’s sometimes easy to forget the power of paint! The striped door and the scallop-edge wall in this child’s room is just oozing whimsy. 

Looking Up

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo: Fab Fatale

Painting or papering the ceiling is an unexpected way to add interest to your baby’s room—and to ignite their imagination. Whether up top matches the rest of the room or not, whimsy is guaranteed.

Dreamy Butterflies

Whimsical nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Anything that flies or floats brings a sense of magic and wonder to a baby’s room, and these feathery, glittering butterflies are no exception. Hang them up on an accent wall or above the crib to create visual interest as part of an all-out butterfly theme or just for some added sparkle.


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