Planning for the arrival of a baby girl is such a sweet and special time. But as you start to map out and gather inspiration for your baby girl’s space, you may begin to feel like there are too many creative baby girl nursery ideas! There are just so many factors to consider: Are you a boho style parent...or do you gravitate toward minimalist designs? Do you lean toward pink nurseries...or do you want to go outside the box with your girl’s nursery design? And are you smitten with classic nurseries for girls...or something more modern? 

Fortunately, there are stunning girl nursery ideas for every taste! From glam to low-key, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest baby girl nursery ideas around to help you take your little princess’ room to the next level! 

Blush Mural Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: Baby Letto

Not for wallflowers: flowers on the wall! A gorgeous mural or printed nursery wallpaper makes a style statement in this nursery for girls. This mama-to-be went even further by adding faux taxidermy in flower crowns and chains. Some girl nursery themes are not meant to be subtle—and we’re loving this example!

Pops of Pink Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: Inspiralized 

Speaking of pink, you don’t have to go all-out or without; there are so many ways to incorporate the girly hue to fit your personal tastes and needs for Baby Girl’s room. The bits of pink displayed throughout this sweet girl nursery are a great place to start if you’re on the fence about just how pink to go. [Click here for our recent blog on pink nursery ideas!]

Green Baby Girl Nursery Theme

Photo: Dwell Beautiful 

The number one rule in decorating girl nurseries today? There are no rules! It’s a great time to ditch anything you ever thought about green nurseries and consider a shade of sage (or emerald! Or mint!) for your little lady’s corner of the casa. Bonus: pink and green look amazing together, as seen in this cactus-themed nursery. 

Showstopping Light Fixture for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

Photo: Lizlee White

Woah. That is the audible emission that first comes out when admiring this breathtaking baby girl nursery. The pull-out couch is genius; the balance of mint and ballet pink are darling; the llama is squeeze-worthy; and the crib art is divine. But that chandelier?! Make a space solidly hers with a loud, lovely lighting fixture like this and the rest will fall right into place. 

Bright Rainbow Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: @JoyfullyGreen 

This baby girl nursery theme is literally all sunshine and rainbows! Between the cheeky neon “I’m New Here” sign and the giant fluorescent mural, it’s impossible not to crack a smile when peeping this design by JoyfullyGreen. 

Rainbow-Lite Baby Girl Nursery

Photo: @studiodiy 

If you’re not ready to whip out a can of paint (or two) to go all-out with your rainbow girl nursery theme, you can create a bright rainbow theme in subtler ways...a là the nursery for girls pictured here. An eye-popping pouf + multicolored blanket + some strategically integrated pom-poms = a happy, sunny space for your babe to rest her head.

Flower Pop Girl Nursery Theme

Photo: Brie Beamis Rearick

Whether you opt for handmade or Etsy-bought paper flowers or the cheap-and-easy foam craft store variety, bold 3D florals are an elegant touch for any baby girl room idea. 

Glass Houses Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: Girl on the Hudson 

A transparent dollhouse bookcase that’s now for knick knacks will later become her most beloved toy. Every little girl’s room deserves a dollhouse and this lucite version is so special. 

Simple Shapes Girl Nursery Decor

Photo: Eating Bird Food

A round mirror, boxy dresser, and other basic shapes in the structural elements of the room allow for creative additions down the road. For example, when your little lady turns 2 and insists on a dress-up rack in the middle of all this, it’ll be much easier to incorporate when the bulk of the room is simple in form.

Splashy Art for a Girl’s Nursery

Photo: Olive and Tate

Modern art in a baby girl’s room? Fun, fun, fun. Think outside the standard protocol and word-art trend to something truly unique that will set her space apart. This simple yet striking piece of framed artwork above the crib brings in hot pink and gold in such a classy way.

Dreamy Pink Girl’s Nursery Idea

There’s nothing wrong with making a girl’s nursery, well, a little bit girly! This baby girl’s room decor theme is a soft, sweet pink dream, between its blush walls, plush rug, and oh-so-adorable accents. [See more SNOO nursery designs!]

Delicate Textiles for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

Photo: Kristina Lynne 

The gauzy curtains and lace-like baby blanket shown off in the corner of this dreamy baby girl room idea are giving us all the cozy feels.  

Purple Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: @BubblyandBlush 

Think beyond the pink! Purple might not be seen as often in a girl’s nursery, but it’s a beautiful, feminine color that will bring on the ooh’s, the aah’s, and hopefully some zzz’s, too. 

Queen Bee Girl Nursery Idea

Photo: @sam_naran

We are buzzing with excitement over this unique girls’ nursery theme. Designed with a little queen bee in mind, every detail—from the bee wallpaper to the chandelier to the plush pink rug—has impact. 

Shiplap Accent Wall For a Baby Girl Bedroom Idea

Photo: Emily Stiemsma Blog 

Never fear, shiplap-lovers, farmhouse is decidedly not over, and shiplap isn’t going anywhere any time soon! Give your cute baby girl’s nursery a wholesome, beachy, breezy feel with real or faux shiplap on one wall and bring in elements of your favorite pastels to round out the darling space.  

Pink Felt Sign Girl’s Nursery Decor

Photo: The Stylish One 

It’s the simplest touch you can add to your little girl’s nursery, but might just end up being the detail that speaks the loudest! Invest in a pink or purple felt sign and switch out the phrasing when the mood strikes. Make sure to snap a picture each time you change it; she’ll love looking back on your words of wisdom and whimsy to her in a few—or many, many—years down the line.

Stars & Shine Girl’s Nursery Idea

Photo: The Celebration Stylist

Reach for the stars and bring on the glam. A girly-chic baby room with celestial elements and a dramatic chandelier? This look is definitely fit for the princess you’re going to meet very soon. 

Final Thoughts on Baby Girl Nursery Themes 

As you prepare your little girl’s nursery, you’ll want to make sure you have other nursery staples ready...such as her bassinet! SNOO is a smart bassinet that automatically responds to a baby’s cries with white noise and gentle rocking to lull your little girl to sleep. You can even rent SNOO for a low monthly cost!

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