If only our great-grandparents could see us now! Imagine how older generations would jump with glee to learn how today’s parents can instantly transform a child’s nursery without paint or wallpaper paste. A whole new world of wall decor is here, and moms and dads of little ones are loving the era of the wall decal. 

These damage-free, easy-to-use stickers are basic beginner level in terms of setup. Many are quite affordable and almost all promise easy removal, so walls survive every stage of your kiddos’ decor journeys. This makes them an ideal choice when decorating an apartment or rental home where you can’t make permanent changes.  

In the early days of wall decals, there were a lot of little black dots and arrows, with not much else out there to choose from. Today, there are so many styles and sizes that can transform a baby room. Try smaller motifs in a fun pattern or go big with a full-wall mural. You can also use the decals to create little “stations,” personalize a space, and transform blah to oh-my-gosh!

Read on for some of our favorite wall decal ideas, from styles and colors to creative ways to put them to work in your little guy or gal’s dream room.  

Lots of Dots Nursery Wall Decals

Dot nursery wall decals

Photo: Project Nursery

From bright and colorful to earth tones or monochrome, dots are one of the easiest wall decal styles to put up. They can be totally randomized for a carefree look or precisely measured out and applied for a more organized pattern. However you set up the dotted wall decal look, it’s got “childhood” written all over it.

Tree of Life Nursery Decal

Tree nursery wall decal

Photo: Wall Dressed Up

Trees carry so much symbolism: life, growth, wisdom, and power to name a few. Bring the beauty and wonder of nature into your little one’s room with a tall, statement wall decal shaped like a favorite tree. 

Floral Burst Nursery Wall Decal

Floral nursery wall decal

Photo: Sono Luna

Speaking of nature, floral wall decals are among the most sought out for babies’ rooms. Way easier and more affordable that wallpaper, these gorgeous blooms bring the feminine flair. (See more floral nursery ideas!)

Whimsical Nursery Wall Decals

Whimsical nursery wall decals

Photo: Etsy/schmooks

Watercolor effects, little stars, and a soft-shimmer atmosphere in the decals make any nursery a dreamy escape, ideal for childhood. Pro tip: hot air balloons are always a good idea. (Check out more whimsical nursery ideas!)

Designate a Play Space With Your Wall Decals

Playspace nursery wall decal

Photo: Urban Walls

No play room? No problem! Use wall decals in a corner or along a small wall to mark off a space that’s intended for toys and playtime. These fun letters that spell out “PLAY” make a sleek toy area for your little one, but any bold wall stickers will do. (Peep even more playspace ideas!) 

Make a Quiet Corner

Closet nursery with rainbow wall decals and a SNOO bassinet

Photo: Jennifer J Sullins

In the vein of “creating spaces,” mark off one corner of the room with wall decals as a quiet space for sleep. As they grow into a big kid bed later, it’ll be a perfect nook for sharing stories, tending to baby dolls, and reading.  

Animal Friend Wall Decals

Animal nursery wall decals

Photo: Etsy/DecorWallpaper

Storybook, safari, or fun on the farm? It’s your choice which animal theme works best for Baby, and happily there are so many sweet styles out there.

Up in the Clouds Wall Decals

Cloud nursery wall decals 

Photo: Etsy/ToodlesDecalStudio

Create a dream scene with cloud cover that brings the outside world in. Classic puffy clouds are beautiful on a gray or any other colored wall; if you’re adding clouds to white walls, consider blue, pink, or gray. (And here, all the cloud-themed nursery inspo you could dream of!) 

Into the Woods Wall Decals

Woodland nursery wall decals

Photo: Etsy/WallandSoul

A woodland scene is easy to create with wall decals, like this layered tree look. You can also do individual trees, little rocks, and forest animals if preferred. 

Rainbow Nursery Wall Decals

Rainbow nursery wall decal

Photo: Instagram/_ericashaw

When it comes to adding a watercolor rainbow to the nursery, you could try your luck at painting and stress out about lines and edges… Or you could buy a wall decal that looks like this and be done in minutes, with perfect results. (Here, rainbow nursery ideas for every color palette!)

Wall Decal Cityscape

Cityscape nursery wall decal 

Photo: Etsy/anewalldecor

Take your baby to Paris (or New York, or London, etc…) with a chic decal set featuring hand-drawn looking buildings for metropolitan glam. 

Go Boho With Your Wall Decals

Boho nursery wall decals 

Photo: Etsy/AppleandOakStore

Boho nurseries are still popular, and there are lots of ways to incorporate decals in one. Tap into the aesthetic with ‘70s-inspired flowers, lace, dream catchers, arrows, or wispy leaves. Keep your other details neutral to let the decals shine. 

3D Nursery Wall Decals

3D nursery wall decals 

Photo: PB Teen

Wall decals are reaching new heights, and not just design-wise. Three-dimensional decals bring wall art to life, for an effortlessly whimsical space.  

Write Their Name With Wall Decals

Name nursery wall decal

Photo: Project Nursery

While wood and acrylic name signs are a stand-out addition to the nursery, you can create the same effect with a wall decal that’s less expensive and easier to install. 

Nursery Wall Decal Mural

Nursery wall decal mural 

Photo: Instagram/iamsarah_sarah

You could hire an artist or teach yourself to paint with YouTube… or you could save money and time by installing a full-wall decal that acts as a beautiful mural in the baby’s room. (More nursery mural ideas!)

Star Nursery Wall Decals

Star nursery wall decals 

Photo: Etsy/wordybirdstudios

You are your baby’s sun and moon, and they are all of your stars. A celestial theme is perfectly gender-neutral and absolutely beautiful in any nursery. 

Sun Nursery Wall Decal

Sun nursery wall decal 

Photo: Etsy/ToodlesDecalStudio

The modern boho look is easy to create with a larger scale sun in a warm yellow or burnt orange hue. Try it over the crib or changing table, or anywhere in the room that could us a pop of color. 

Bring on the Love With Heart Decals

Heart-shaped nursery wall decals

Photo: Etsy/TheWallFlowerPrintCo

How charming are these little love-hearts, adding layers of sweetness to the baby room? This look works in a boys’ or neutral room as well—just go monochrome or earth tone to tone down the girliness. 

Ceiling Decals

Nursery ceiling decals  

Photo: Etsy/BioncaAlexandria

Teach the importance of looking up (literally)! A gorgeous display of wall decals on the ceiling brings a fairytale feeling all day long and a source of comfort at night when your little one looks up at it from their bed. 

Make a Statement With Wall Decals

Statement-making arch-shaped nursery wall decals

Photo: Project Nursery 

Take inspiration from your favorite architectural periods or literature and create a whole mood in the baby room with larger decals that aren’t “images” so much as design-conscious shapes. 

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