When decorating a nursery, the delight is in the details. From shelving and lighting to curtains and more, every piece of this special room will be infused with love and care as you decorate Baby’s space. To many, a rug is the finishing touch that ties a room together and makes it feel cozy and lived-in.  

In a baby room with wood floors, you’ll want a larger rug that covers more space to keep the floor warm beneath your growing babe—and also prevent owies from tiny tumbles as they start to roll, crawl, and walk. But even if the room is carpeted already, you can layer a rug over the carpet to add color and style. Some nurseries feature floor coverings that are one large piece, while others utilize two or more smaller area rugs to delineate different areas of the room.  

Whether you’re working with hardwood flooring or carpeting, an area rug makes a statement in the nursery– and there are so many statements to make. Play with color, texture, and style to pull your baby’s room together beautifully and cozily at once. Here are some of our favorite nursery rug ideas to inspire your search.

Flora & Fauna Nursery Rugs

 A baby relaxes on a yellow floral nursery rug.

Photo: Pottery Barn Kids

Even if you don’t have an outright nature theme in the nursery, nods to flowers, trees, and animals are a delightful touch. This idea can skew feminine, masculine, or perfectly neutral depending on color and pattern. Bringing in flowers and furry friends is a sweet and timeless choice, no matter if your aesthetic is simple or maximalist. Some of our favorite nature-themed rugs for babies are:

  • Rifle Paper Co has so many stunning floral rugs, including gender-neutral options. This one in navy or gray manages to feature flowers without feeling too feminine, making it just as great a choice for a boy or neutral room as it is for a little girl.
  • You can also go super girly and pink for a welcome pop of brightness and femininity in a little girl’s flower nursery. Bed Bath & Beyond and other national retailers have affordable and pretty floral rugs for girls, too.
  • Animal themed rugs from cutesy llamas to eccentric birds can be found at a variety of price points. Rugs.com has a wide selection in any colors, theme, and budget. We like this elegant nature rug, too.
  • Etsy offers many sweet floral themed baby rugs, plus various styles featuring leaves, mountains, water, or animals. Shop small and find a beautiful selection of nature theme rugs for Baby’s room at every price.

Neutral & Subtle Nursery Rugs

A baby room with a gray nursery rug 

Photo: Instagram/homeyohmy

Gender-neutral baby rooms remain popular, and the perfect subtle rug can really nail your whole vibe. Whether you’re working in all-white or black-and-white…warm neutrals or earthy browns and greens, a quiet and cozy rug will be the finishing touch your neutral nursery needs. Have fun exploring neutral rugs for the nursery, and start by checking out some ideas below:

  • A textured wool rug with raised design in pure white or another neutral is a subtle floor covering that you (and your baby) will absolutely love. This Pottery Barn rug is perfect for the ever-so-girly neutral baby room. And white-on-white is a winner in this stunning, gender-neutral baby room.
  • Bold patterns can read neutral and quiet when the rug is black, gray, brown, or another neutral hue. This example ties the space together flawlessly without drawing too much attention away from the other details in Baby’s room.
  • Bring in brown for an earth-tone baby room rug that is anything but blah. A busier pattern in neutral colors (like this Wayfair pick) keeps the eye moving and complements any decor choices throughout the space. 

Fun & Whimsical Nursery Rugs

 A round nursery rug with white stars

Photo: Instagram/tinytoestrends

Embrace the wonder of the baby days with a rug that is not only stylish, but features a hint of whimsy. From vibrant patterns to soft rainbows, and rugs that are more than decor but actual play areas, there are a host of ways you can integrate a magical nursery rug. We love print and pattern in the baby room rug, like these:

  • Stars and hearts bring fun and joy to Baby’s space with these cozy-cute rug choices.
  • A deliciously adorable sprinkle rug like this one by Target is the cherry on top of your little one’s beautiful baby room.
  • Scenes and cities are the ultimate in whimsical nursery floor coverings; dollhouse-inspired rugs, too. Baby might not appreciate one of these right away, but a rug that doubles as a pretend play mat will be their favorite thing soon enough. (See more toddler playroom ideas!) 

