With so many so-called “smart” baby bassinets and smart cribs flooding the market, it can be difficult to know which ones actually deliver on their promise of more sleep. The truth is, not all smart bassinets and smart cribs are created equal. In fact, there’s really only one truly smart bassinet that constantly tops reviewers’ Best Bassinet lists…and that’s SNOO. (To date, SNOO has snagged over 40 awards, including the National Sleep Foundation’s Innovation of the Year, Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Award, and Best Bassinet 2024 from Forbes Vetted.)

SNOO Smart Sleeper was invented by renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp—and it embodies the key principles of the 5 S’s for soothing babies, his groundbreaking technique that is scientifically-proven to calm crying and promote sleep. The 5 S’s are womb-like sensations (including swaddling, shushing, and swinging) shown to activate a baby’s natural calming reflex, which is their internal “off switch” for crying and “on switch” for sleep. So, if you value sleep and safety above all else, SNOO is the bassinet for you! 

Why SNOO Is One of the Best Bassinets on the Market

SNOO is the first and only smart bassinet designed to help babies sleep longer, and safer, too. Here’s how SNOO does it:

  • Built-in swaddle: SNOO’s special anchored swaddle has patented looped “wings” that slide onto the bassinet’s safety clips to keep babies from rolling to an unsafe position during sleep. This groundbreaking stay-on-the-back feature is why SNOO is the only infant sleep system to earn De Novo authorization from the Food and Drug Association (FDA.) For important safety information, please visit com/fda. (Learn why back-sleeping is the number one safe-sleep recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics and all other health organizations.)

  • All-night sound and motion: Babies have been rocked and shushed to sleep since the beginning of time, but if you don’t have a village to help facilitate this calming ritual, SNOO can help. SNOO is specially designed to offer babies the exact right level of rocking and white noise they need to sleep well all night long. (Learn how rocking helps babies sleep and how white noise brings on the ZZZs, too.)

  • Responsive technology: SNOO’s specially designed sensors automatically respond to your baby’s cries with an incremental uptick in womb-like white noise and rocking to lull them right back to sleep, often in under 1 minute, adding an hour to a baby’s sleep a night on average.

Value of a SNOO: Price, Warranty, Length of Use

There are many aspects to consider when determining if SNOO is worth it for your family. You, of course, want to factor in how long your baby will be in SNOO, your personal budget, and SNOO’s warranty. Here’s a breakdown:

  • SNOO length of use: It’s recommended that your baby use SNOO from birth until 6 months old.

  • SNOO lifespan: While your baby uses SNOO for 6 months, SNOO is designed to help all your future babies sleep, too! In fact, SNOO undergoes rigorous testing with well over 10 million cycles, which is enough to be in motion for more than 14 hours a day, month after month!

  • SNOO price: When you use SNOO for the recommended 6 months, the cost breaks down to as little as $5 a day. Plus, there are three different SNOO price points, depending on if you prefer to take home a brand-new SNOO, a Pre-Loved SNOO, or a SNOO Rental. (Sign up for texts and/or emails—and follow Happiest Baby on Instagram to be the first to know about SNOO discounts and sales.)

  • SNOO warranty: All brand-new SNOOs—and Pre-Loved SNOOs—purchased through Happiest Baby or an authorized SNOO seller come with a 1-year limited warranty. SNOO Rentals come with a limited warranty, as well.

Is it worth it to buy SNOO or rent SNOO?

For some families buying a new SNOO is their best bet. For others, a SNOO Rental is the ideal option. It all depends on your personal needs and budget. Before you decide which SNOO option is for you, consider your space, how much money you want to spend, and whether you think you’re going to have more babies. For instance…

It’s Worth Buying a New SNOO If…

  • You’re planning on passing SNOO onto siblings.

  • You have room to store SNOO between babies.

  • You don’t want to deal with returning a rental.

  • You don’t feel comfortable renting.

It’s Worth Renting SNOO If…

  • You’re not planning on having more babies or…

  • You don’t have room to store SNOO for other babies.

  • You prioritize making environmentally-sound shopping decisions.

  • You’re looking to commit to SNOO at your own pace.

  • You need a more affordable option. (When going month-to-month, SNOO costs about $5 a day.)

