Welcome to the dark side. Gone are the days when pastels were the only players in Baby’s room. One gender-neutral idea is to decorate an all-black or mostly black room for Baby, and we’re loving the possibilities this chic palette holds. 

There are lots of pros to a black nursery. For starters, you’ve got stain resistance built in. And with all the messes little ones are bound to make in their first few years, that might be reason enough to consider a black nursery! But the appeal of a shockingly black baby room goes beyond the practicality of hiding stains. 

Black is a chic base for the baby room, allowing you to incorporate flowers or leaves; city scenes or celestial motifs; funky geometrics or stark patterns. Black furniture and accessories can come in to create the moody vibe you’re after—but painting the walls black is an even bolder choice. Here are some of our favorite black nursery ideas to get you started.  

Patterned Wallpaper

 Black nursery with patterned wallpaper

Photo: Instagram/izggg_

Break up the space when you’re using lots of black furniture with a black-and-white wallpaper that adds movement and visual interest.  

Black Nursery Accent Wall & Crib

 Black nursery with a black crib and a wallpaper accent wall

Photo: Instagram/modernbymiles

You don’t have to make one overall decision about all four walls. Baby’s room can be dark and stunning with stark black on one to three of the walls and a moody mural on another. The black crib makes that mural pop.  

Black Floral Nursery 

 Black nursery with dark floral wallpaper

Photo: Instagram/huntsvillehomegirl

Bring in unexpected sweetness in a black nursery for Baby Girl with bursts of floral that make the room feel both feminine and mysterious. 

Add a Black Nursery Rug

 Black and white rug for a baby nursery

Photo: Rugs.com

Whether black paint and furniture are in your future or not, you can set the tone with a black rug that feels classic, with the modern touch of being starkly monochrome. A happy bonus of a black rug, of course, is that it doesn’t show most stains! 

Black Nursery With Neutral Accents

 Baby nursery with a black wall, wooden crib, and neutral accents

Photo: Instagram/twoavocados_signs

Dark neutrals in the hardwood flooring and honey-hued crib are a welcome pop of contrast in this black-on-black nursery, bringing in just enough lighter elements to cut any harshness while maintaining the cool-kid mood. 

Black Nursery Mobile

Black baby mobile with hearts 

Photo: Crate & Barrel

A black room for Baby doesn’t mean the antithesis of sweet. Shower your little in love with charming shapes that fit the color scheme and still feel innocent and cheerful.  

Black Nursery With Colorful Accessories

Black nursery with a rainbow hanging bookshelf

Photo: Haven by the Bae

A rainbow books display or even a brightly colored blanket thrown over the back of an armchair can bring in a swoop of joy that keeps the black nursery from feeling like it’s not the room of a baby. The black-and-white polka-dotted rug seen here fits a similar purpose.  

Dark-as-Night Black Nursery

Black nursery with moon and star wall mural 

Photo: Via 

A celestial theme works beautifully in an all-black nursery. Add the moon above Baby’s crib, or even on the ceiling, and set the stage for an early childhood filled with big dreams. 

Midcentury Modern Black Nursery

 Black midcentury-style nursery

Photo: Instagram/maxime.de.ruijter

1950s-70s style decor lends so easily to a black baby room. Try a classic rocker or other furniture pieces of the period and keep your accessories funky and sparse. This room fits two trends in one—black and vintage—for the coolest baby room on the block. 

Add Floating Shelves

Floating bookshelves on a black nursery wall 

Photo: Instagram/coming_up_cramer

Contrasting floaters create interest on black walls and allow you to swap complementary accessories in and out to freshen the decor at any time. 

Black Nursery With Some Shine 

Baby nursery that has black wallpaper with reflective black dots 

Photo: Instagram/mkkidsinteriors

The reflective dots on this wallpaper brings an unexpected sheen and feeling of whimsy to the all-black baby room. This is a great way to have some fun with the walls without introducing color. 

Opulent Black Nursery

 An opulent black baby nursery

Photo: Instagram/hairbystephany

These parents leaned into the great bones of their baby’s room by not painting the woodwork and adding a chandelier to show off the shape of the ceiling. No matter the size or style of your little one’s corner of the world, you can take a similar approach with the use of velvet, crystal, and even a bold crib sheet to turn up the glam. 

Black Nursery With Stars & Creatures

 Black baby nursery with star wall decals

Photo: V58Shop.com

Adding cute touches, like a scattering of scars and oversized stuffed animals, makes the black nursery feel more childlike and endearing. 

Black Nursery…Plus a Potted Plant!

Nursery with a black accent wall and a potted plant 

Photo: Instagram/lifeatnumerouno11

It seems pretty simple, but a plant is one item you can add to the room that takes little to no effort, is not a permanent decision, and instantly brightens the space. When it comes to babies, a faux plant is probably your best bet. 

Taste of the Tropics

 Black nursery with tropical-themed decor accents

Photo: Instagram/jcrewjunkie

It’s an unexpected addition, but we love how these parents brought in palms and birds of paradise to counter any somberness that can happen in a black nursery. It’s a cool complement to the otherwise all-black room, that takes you on a mini vacay every time you step foot inside. 

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