Pregnant? Congratulations!! If this is the first time you’ve read those words about this amazing journey, chances are you haven’t quite figured out how (and when!) to share your big news.

Spreading the word about your bundle-to-be is such a personal choice and there’s no one right answer about the right time to announce a pregnancy. However, there are several factors to consider about right time for you. Here are some common benchmarks at which many expectant parents like to share their baby news. Read on to help determine when to announce a pregnancy.

Announcing a Pregnancy Right Away (Around Five Weeks)

Some expectant parents can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag… or the ultrasound out of the envelope, as it were. If this was a long-tried-for baby, perhaps, or is a first pregnancy on either side of the family, a right-away pregnancy announcement could be an amazing way to fill your loved ones’ hearts of hope and joy. Plus, it gives everyone plenty of time to pitch in and help you prepare for Baby’s arrival.

Of course, there are some downsides to sharing the news too early. Pregnancy is long, and in those final months it might get annoying if the people who’ve known about it since day, like, 40, are asking if you’re “still pregnant.” Of course, you might want to consider the protection of your privacy in case the unthinkable—a loss—occurs. So many parents prefer to wait until after 12 weeks.

Announcing a Pregnancy at 12 Weeks

This unofficial benchmark is a sweet spot on the timeline for sharing pregnancy news. The risk of miscarriage drops dramatically by 12 weeks for all age groups of expectant parents, meaning many moms- and dads-to-be feel more confident they have a viable pregnancy to announce once they cross this threshold.

Happily, after the 12-week mark, you are also entering your second trimester. This is an exciting milestone, and feels like a big accomplishment, whether this is your first or fifth baby! Many pregnant folks feel an energy boost in the second trimester, and a lessening in the severity and frequency of morning sickness and other icky symptoms. With that, you might feel more up for socializing now…and more ready to get out and tell the world about your baby on the way. Of course, this is still relatively early in your pregnancy journey, and some parents like to continue to keep their cards close to the vest a little longer…

Announcing a Pregnancy at the Halfway Mark (20 Weeks)

Around 20 weeks many parents find out the gender of their baby via anatomy scan. It’s also a benchmark that tends to bring on a baby bump. (But do not worry if you show much sooner or later–every body and every baby is different!). 

When you’re showing or will show soon, and/or if you’ve been waiting to find out the baby’s sex because that’s important to you, 20 weeks is a great time to share your pregnancy news. Lots of parents like to announce their pregnancy with a belly or ultrasound photo for visual proof because it’s so sweet and special. And of course, if you will be sharing the gender anyway, it’s fun to come right out with it and say you’re expecting a son or daughter, when no one even knew you were pregnant!

Announcing a Pregnancy Toward the End of Pregnancy

If you’re just plain enjoying keeping your pregnancy to yourself and your very inner circle, that’s okay, too. There’s no right or wrong time to share the news, and some parents in our ultra- communicative times like to protect this thrilling secret close to the heart. 

However, if you know you want to announce the pregnancy while you’re still expecting, you can use a fun pregnancy milestone like finishing the nursery or choosing their name as an excuse to make a post or send a letter to family and friends and share the news. Or, you might just feel inspired while taking a cute picture of your bump and decide today is the day; that’s just as good a reason, too. Everyone will absolutely freak out with joy when they discover this exciting surprise!

Announcing a Pregnancy Right Before Baby Arrives

Hey, you kept them waiting this long. How amazing would it be to just post a photo of your hospital bag and caption it: SURPRISE: It’s Baby Time! ? Jaws. Will. Drop.

Announcing a Pregnancy After the Birth

Lots of families are foregoing pregnancy announcements altogether and waiting until the baby is born to share their happy news (sometimes via a cute social media caption). If you never find the right moment to announce your pregnancy while it’s happening, there is nothing wrong with that. The people who love you and your family will be overjoyed to learn of your new addition whether they were “in on it” during the pregnancy or not. The downside to this choice is not being showered with tons of attention, help, and well wishes during your sometimes emotional and overwhelmed journey. 

The big positive though, is that you were left in peace with your growing body to learn, rest, and enjoy the pregnancy and path to motherhood. Now your circle will be there to celebrate and lift you up in the early days of feedings, diapers, and taking lots (and lots!) of pictures. 

Final Thoughts on When to Announce a Pregnancy

Selecting a benchmark at which to announce your pregnancy is very personal and depends on the parents and even the individual pregnancy. You might even choose to make a series of staggered announcements…letting close family in on the news before or at 12 weeks and waiting to go wide with a social media post until the latter half of pregnancy.

Of course, factors like your baby’s or your own health risks, past fertility struggles, over (or under) involved family, and plain old boundaries could come into play, too. While the most common time to announce a pregnancy tends to be at or around 12 weeks (thanks to that big drop in miscarriage risk), we hope the different examples laid out here are a supportive reminder that this is your pregnancy and no matter when you decide to share your happy news, that will be the right time.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

And once you figure out when to announce a pregnancy, it’s time to figure out how to announce it to those nearest and dearest to you…

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Want to get creative with your pregnancy announcement? Here’s inspiration for announcing your pregnancy any time of year.

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