Colorful Nursery Rugs

 A bright blue nursery rug in a baby's room

Photo: Rehabitat

Bright, colorful rugs are a definite trend, and this can mean different things to everyone. Go for a wash of colors in modern prints or abstract shapes, choose one solid hue that takes centerstage in the baby’s room, or go with a classic pattern in ramped-up colors. 

Even in an all-white or mostly black baby room, a colorful rug at the center of the space is a lovely way to bring little-kid energy where it belongs. Try something like these colorful nursery rugs:

  • Modern shapes create a pop of pretty that will brighten up Baby’s room brilliantly.  Happy-colored abstract rugs offer a similar effect.
  • Stick with one or two bright or bold colors in a classic print or style for a touch of fun that retains its elegance. Scallop edges in turquoise or green is a great example, as is a bright pink pattern like this one.
  • Go nuts with a rainbow rug, whether pastel ombre, a traditional ROYGBIV arch, or another iteration of the trend. This striped rainbow rug is a contemporary and preppy investment piece, while Etsy and Amazon offer a host of budget-friendly options. 
  • These parents chose geometrics and color for a statement-making rainbow rug that brightens up an otherwise grayscale room.

Classic Nursery Rugs

A light pink patterned Persian-style nursery rug in a baby's room 

Photo: MyBlogDeco.fr

Floor covering looks that have been borrowed from the past are making waves in modern nurseries. Whether you go with an actual antique rug or a modern selection inspired by days gone by, you will be choosing a rug that grows with your baby and can be used in another room later if you so choose. Here are some beautiful ideas for classic or vintage-looking rugs for the nursery:

  • Oushak rugs are a chic option that bring softness and sweetness to the baby room in any color scheme. You can pay upwards of $1,000 or more for these, or peruse Etsy for similar styles at a fraction of the price.
  • Medallion and faux Persian-style rugs could go anywhere in the house, from the dining room to the baby room. Choose colors that fit your nursery and watch as the rug brings class and style to the room.
  • A classic never goes out of style. Consider investing in a true antique rug for a look no one else will have, reducing your carbon footprint and kicking the retro vibes up a notch in Baby’s room.

Textured Nursery Rugs

A textured nursery rug in a baby's room 

Photo: Crate & Kids

Tassels, fringe, fluff, and knots are just a handful of examples of the textures you can find in a baby room rug. Not only does texture create a sensory experience for your little one as they grow and start to explore their space, but these rugs also tend to hide stains well. A rug with texture is also an easy way to bring visual interest into the room, even if your design choices are neutral and/or subdued. Check out our favorite textured nursery rugs below:

  • A fluffy rug is a trendy and super-affordable way to bring soft texture and a cozy look to the nursery.
  • Any rug with a raised pattern is a sensory experience for the eyes and fingers. We adore this look in any little one’s room.
  • Look for fringe to bring timeless fun to the space, especially if the rug is printed with fun color, too.  

Washable Nursery Rugs

A pale gray washable nursery rug in a baby's room

Photo: West Elm

Practical parents, take note: A whole new world of rugs exists that your own parents would have killed for. Often thinner than the average area rug, but just as durable and beautiful, many brands have machine-washable floor coverings on offer that take a ton of stress off your plate.

Babies are messy beings, so having the option to just toss your nursery rug in the wash is key.  Especially once little ones are crawling, getting germs and grime out of their rug will give you peace of mind. Here are some of our favorite washable baby room rugs:

  • Ruggable put washable rugs on the map and remains an industry leader. Their nursery options are adorable and abundant.
  • Newer on the scene is Nestig, offering a wide range of sustainable and washable rugs for the parents who want to be earth-friendly and have something easy to maintain.
  • Another favorite brand of washable rugs is Tumble,  with moisture-wicking that helps keep spills from setting in, and easy machine-washability. Their elevated prints and patterns will be a delight in Baby’s room, and you might just be tempted to snag one for your living room or bedroom while you’re browsing!

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