Two babies at once are twice as nice, and everyone you know is going to double over with excitement when they hear the news.

So, if you’re announcing a twin pregnancy, why not say it in style with a super-sized announcement? If you know the sex of the babies you can have even more fun letting everyone know that two times the blessings are on the way. Wording like, “Boy, oh BOYS” or “Sugar & Spice, But Twice as Nice” can be added to any of the ideas on our list for a pregnancy announcement/gender reveal double-feature.

Whether you’re going for a funny pregnancy announcement, something more subdued, or a sweet introduction made by the big sibs, we’ve rounded up the cutest twin pregnancy announcement ideas around. Your loved ones will surely do a double take when you drop one of these in your feed!

Double Trouble Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 Baby onesies that say "double" and "trouble"

Photo: Instagram

You’re in for double the fun, but also two times the chaos! These onesies are a great way to announce your twins, or you could use the same wording on a letter board or chalkboard for a more personal touch.  

BOGO Twin Baby Announcement

 A couple holds baby onesies that say "Buy One" and "Get One Free" to announce a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

A savvy shopper joke that everyone will love… Two babies for the price of one! 

Make It a Double Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 Two onesies and twin ultrasound displayed with letterboard announcing a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Mama may be off the cocktails for now, but this cheeky way to announce a twin pregnancy might just be inspired by her bar-hopping days of the past.  

Surprise! Twin Pregnancy Announcement

A letterboard twin pregnancy announcement that says "We're just as shocked as you are" 

Photo: Instagram

Shock value not quite worn off? We’re pretty sure that’s to be expected. Twin announcements that have a sense of humor are the best—and we just love this simple yet perfect example. 

Best Laid Plans Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Baby outfits that say "Well Played, God" displayed near the word "Twins" written in sand 

Photo: Instagram 

A funny one for the religious parents, especially those who appreciate the saying about what happens when we make our plans. 

Oh Babies! Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 A carved wooden sign that says "Oh Babies"

Photo: Etsy

Sweet, simple, and to the point. The term “Oh, Baby!” gets a little upgrade when you’re growing two in there. A wood sign is stunning and can double as nursery decor; you can also spell this out with balloons or handwriting.  

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

 Cookie that says "It's Twins" in frosting

Photo: Instagram

If you’ve already announced your pregnancy but not the double blessing… or if you are searching for a short and (literally) sweet way to share the news, “It’s twins!” cookies totally work. 

(Doubly) Answered Prayers Twin Announcement

Baby onesies that say "Prayed for One" and "Blessed With Two"

Photo: Etsy

It’s just blessings on blessings when you’re expecting two babies at once. This twin announcement is extra precious. 

Do a Little Math Twin Announcement

 A letterboard that says "our family is growing by 4 feet and 2 hearts" to announce a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram 

A family that’s growing by two hearts and four tiny feet? That’s news worth spreading far and wide. The lights are a magical element at the holidays or any time of year; you could also add florals or greenery for something seasonal. And two pairs of baby shoes would make it extra special. 

No-Words-Needed Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 A woman holds an ultrasound showing two fetuses

Photo: Instagram

A quick glance might have your friends and followers thinking you’re just flipping a peace sign. But a second or two later, the ultrasound picture (or baby bump, if you use that image instead) paired with two fingers, will say it all. You’ve got not one, but two babies in there… Count ‘em and smile. 

Balloon Twin Pregnancy Announcement 

A family of three poses with balloons that spell out "twins" 

Photo: Instagram 

There is something so whimsical about a baby announcement using balloons. Kick it up and modernize it a bit with metallics as shown here. 

Double Ultrasound Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 A woman holds two baby ultrasounds to announce a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Cradling your sweet baby photos above the bump is an absolutely stunning way to announce the twins. This will be a framer and one for the baby books as well.

Ketchup & Mustard Twin Pregnancy Announcement

 Baby onesies made to look like ketchup and mustard bottles displayed behind letterboard announcing a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Pick two condiments that are better together… Or maybe two spices (salt and pepper, anyone?) and create a food themed pregnancy announcement that wows. 

Second Set of Twins Announcement 

 Twin toddlers pose with signs announcing another twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Is this round two of #TwinMom life for you? Play it up for a funny twins announcement idea that everyone will love. The wording shown here is adorable. Or even a, “Here we go again…” will bring on the joyful congratulations. 

Names & Outfits Twin Baby Announcement

 Two baby girl outfits displayed with baby girl name placards in a bassinet to announce a twin pregnancy

Photo: Instagram

Everything just feels a lot more real when you talk names and see their sweet little clothes. This bassinet baby announcement with the twins’ name plaques and matching ensembles is sure to bring on ooh’s and aah’s.  

Plot Twist Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Baby onesies that say "Plot" and "Twist" 

Photo: Instagram

Planned for one and getting two? This is another hilarious twin pregnancy announcement idea too cute to pass up. Also, it has double the use because you can put the onesies on the babies later for an even cuter follow-up photo shoot. 

Eating for Three Twin Pregnancy Announcement

An ultrasound displayed next to an ice cream cone with three scoops 

Photo: Instagram

How many scoops, Mama? Let them do the math … and then make the connection… with this yummy, colorful, and creative twin announcement idea.   

TWO Buns in the Oven Twin Announcement

 A couple poses holding ultrasound photos and a tray with two buns on it

Photo: Instagram

Classic, cheerful, and extra sweet. As a bonus, this twin announcement idea doubles as a warm and toasty snack. Win-win! 

Mommy’s Reaction Twin Announcement

Mom holds letterboard announcing twin pregnancy with a shocked look on her face 

Photo: Two Came True

Raw, funny, and relatable! Think back to your face and feelings in the moment when you found out there were two babies in there…and try to recreate it for your announcement. Everyone will love it.

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