Take your baby’s room up, up, and away with a beautiful cloud theme that’s easy to pull off and effortlessly gender-neutral. While the moon and stars are beautiful (these space nursery ideas are proof!), we love the simple sweetness and blank color canvas of a cloudy nursery.

Conjuring a calm spring day, your little boy or girl’s walls and bed will be decked out in these pleasantly puffy motifs that are not only entertaining and fun to look at but just as ready to lull them peacefully to sleep at night or for naps.  

Here are some of our favorite finds to consider while putting together a cloud-theme nursery for your little girl or boy.

Realistic Cloud Nursery Wallpaper 

 Realistic-looking cloud wallpaper in a nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

There are lots of options for cloud nursery wallpaper but you’ll have to decide which look you want. If reaching for something that looks realistic and will grow with Baby, check out this gorgeous Etsy find.  

Whimsical Cloud Nursery Wall Decals 

 Cloud wall decals in a cloud-themed nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

On the other hand, babyish clouds would be so sweet in any gender-neutral nursery. We love the blue skies look paired with these puffy cloud peel-and-stick decals which are also from Etsy. 

Cloud-Shaped Mirror for Nursery 

 Cloud-shaped mirror in a child's nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

Every baby room needs a mirror—first, they help you create some super cute selfies with your baby in the early days. And, as your baby grows, you’ll want to show them their face in the mirror often, which helps teach them early social cues and strengthens their self-esteem. 

3D Cloud Nursery Wall Art 

 3D cloud wall art hanging in a child's nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy 

This shiplap style nursery wall art is a cute and rustic take on the cloud-theme nursery, and it would work well in a toddler playroom down the line too, once Baby transitions to a big kid room.  

Washable Cloud Nursery Rug

White rug with cloud print 

Photo & To Purchase: Nordstrom

A puffy cloud rug is the perfect punctuation for your cloudy nursery, and the fact that this one can be thrown right in the washing machine gives it a major edge. Babies are messy—but you’ll be prepared!

Cloud-Themed Nursery Mobile

A baby reaches for Sky, a cloud baby mobile from Happiest Baby

Not only will our Sky mobile’s wooly clouds look darling dancing over Baby’s head, each one has a pediatrician-designed pattern on its underside—specially created to delight your little dreamer. Use it in SNOO, and once your bub graduates, hang it from the nursery ceiling for a piece of cloud décor that will enchant well beyond the baby days.

Glow-Up Cloud Nursery Night Light

 Cloud-shaped nightlight

Photo & To Purchase: Build

In the early days while you’re padding around in the dark looking for a diaper or fresh pajamas, and later when Baby is a toddler and needs some comforting light at bedtime, this handy plug-in will save the day… or, well, the night! And it’s mature enough looking to grow up with your little one. 

Plush Cloud Nursery Night Light 

 Plush cloud-shaped nightlight

Photo & To Purchase: Giggle

For another cloud night light idea, we love this 3D quilted version that flows multicolor and features dangling raindrops for a pop of pastel color and fun.  

Cloud-Shaped Bookends for Baby 

Cloud-shaped bookends for a nursery 

Photo & To Purchase: Target

Growing Baby’s book collection is a fun process, and it will continue to change over the years. Cloud bookends make a charming addition to any nursery and allow your shelves to remain intact and books neatly upright no matter how many or few are on them at a time. 

Hanging Clouds Nursery Wall Art

 Hanging clouds nursery wall art

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

These cheerful 3D clouds are a whimsical addition to the nursery for your baby girl or boy. Drape them against a wall, behind the door, or above the closet to carry out your cloud theme in a simple yet elegant manner.  

Cloud Nursery Shelf

 Cloud-shaped floating shelf for the nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Target

Framed pictures, tiny vintage or heirloom toys, their first pair of special shoes… There are so many trinkets that can enhance Baby’s space but also should not be down low enough for them to reach. Enter: the floating shelf! And this one will feel right at home in your cloud-themed nursery. 

Cloud-Themed Nursery Lamp

 Cloud-shaped lamp for the nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Target

It’s just too sweet and makes a warm, glowing addition to the cloud-themed nursery for your little love. 

Cloud-Themed Nursery Floor Basket 

 Floor basket with white scalloped edges that resemble a cloud

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel 

From blankets to stuffed animals, books to sweaters, you’ll find tons of creative ways to put this precious basket to work in the cloud nursery for your baby. 

Cloud Nursery Linens

Gray crib sheet with a white cloud print 

Photo & To Purchase: Macro Baby 

Whether you opt for just a crib sheet, changing pad cover, or the full suite of linens, any time you find baby bedding in your theme and color scheme you should jump on it. This is truly the easiest way to incorporate any theme, including clouds. Carter’s offers an adorable and oh-so-sweet option.  

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