Dreaming of the high seas? Nautical nurseries are the perfect answer for a boating family or anyone who loves being by the shore. Crisp whites, deep navies, and pops of red are among the most common color schemes for a classic nautical themed baby room. However, you can also warm up, cool down, or even pink-ify a nautical nursery with elements that feel personal and special. Whether you run a tight ship or are willing to rock the boat, there’s a nautical nursery for you. Get on board with one of these nautical nursery designs, and prepare to set sail for cuteness!

Crisp & Clean Nautical Nursery

Photo: 1021 Home

This stunning baby room manages to be full of statement pieces and yet totally uncluttered. The shiplap walls, oar and whale decor hanging, knotted chandelier, and French blue furniture all tie together an elegant and calming space with nautical nods and absolutely no superfluous detail.  

Blue Shiplap Nautical-Themed Nursery

Photo: @projectnursery via @lindsaymarshhh

Speaking of shiplap, your favorite wall trend does not have to stop at white. A nautical nursery is the perfect place to play with color when bringing in wood elements, and we are absolutely loving this deep blue for a baby boy. 

Print Mixing in a Nautical Nursery

Photo: @decor_for_kids via @kalicakdesigns

You’re probably thinking “classic” when you dive into decorating a nautical nursery, but classic doesn’t have to be plain or boring. These parents integrated a striking combination of dark blue and white patterns throughout the space to create a nautical theme that feels upscale and pristine for your little sailor.  

Look Up (And… All Around)

Photo: Robson Homes

Create the ambiance of being on an actual boat with a totally amazing ceiling as seen here. Navy and white stripes make Baby’s room look and feel absolutely inspiring with nautical nursery touches throughout the space.  

Nautical Nursery Rug

Photo & To Purchase: Rugs.com 

Anchors aweigh; there’s a baby on the way! This festive navy and white rug is a gorgeous centerpiece to any nautical baby room.  

Pale & Beachy Nautical Nursery

Photo: @dandhinteriors

A nautical theme doesn’t have to include bold blues or pops of red… consider a soft neutral tone for a seaside boater’s baby room that looks exquisite. This example employs some of our favorites, like shiplap, with other nautical elements in the boating-inspired curtains and canvas chair, for a subtle nautical look that runs throughout.

Minimalist Nautical Nursery

Photo: @dashofles

You don’t have to go...overboard to pull off a nautical nursery theme. A few subtle details can speak volumes. Here, the light blue, bright whites, and sail-like wall hanging get the point across beautifully. See more minimalist nursery ideas.

Super Sophisticated Nautical Baby Room

Photo: Project Nursery  

The leather pouf, dark drapes, and tonal furniture in this space say “ultra mod” rather than “just another nursery.” The color palette is perfectly nautical and small details throughout (like a rope chandelier, not shown) drive home the water-bound theme.

Take the Wheel Nautical Nursery

Photo: Patterns and Prosecco

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t get cuter than the captain’s wheel on Baby’s wall. Above the crib, it’s a touch that serves as the perfect piece of statement art to set the tone in your nautical-themed nursery.

Pale Blue Colored Nautical-Themed Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

This dreamy baby blue nautical nursery does it all and more, for an eclectically arranged yet thoroughly succinct spot for sweat dreams and big fun. Blue-and-white striped walls, bright and airy furniture, and themed statement pieces (like the mobile and framed print shown here) bring everything together for a winning nautical nursery idea your little one will love.

Neverland Nautical Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

Unsure in what direction you’ll take your nautical nursery planning? Neverland might be the perfect destination to aim for. The charming details throughout this baby room offer up just a hint of Disney magic without being heavy-handed. The treasure trunk and striped curtains interspersed with framed Peter Pan quotes are perfect examples of how you can create a nautical nursery that still feels whimsical and childlike. (See more Disney nursery ideas!)

Nautical Nursery Rope Mirror

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

We are loving this rope mirror for a nautical baby room! It’s the kind of detail that truly ties the room together. Also, it will grow with Baby through the years.

A Girly Take on the Nautical Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery  

This one’s for the girls! Lest you think a boating baby room’s got to be blue to work, this parent proved that you can pull off a traditionally feminine nautical nursery with plenty of pink alongside your more rustic elements. Stella is one lucky little lady!

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