A trend is emerging among stylish (and brave!) parents: the all-white nursery. While neutral nurseries decked out in gray and beige have had quite a heavy run, and black-and-white nurseries remain popular for baby boys and girls, the pure white nursery manages to be both ethereal and crisp.

So, if you’ve got a bottle of bleach at the ready and an open mind, you, too, could bring your baby home to a room that’s effortlessly airy, dreamy, and ready for play and sleep. And by adding texture with the rug, wall hangings, and other details, you’ll create a stark white nursery that is anything but vanilla.

Whether going with a boho baby room style, looking for something more classic, or wanting to rev things up with a modern white nursery, there are lots of fun inspirational rooms for you to browse in your design process. Here are some of our very favorite white nursery ideas.

Clean Elegance

Elegant all-white baby nursery 

Photo: @projectnursery

If not for the crib, this bold white space could be anyone’s bedroom, and that’s why we love it so much. Architectural wall details, rug layering, and a potted plant bring a level of upscale cool to the muted colors and simple layout. 

White Nursery That Sparkles

White nursery art and chandelier  

Photo: @truge23

If you’re worried about a lack of detail in the all-white nursery, an easy trick is to bring in some drama. This white chandelier creates a gorgeous focal point without introducing any color.

Vintage White Nursery

A toddler peeks at a baby sleeping in a vintage crib in an all-white nursery
Photo: Courtney Maloney Photo

When seeking inspiration, sometimes the past is the best place to start. A classic, white wooden crib—plus white walls and bedding—pair perfectly with simply framed art and a vase of flowers. This baby room could have been created in any era and will be such a sweet place to watch them grow. 

White Nursery With Gold Accents 

 White dresser with gold hardware in an all-white baby room

Photo: @JenniferWilsonPhotography

Show off your white with a little metallic decoration. Bright gold details peppered throughout the space create a baby girl or boy room that feels like a fairy tale, as seen in these drawer pulls and dresser-top accessories.

Ultra-Modern White Nursery
White nursery with a clear acrylic crib, graphic rug, and pops of bright colors

Photo: Little Crown Interiors

Here’s a fun twist: Do everything completely white and then toss in a couple of colorful accessories to accent. We cannot even imagine how fun it would be to grow up in a room like this! 

Minimalist White Nursery

White nursery with white dresser, glider, and rug
Photo: Halfway Wholeistic

Some parents who go all-white do it to fulfill the desire of sweet, simple minimalism in Baby’s space. This room features clean lines and a focus on the bare necessities while dropping in tiny touches of whimsy in the form of a few stuffed animals and stacked wood toys. Perfection! 

White Nursery With a Touch of Gray

All-white baby nursery with light gray crib and rug 

Photo: @montgofarmhouse

Much less contrast than a black-and-white nursery, but with a little something more than just white, bring in soft grays to keep the eye moving while still keeping the feel of a mostly white room.

White Nursery With Natural Pops

 White nursery with pops of neutrals

Photo: @the.home.affair

One of the benefits of an all-white nursery is that you’re creating a blank canvas, so toys and accessories will shine (even if they’re natural-toned, as seen here). Also–you can add, move, or take away items as you wish, with a clean background for rearranging. Painting the walls white and using pure white furniture sets up your space beautifully for endless play while allowing the room to grow with Baby.

White Nursery With Whimsical Details

 Details in a white nursery, including a white crib, white chandelier, rocking chair, and rug

Photo: @bloomsabove

Your baby’s all-white nursery will be anything but plain if you deck it out in fun wallpaper, adding feathery hangings, a cozy rug, and metallic touches throughout. See more whimsical nursery ideas!

White Nursery With Texture

White nursery with a mix of textures

Photo: Etsy

A fabulous way to add interest in an all-white nursery is with a mix of textures. Woven elements in the baskets and light fixture, fluffy rugs and blankets, a nubby rug, fringed crib skirt, and so on are all examples of how to pull this off. This serene space incorporates all that and more.

White Floral Theme 

 White floral nursery

Photo: Blesser House

Baby’s space can be soft and feminine even if it’s all- or mostly white. A floral rug, crystal drawer pulls on the dresser, and pops of floral on the wall and in the lighting create a girly look to love.

White Nursery With a Tufted Crib

Tufted crib in an all-white nursery 

Photo: Pottery Barn Kids

Make your nursery pop with a statement crib. If you’re going with all-white or mostly white, this is a fantastic use of texture and makes Baby’s sleep space a central focal point in the room. Not to mention it dresses things up and adds sophisticated style, even in the simplest baby room. 

Bright White Nursery

Bright white nursery 

Photo: Inspired by This

Megawatt white is show-stopping, and these parents nailed it. A shimmery floor covering; dramatically pillowed, all-white daybed; and wide-open windows are stark and glamorous at once. If you’re working with a room that gets a ton of light, this is a very cool way to deck it out for your little one. 

Mod White Baby Room

 Midcentury modern white nursery

Photo: Christopher Lee Foto via The Spruce

Who knew a baby room could be this cool? Throw in some Mid-Century Modern furniture, vintage accents, and some unique art against white walls and you’ve got a white-washed nursery of another era. 

Open & Airy White Nursery

Airy white baby nursery 

Photo: Project Nursery 

Light, bright, and breezy is the name of the game with this wide-open white nursery featuring just the subtlest hints of a celestial theme.

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