Everything’s coming up roses with when you opt for flower decor in your baby’s room. While this nursery theme is a classic, the beauty is it’s so versatile, too! You can go minimalist and understated or grand and dramatic. Tulips, daisies, and wildflowers bring peaceful spring and summer days to mind, while sunflowers, roses, and peonies make a bold statement. Black-and-white or all-white floral nurseries put a modern twist on the theme, and tiny florals add subtle sweetness. Mix and match your florals, and bring them in with wallpaper or textiles. Try something new with 3D flowers on the walls, or incorporate the old with antique furniture or decor to complement the florals. Create whatever flower-theme baby room that fits your aesthetic, and watch your baby bloom. Here, our favorite floral nursery ideas.

Tulip Floral Nursery

A white crib against a wall painted with tulips in a floral-themed nursery 

Photo & to purchase: Etsy/SimpleShapes

In grand scale as shown with these tulip wall decals, or as a tiny print on wallpaper or bed linens, tulips lend a timeless touch and softness to the nursery. 

Chic Pastel Floral Nursery

A pastel floral nursery 

Photo: 100 Layer Cakelet

While pastels are traditional in the nursery, a chandelier and crisp details dress up the room for a floral look that will grow right alongside your little one. 

Mix-and-Match Floral Nursery

 A floral nursery that features a mix of patterns and textures

Photo: House of Harper

Can’t settle on a direction for your florals? These parents paired a modern painting with an old-school rug and bold, vintage flower print linens for a complex interpretation of the flower trend that works beautifully. 

White Roses Floral Nursery

 An all-white floral nursery that features flowers painted above the crib

Photo: American Decals

It’s all about the basics when you combine a watercolor-inspired pale rose motif with an all-white scheme for Baby. Leaving the rest of the details minimalistic lets your flowers shine. 

3D Flower Nursery

A floral nursery that features a 3-d fake flower display above the crib 

Photo: Project Nursery

Add a pop with large-scale, foam or paper flowers that leap right off the wall. You can make these or buy them at a craft store, and use them in a playroom or other space in the house once your babe outgrows the look.  

Pink and Purple Floral Nursery


Pink and purple floral nursery with a SNOO

Photo: Instagram/ashleybrookenicolas

Pink, purple, and florals are a classic baby room trio. In this sweet nursery, blush lays the foundation and purple pops add dimension, while the large flower print ties it all together. (And the SNOO? The perfect final touch for your budding babe.) 

Daisy Theme Baby Room

 A floral baby nursery with daisies painted on the wall behind the crib

Photo: Instagram/projectnursery

A throwback to the 60’s and 70’s is always a fun way to inform your baby room decor. Daisies do just that for your little flower child; add vintage-look lighting for something special.  

Sunflower Floral Nursery

 A floral nursery with sunflower wall decals

Photo: Instagram/redpandawallstickers

Warm, end-of-summer feelings will come rushing in every time you enter the beautiful space you’ve decked out sunshine-y flowers for your ray of sunshine.

Rustic Flowers Nursery

 A white floral nursery featuring natural materials

Photo: Instagram/nicoleeachus

Floral details can be prim and pretty in the nursery, while also making a statement. These parents brought in an intricate hanging floral arrangement (that you can DIY or find on Etsy!) and added rope, macrame, wood, and a potted plant to un-fuss the vibe. 

Boho Floral Nursery 

 A boho-style floral nursery

Photo: Instagram/projectnursery

Speaking of rope and macrame, a full-out boho-floral baby room is dreamy. Lean into this theme and the only problem you’ll have is never wanting to leave the nursery! (See more boho nurseries!)

Moody Floral Nursery 

A floral nursery that features dark-colored flower wallpaper 

Photo: Instagram/oliverthomaschildrensboutique via @kamilaszczawinska

Light and airy is lovely, but deep and moody is magical. Burgundy or violet-hued floral wallpaper makes a deep statement. You can create a similar mood with dark red or navy flowers.  

Wildflower Nursery 

 A floral nursery decorated with wildflower wall decals

Photo: Instagram/purl_and_weave

“She belongs among the wildflowers”…there’s truth to this Petty tune! And your little one’s introduction to whimsy and beauty starts right here at home. A crib made of natural materials further enhances this theme.

Minimalist Floral Nursery 

A minimalist floral nursery 

Photo: Instagram/vandthefam

Keep it simple and sweet with framed floral prints and a stunning rug for flower power. Petal pink paint on the walls and neutral furniture are perfect complements. (See more minimalist nursery ideas!)

Bright Vintage Floral Nursery

A floral nursery that features bright, vintage flower wallpaper 

Photo: Instagram/thecrownprints

There are minimalists, and then there are maximalists, and guess what? No one’s wrong! If color, print, and movement are your thing, consider a beautifully busy, vintage-inspired nursery that bursts with flowers. 

