Surprise: The month your baby is born can tell you a lot about the person they’ll grow to be. Read on to discover fun and fascinating facts about babies born each month of the year!

Birth Month Facts: January 

Find out why your winter baby might be surprisingly athletic…and more!

Birth Month Facts: February

Research shows that babies born this time of year are less irritable than those who arrive at other times. Learn more!

Birth Month Facts: March

Why are March babies more likely to become CEOs than their peers? Find out.

Birth Month Facts: April

Research shows that April babies tend to be half-glass-full types. What else is there to learn?

Birth Month Facts: May

People born in May consider themselves luckier than those born in other months. Get more cool fact.

Birth Month Facts: June

Short or tall: Which end of the spectrum do most June babies fall? Learn all about it!

Birth Month Facts: July

Are July babies really more likely to have a “sunny disposition?” Find out!

Birth Month Facts: August

Two things that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Lyndon B. Johnson have in common: They were all born in August and all presidents. Will your kiddo be next? 

Birth Month Facts: September

More babies are born on September 9th than any other day of the year! Will your little one be among them?

Birth Month Facts: October

Babies born in October are more likely to make it to the big 100 than those born in other months. What else is there to know?

Birth Month Facts: November

What does Valentine’s Day have to do with your November baby? Find out about this love connection!

Birth Month Facts: December

Congrats! Research shows that December babies tend to have fewer tantrums than the rest! Find out what else can you expect.

Expecting and still on the fence about baby names? Let the month your baby is born guide the way! What about nursery theme ideas? Here are nursery ideas for every zodiac sign.

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