Certified Pre-Loved SNOO

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SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved
SNOO Smart Sleeper—Certified Pre-Loved

Certified Pre-Loved SNOO


A Pre-Loved SNOO…the one you can trust!

Our special 5-step refresh + recondition process means every Pre-Loved SNOO works like new!

  • 1-year warranty
  • World-class support
  • 100% certified
  • All new accessories
  • HUGE savings
  • Safety & quality inspected

We ship SNOO to you...for FREE!*

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*An additional $185 shipping fee will be applied to SNOO purchases sent to Hawaii and Alaska.
**Return Pre-Loved SNOO within 30 days of delivery. Restocking fee ($199) will apply to all returns. Shipping & Returns.

100% Certified for
Peace of Mind

Why take a chance on a stranger's used SNOO?
Get a safe, clean, and certified Pre-Loved SNOO right from Happiest Baby!

Happiest Baby’s special 5-step refresh + recondition process ensures that every Pre-Loved SNOO meets our rigorous standards for safety, cleanliness, and quality. A Certified, Pre-Loved Happiest Baby SNOO is fully inspected, sanitized, and covered with a “no stress” 1-year warranty.

Ahhh, less crying + more sleep + safer baby + total peace of mind…now that’s a good deal!

  • Vacuum

    A high-powered vacuum is used to remove any fine dust or small particles.

  • Sanitize

    Eco-friendly, non-toxic hospital grade sterilization products (chosen for nurseries and newborn intensive care units) are used to clean each SNOO thoroughly.

  • Steam

    Ultra-hot steam—with a plant-based, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly formula—is used to deep clean the inner and outer mesh.

  • Replace

    Each SNOO comes with 2 brand new, organic cotton sleep sacks (1 small + 1 medium), plus a new mattress, waterproof mattress cover and organic cotton fitted sheet.

  • We Certify Safety

    We finish our work by fully testing, tuning, and certifying your SNOO, including all levels of motion and sound, safety clip sensors, etc.

About SNOO Baby Bassinet and Sleeper

Created by celebrated pediatrician
Dr. Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby on the Block),
SNOO is a smarter and safer baby bed!

For the first 6 months, like an extra set of hands, SNOO boosts sleep with gentle rocking and soothing…for all naps and nights. Its quick response often calms upsets in under a minute. And our “5-second swaddle” reduces dangerous rolling.

Why SNOO is Parents' Favorite Bassinet


    Adds 1-2 hours of sleep per night with constant calming womb-like motion + sound


    Automatically sleep trains, making it easy to transition to a crib…with little need to

  • YOUR 24/7 HELPER

    Your extra set of hands, SNOO helps whenever you need a break: to shower, work, cook, or sleep


    Automatically responds to your baby’s fussing…even when you’re asleep


    Helpful settings, daily sleep report, and tips from Dr. Karp


    Secure swaddling prevents rolling to an unsafe position during sleep


    Soothes upsets with increasing motion + sound, often calming crying in under a minute

SNOO is the first—and only—medical device to receive De Novo authorization from the FDA for its ability to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs. Babies who are placed on the back for sleep are at a lower risk of SIDS/SUID.

FDA De Novo authorized


  • Product

    • Breathable mesh walls for healthy air flow
    • 5 levels of specially designed sound + motion to soothe babies and boost sleep
    • Premium motor for quiet and reliability
    • Advanced algorithm can tell baby cries from room noise
    • For babies 0-6 months old who cannot roll over consistently
      (meaning they have rolled from stomach to back—multiple times—during sleep)
  • Size

    • SNOO in Box

      • Dimensions: 38” L x 22” W x 15.5” H;
      • Weight: 50 lbs
    • SNOO Assembled

      • Dimensions: 35.75” L × 19” W × 31” H (with legs);
      • Weight: 38 lbs

What's Included

  • SNOO Smart Sleeper

  • 2 ivory SNOO Sacks made with organic cotton

  • SNOO sheet made of GOTS certified organic cotton

  • Mattress and water-resistant cover

  • Unlimited access to sleep consultants, 7 days/week

  • 1-year warranty

Happiest Baby App

Screenshot of the SNOO App

Happiest Baby App

Coming July 15th, 2024: Pick your plan! A FREE premium subscription will be included with all authorized SNOO purchases and rentals, or you can pay to subscribe!*

  • Track your baby's sleep, feedings, and diaper changes
  • Dr. Karp’s expert advice…at your fingertips!
  • Helpful settings to customize SNOO to your and your Baby’s preferences

*Authorized SNOO purchases and rentals are bought directly from Happiest Baby or any authorized partner. Purchasers buying SNOO after July 15th will get a free premium subscription for 9 months and renters will get it for the duration of their rental + 1 month. Restrictions apply—see details.

Pre-Loved SNOO FAQs

What should I consider when buying a used SNOO Bassinet?
Most used SNOO sellers cannot guarantee the quality of cleanliness of a used SNOO, which is why we recommend buying a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO directly from Happiest Baby. Unlike a used SNOO you might find on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay, every Certified Pre-Loved SNOO has been through our 5-step refresh and reconditioning process and has been rigorously inspected for safety, cleanliness, and quality!

How can I ensure the safety of a used SNOO Bassinet?
The best way to ensure the safety of a used SNOO is to purchase direct from Happiest Baby! Our Certified Pre-Loved SNOOs are inspected for safety and quality so that they reach you in like-new working condition!

Where can I buy a used SNOO?
The only place to buy a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO is at HappiestBaby.com! When you purchase your secondhand SNOO directly from Happiest Baby, you know that your SNOO is in good working condition, has been sanitized and inspected, and comes with a 1-year warranty as well as all new accessories.