Romantic Floral Nursery

 A floral nursery decorated in romantic shades of pink

Photo: Instagram/sabrinavroeginteriors

The large-scale cluster of dried flowers above the crib and floral chandelier have this space bursting with flowers, without any wallpaper needed. Lots of texture and an array of pinks are a beautiful backdrop.

Ethereal Floral Nursery 

A white, ethereal floral nursery 

Photo: Instagram/littlecrowninteriors

The lucite crib, beaded chandelier, and floor-sweeping curtains are a perfect match for floral wall decals that seem plucked right out of a storybook.  

Black & White Floral Nursery

Floral nursery with black and white flower wallpaper 

Photo: Etsy/TapetShow

Monochrome flowers add a contemporary twist to a classic idea. This room has them dressed up with pops of pink and gold, but you can just as easily go full monochrome and create a gorgeous flower room in starker contrast. (Peep more black-and-white nursery inspiration!)

Pink & Teal Floral Nursery

 Floral nursery with teal and pink flower wallpaper

Photo: Instagram/wv_modernfarmhouse

A less obvious but still fabulous color introduction to the flower room is teal. The pairing feels fun and feminine—and allows the pinks to shine.  

Eclectic Floral Nursery

Eclectic floral nursery decorated with a mix of prints  

Photo: Instagram/sarahmparsleydesigns

Kids’ rooms should be fun, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Old Hollywood on the walls, a striped chair, and punchy tulip wallpaper with matching curtains all work together to create a scene that’s bright, beautiful, and playful. 

Grand & Glam Floral Nursery

 A glam and dramatic floral nursery

Photo: Instagram/projectnursery

Take a page from the past with a granny-chic nursery all dolled up in floral wall panels and a rose-gold or brass crib. Stunning is an understatement. 

Dark Floral Nursery

Floral nursery decorated with black floral wallpaper 

Photo: Instagram/stephemcdonald

Deep, mercurial, and hauntingly enchanted … Are we talking about your child’s room or toddler mood swings? Puffy white flowers on a black background are so special, they’ll make even the hard days look gorgeous. (More shockingly chic black nursery ideas!)

Purple & White Floral Nursery

Purple and white floral nursery 

Photo: Etsy/wallpaperie

Lilac is a lovely addition to the nursery, less seen than pink and just as pretty. These wall stickers pull the whole look together—enhance it with more purple in the rug and crib bedding if you want that shade to dominate.

Color-Saturated Floral Nursery

Brightly colored floral nursery 

Photo: Style By Emily Henderson

Being dramatic isn’t always a bad thing, and in a baby’s room it can be very, very good. Chartreuse, coral, magenta, and jade come out to play against a soft pink background in this stunning floral nursery.

Blush & Gold Floral Nursery

 Floral nursery featuring blush and gold decor

Photo: Project Nursery 

Classic, feminine, and soft are the feelings portrayed in a white room decorated generously with pale pink florals and lots of gold accents. 

Cheerful Floral Nursery

 Colorful floral nursery decorated with a mix of patterns

Photo: Effortless Style Interiors

This cheerful baby girl room reflects your love of all things old-meets-new with gingham, hot pink, and glam vintage details throughout. The only problem with putting together such a fun nursery is that you might be a bit jealous of your bub. 

Floral Nursery Curtains

 A baby nursery featuring floral curtains

Photo: Eggshell Home

Want to bring on the flowers but in a different way? Stick to drama in the drapes and let the walls whisper. 

Neutral Floral Nursery

A neutral-colored floral nursery 

Photo: Liz Eidelman

While pastel or bright colors can be really pretty, there is something quite cozy and calm about a flower themed baby room of beiges, taupes, and white. (Browse more neutral nurseries!)

Soft Pink Floral Nursery

 Floral nursery decorated with soft-pink wallpaper and accents

Photo: DIY Darlin’

If you love the classics, there’s no beating a pale pink flower room. Take a hint from this stylish mama and paint the dresser or another accent piece pink to match the flowers and pull everything together.

Modern Floral Nursery

 A modern-looking floral nursery with a bold print rug and black and white flower wallpaper

Photo: Foxy Oxie

A fun take is to think outside the field or garden and mix flower motifs with city scenes. This room showcases a balance of city and country and lets the flowers shine. 

Poppy-Theme Floral Nursery 

Twin babies look at each other from their cribs, which are placed against a poppy wallpaper 

Photo: Instagram/brandinell

Baby in RED. Bright, bold poppies are a nontraditional and show-stopping take on the floral nursery trend, and these two seem to approve!  

Bright & Contemporary Floral Nursery

 A contemporary floral nursery featuring a bold flower wall decal behind a tufted crib

Photo: Project Nursery

Your little one will be no wallflower, but the flowers on the walls of her nursery are very welcome. We love this sweeping look for a baby room, and your kiddo will no doubt love it for years to come.

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