Preparing a nursery for your baby-to-be is seriously one of the most enjoyable aspects of this whole pregnancy thing! Expectant parents everywhere want their baby’s room to be stylish and cozy, reflecting their taste…but what about Baby’s taste? While, sure, there’s literally no way to ask your little one which color scheme is their favorite or if they lean more farmhouse or nautical. But you can have a little fun and let Baby’s future astrological sign guide the way! After all, the zodiac is supposed to gives clues to what your nugget’s personality will be, right? Curious about designing a nursery around your baby’s star sign? Here, we’ve got the rundown on the best nursery colors and styles for every sign!

Nursery Design Ideas for Aries Babies

 Photo: Project Nursery

Aries children born between March 21 and April 19 are fiery, courageous, passionate, and loving…and all of that points to red (and any complimentary hue you like)! Bring on the hearts, the modern art, and the plush carpet to warm everything up. Little glowing touches like a heart-shaped night light will be spot-on additions.

Nursery Design Ideas for Taurus Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Taurus

Photo: Luna Rose Essentials

Your tiny down-to-earth Taurus (April 20-May 20) will grow to crave comfort, peace, and warmth in their nursery. Because of this, no Taurus baby room is complete without cozy corners and a wash of warm, natural hues.  

Nursery Design Ideas for Gemini Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Gemini

Photo: What’s Up Moms

Opposites attract with your Gemini baby (May 21-June 20), so feel free to create contrast with both color and theme in their sweet nursery. (Maybe try a mix of vintage and modern items to balance things out.) Warm and summery is Gemini’s vibe, so lean into bold patterns, yellows, oranges, and bright blues.

Nursery Design Ideas for Cancer Babies

Baby nursery Ideas for Cancer

Photo: Stephanie Hoey Interiors

Like all Cancers (June 21-July 22), your summer baby will be a natural homebody, pining for a cozy and relaxed space that makes them feel secure. Cancers are ruled by the moon and feel most at ease among white and pastel hues. Sentimental and sweet, your bub will appreciate and adore family photos throughout their nursery.

Nursery Design Ideas for Leo Babies

Baby nursery Ideas for Leo

Photo: Pottery Barn

Your little Leo (July 23-August 22) is bound to be the star of the family! Help them shine with a glam nursery filled with the fun and passion they possess. (Silly and stylish is key!) Leo’s power color is orange, but gold is a spotlight choice, too! 

Nursery Design Ideas for Virgo Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Virgo

Picture: Calivintage

Your humble and sensible Virgo (August 23-September 22) will thrive in an environment that feels natural. Shoot for greens, browns, and taupes. But be sure to provide a bit more order and structure than exists in the wild. Virgos love to keep things orderly

Nursery Design Ideas for Libra Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Libra

Photo: Tamsin Johnson

Charming and social, Libras (September 23-October 22) can't wait to let their natural artistic talents show…and your little one’s lair should reflect as much. Think “maximalist” when decorating: Lots of bright, bold colors and lots of texture by way of tapestries, large-scale art, unique rugs, and lighting. Be sure to keep symmetry in mind, since Libras love balance.

Nursery Design Ideas for Scorpio Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Scorpio

Photo: @kelliuniverse

Moody, mysterious, and creative, baby Scorpios thrive in a nursery that’s awash in interest and darker or cool hues, like deep black, gray, and navy. There’s a good chance your October 23 to November 21 baby will grow to be quite a collector…so starting one now might be just the ticket to make your Scorpio’s heart sing.

Nursery Design Ideas for Sagittarius Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Sagittarius

Photo: Sugar and Soul

So much zest! Your Sagittarius sweetie (November 22-December 21) will be bursting with energy and adventure. Their room should reflect that innate zeal and wanderlust with bold colors and trinkets and tidbits that represent other parts of the world. Purple, teal, and yellow are great choices. 

Nursery Design Ideas for Capricorn Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Capricorn

Picture: Onyx Interiors

Traditional, practical, and bookish describe your wee Cap to a tee! Cultivate a nursery that pulls these elements together for a warm and well-rounded space that fosters learning and routine. Your lil’ darlin’ (December 22-January 19) gravitated toward earth tones, grays, muted blues and soft greens.

Nursery Design Ideas for Aquarius Babies

Baby nursery ideas for Aquarius

Photo: Project Nursery

The whimsical water bearer (January 20-February 18) about to join your family will love an airy and light space with lots of room to move and groove! White and soft hints of blue create a dream scene where Baby Aquarius can play, relax, and feel free. A stylish and very Aquarius touch: Add mirrors to reflect light around the room and situate the crib as close to a window as you safely can.

Nursery Design Ideas for Pisces Babies

Baby nursery design for Pisces

Photo: Project Nursery

Your Pisces baby-to-be will take to sea-greens and deep oceanic blues like a fish to water. An ocean theme nursery will easily please your petite Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20. Your wee one will seek solitude, so a quiet nursery with a white noise machine, like SNOObear, will be key.

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