Can I buy a used SNOO through insurance?
Not at this time, but we hope that SNOO will be covered by insurance in the future! In the meantime, thousands of parents get free 6-month SNOO Rentals as an employee benefit. For more information, please reach out or have your HR or Benefits Manager connect with corporaterental@happiestbaby.com.

What is included with a used SNOO?
Every Pre-Loved SNOO bought through Happiest Baby comes with:
  • New mattress and water-resistant cover
  • 1 new 100% organic cotton Ivory SNOO Sheet
  • 1 new Small Ivory SNOO Sack
  • 1 new Medium Ivory SNOO Sack
  • Access to sleep consultants, 7 days a week
  • Access to our App, complete with daily sleep reports, tips from renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, and more
  • 1-year warranty

Is there a gently used SNOO or are all used SNOOs the same?
When you buy a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO, you have the assurance that your SNOO has been thoroughly inspected and returned to excellent working condition. Happiest Baby cannot guarantee the condition of used SNOOs purchased elsewhere.

Can I use a used SNOO Bassinet for multiple children?
Yes! SNOO is built to last for multiple children! One benefit of buying a Pre-Loved SNOO instead of renting SNOO is that you can use it for multiple children. If you’re only using SNOO for one baby, a SNOO Rental might be a better option for your family. Learn about SNOO rentals.

Should I buy a used SNOO for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay?
Buying a used SNOO on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay comes with unknowns and risks, such as:
  • Unauthorized used SNOOs aren’t necessarily cleaned and sanitized.
  • There’s no way to know if your SNOO is in good working condition when you buy a used SNOO through an unauthorized seller.
  • Unauthorized secondhand SNOOs don’t come with a warranty or return policy.
  • Unauthorized SNOO sales are vulnerable to scams.
On the flip side, when you buy a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO from Happiest Baby, your used SNOO:
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Has been reconditioned to like-new condition
  • Has been inspected for quality and safety
  • Comes with all new soft goods

What is the average lifespan of a SNOO Bassinet?
SNOO undergoes rigorous testing with well over 10 million cycles—that’s enough to be in motion for more than 14 hours a day, month after month! (For context, most baby swings only last a fraction of that.)

What can I expect when my used SNOO arrives?
Every Pre-Loved SNOO comes in the same pristine packaging as a new SNOO or SNOO Rental and includes over $100 worth of all new soft goods (1 SNOO Sheet, 1 Small SNOO Sack, and 1 Medium SNOO Sack). Because our Pre-Loved SNOOs come from our well maintained rental fleet, you might notice rental paperwork in your Pre-Loved SNOO box (you can ignore it and throw it in your recycling!).

Can I return my Pre-Loved SNOO?
Yes! When you buy through Happiest Baby, you have 30 days to return your used SNOO from the day it’s delivered, but each Pre-Loved SNOO return will incur a $199 restocking fee. Please reach out to customercare@happiestbaby.com to start a return.

Does a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO come with a warranty?
Yes! When you buy a used SNOO through Happiest Baby, you can rest easy knowing that your SNOO is under a 1-year warranty. If your Pre-Loved SNOO isn’t working properly during the 1-year warranty period, contact our Customer Care team. Learn more about our warranty at happiestbaby.com/pages/legal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3377 reviews
Teresa (Columbia, MD)
Great product

Our little girl came a month early and we were able to adjust our shipping date to come to our house just four days after we brought her home. I was highly impressed. The SNOO itself is wonderful. Our daughter always rolls to her side so using the sleep sac ensures she’s on her back and safe throughout the night. It’s given me real peace of mind.

Hi Teresa,

We’re so happy to hear that our flexible ship date adjuster came in handy when you needed it! It’s wonderful knowing you count on SNOO to keep your little one safely on the back all sleep long!

Thanks for sharing & happy SNOOzing!
Sonja from the Happiest Baby Team

Natalie Stack (Beaverton, OR)
As helpful as a baby nurse!

My husband and I both agree that this is the best infant purchase we made, it is so soothing for our newborn girl and we’re grateful for the peace of mind of her safety and comfort. We’re all enjoying more sleep during this transition!

Hi Natalie,

We’re delighted that SNOO has been the best fit for your family! We’re glad to hear your little one is enjoying safer, better, soothing sleep on this new adventure! So glad you feel supported to enjoy safer, soothing sleep!

Happy SNOOzing,

Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

KP (Meredith, NH)
Love it!

Great for our newborn. Excellent peace of mind!

Hi there,

We’re so thrilled to hear your family loves SNOO and that it provides you with much-needed peace of mind!

Sonja from the Happiest Baby Team

Tmln (Sonoma, CA)
So far the SNOO is worth its weight in gold.

For the peace of mind alone of knowing my baby can’t roll over is enough to let me get some sleep during her first few days home. She loves the SNOO so far and we’re excited to get her used to it as a newborn who sleeps well already, so when/if she starts to have trouble we know she’s comfortable and the SNOO can work its magic!

Hi there,

We're all smiles knowing SNOO provides you peace of mind by keeping your little one safely on the back so you can all get the rest you deserve! We’re excited to be on this journey with you!

Sonja from the Happiest Baby Team

Dominique (Las Vegas, NV)
Best investment

So far this has been a great investment for my 2 week old. She gets about 2-3 stretches of sleep during the night and we only keep the Snoo on the baseline setting. Most of the time it puts her right back to sleep after changing and diapering. My favorite part about the Snoo is that it allows me to practice safe sleep practices without and temptation to sleep with her on my bed. The swaddle and clips also help ease my anxiety.

Hi Dominique,

We’re so happy to hear that your family feels at ease knowing your baby sleeps safely on the back in SNOO! We love that your little one is soothed and safer for every sleep. We’re excited to be on this journey with your family!

Sonja from the Happiest Baby Team