Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old.. —Dr. Harvey Karp


Blue has long been the traditional choice for a baby boy room, but it’s the 21st century, and hard and fast gender norms are going the way of the diaper pin! A blue nursery is a beautiful choice for any gender. Case in point? These stunning blue nursery ideas.  

Checks & Such Blue Nursery

Baby nursery with pale blue checkered wallpaper. 

Photo: Born on Fifth

A sweet classic design is Baby’s to enjoy with a lovely blue nursery wallpaper like this one, toile fabric throughout, and elegant curtains in a complementary shade. The white crib and lighting fixture let this blend of blues shine for a nursery that wows. 

French Blue-Walled Nursery

Baby nursery with dark-blue-painted wood paneling.

Photo: Mr Kate

High-rising wall molding painted in a bold blue creates contrast and interest in this blue nursery. The space feels enchantingly European and stylish throughout. 

Blue Animal Print Nursery  

A SNOO bassinet in front of nursery wallpaper printed with a blue hand-drawn-looking pattern of dogs. Above the SNOO there are a plush felt giraffe, elephant, ram, and fox on the wall. 

Photo: Instagram/sophlog

This playful puppy-print wallpaper puts the wow in bow-wow! Pair it with some plush taxidermy, as seen here, and you have a blue animal-themed nursery that will rival any menagerie. 

Blue Shades in Spades

A pale blue baby nursery with dark blue window shades. 

Photo: Rachel Parcell

Mix it up with a blend of blues for a baby room that feels cozy and chic. From navy to sky to sapphire, this mom combined many shades for a succinct look in her little one’s blue nursery. 

Pretty Printed Blue Nursery

A blue baby nursery with a blue leaf-print wallpaper and matching leaf-print window shades. 

Photo: Design Darling

Have fun with a wallpaper choice (or busy area rug) that speaks volumes in not just color but print. These whimsical walls are creative and fun for a perfectly styled blue nursery. (The monogrammed pillow doesn’t hurt, either!).

A Girly Take on the Blue Nursery

A pale pink baby nursery with a light blue couch and light blue-patterned rug. 

Photo: Snapshots & My Thoughts

Boy rooms don’t get to have all the fun! Consider a little girl’s space decked out in blush and robin’s egg—it’s absolutely sweet and charming, effortlessly feminine while not totally expected.

Up in the Air Blue Nursery

The corner of a nursery with white-and-blue hot-air-balloon-printed wallpaper. 

Photo & To Purchase: Project Nursery

This precious hot air balloon wallpaper melds whimsy and wonder together for a baby blue bedroom that’s joyful and, well, uplifting!

Blue Nursery With Lots of Texture 

 A baby nursery with a bold blue-and-white print wallpaper—the same pattern appears on a pillow and ottoman in the room.

Photo: Instagram/wesleyhallfurniture via @clarybosbyshell

This elegant nursery is what design dreams are made of. A bold wallpaper and matching fabric in the pouf and pillows create drama, while the ball-strung lighting fixture and lush curtains fill out the space. A variety of prints and textures can do wonders in the nursery, and using blues it’s just perfection. 

Blue Ombre Nursery

A baby nursery with blue polka-dot wallpaper and ombre blue window shades.

Photo: Instagram/thebloggingbaby

Probably the most inherently childlike room on our list, this bright blue nursery looks like such a fun space to grow up in. Modern dots on the walls, an ombre throw and window shade, and that enviable blue motorcycle in the corner all ramp up the cool factor for a truly unique blue baby room. 

Serene Scene Blue Nursery

A blue baby nursery with a light blue water-color mural on the wall behind the crib. 

Photo & To Purchase: Minted 

Incorporating a watercolor-print wallpaper is a simple and beautiful way to make Baby’s space shine without getting too busy. This soft blue removable wall mural creates a gentle vibe for a beautiful, modern nursery. (See more nursery mural inspiration!)

Dark & Bohemian Blue Nursery

A nursery with a dark blue painted accent wall and the word RIVER printed in gold behind the crib. The adjacent wall has green cactus-print wallpaper. 

Photo: Instagram/athomewithjenna

The deepest navy is a gorgeous choice for a modern boho nursery. This blue lends easily to neutrals and even, as seen here, bright green accents. Bring your bohemian elements in against a navy blue accent wall and watch the room come together flawlessly. 

Blue Pattern-Mixed Nursery

 Baby sleeping in a SNOO smart sleeper in a nursery that has a blue polka dot wall and a blue and white floral rug. A dog naps next to the bassinet in a dog bed.

Photo: Instagram/moose.and.bear.eck

Blue dots on the wall play nicely with blue florals on the rug in this elegantly mismatched blue nursery. (The snoozing pup is just a bonus!)

Beyond Blue Nursery Ideas:

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