Value of SNOO: Is it worth it to buy a pre-owned/used SNOO?

Buying a used SNOO is worth it—if you do it right! That means, only buy your pre-owned/used SNOO through Happiest Baby. When you buy your Certified Pre-Loved SNOO Smart Sleeper directly from Happiest Baby, you know that your used SNOO has been top-to-bottom refreshed, sanitized, and reconditioned—and expertly inspected for safety and quality. Plus, every Pre-Loved SNOO from Happiest Baby comes with a 1-year warranty and all new accessories. None of this is true if you buy a pre-owned/used SNOO from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or another unauthorized seller. So, if you are looking to save money on a like-new SNOO without the risk of buying from a stranger—plus all the safeguards you and your baby deserves—then buying a Certified Pre-Owned/used SNOO is for you! (Learn more about the risk of buying a used SNOO from an unauthorized seller.) 

Why Families Think the SNOO Cost Is Worth the Money

Happiest Baby is always hearing from new parents who love SNOO! With thousands of 5-star SNOO reviews, families think the cost of SNOO is worth it. Here’s just a taste of why users rave about SNOO.

Improved Sleep for Baby

In one study of more than 72,000 babies, SNOO was shown to add up to 2 hours to a baby’s sleep a night. But as amazing as this stat is, what’s just as valuable is the experience of real parents with sleep.

In a review where they called SNOO a “life saver,” user Modrh4 wrote: “So at first when the baby came home from the hospital we were trying a normal bassinet and sleep wasn’t going great. My friend suggested we get SNOO after raving reviews so we did and it literally has changed our lives. We all are getting such better sleep with longer sleep stretches and the motion and sound technology is genius!”

“My husband and I rented SNOO Smart Sleeper and we were thrilled at how quickly our baby adjusted and began sleeping through the night. We are so thankful for SNOO and would highly recommend to anyone!”

“Went from screaming most of the night to sleeping most of the night in between feedings. Worth its weight in gold,” Nate D summed up his experience. “Excellent purchase. We can sleep again!”

Another happy SNOOzer, KGrow, said they “Couldn’t imagine life without SNOO,” chiming in to report, “Our baby wasn’t sleeping more than 45 minutes until we invested in SNOO. It was 100% worth the price. Now we are getting 3-4 hrs and some 7-8 hours sleep times.”

Convenience for Parents

For time-strapped parents, SNOO is like a 24/7 extra pair of hands. Not only is SNOO a safe place to put Baby down while caregivers grab a bite to eat, tend to older kids, or maybe take care of themselves for a second, but it also soothes babies in the same way an experienced caregiver would (bumping up the intensity of calming sounds and motion as a baby’s cries escalate). And we hear over and over just how much families appreciate this helping hand. 

“SNOO was a life saver for us. We had no family close by to help us with the long nights with no sleep after recovering from a c-section and a tough labor and recovery from surgery,” wrote SNOO user Rowena. “The bed is a miracle…It was like having an extra person in the house helping to care for a newborn after you’re so exhausted from a long night of limited sleep. This bed is the real deal!!”

And it’s not just first-time parents who benefit, according to Jarina, who raved: “My newborn loves her SNOO. It allows me to do things I need to do in between bonding with my baby. It’s a safe place to have her sleeping, especially with a toddler in my home. I’m so happy my parents bought me one as a gift.”

Michelle B summed it up saying: “Worth every penny. The peace of mind, amazing sleep, app to track sleep has been a game changer for my third baby. It has been a blessing. As a breastfeeding mom and being the only one who can truly take care of my baby, SNOO takes the role of a second parent!”

SNOO vs Traditional Bassinets: Which makes more sense for you?

Both SNOO and a traditional bassinet provide a flat, firm sleeping surface (a must for infant sleep safety) with a smaller footprint than a crib, which makes sharing a bedroom with your baby for the recommended first 6 months very easy. But that’s where the similarities end! To figure out if a traditional bassinet or SNOO makes more sense to you, learn what else SNOO offers:

  • SNOO triggers the calming reflex. SNOO utilizes three of the famed 5 S’s for soothing babies—all-night swaddling, shushing, and swinging—which activate your baby’s calming reflex, aka nature’s “off switch” for crying and “on switch” for sleep.

  • SNOO is responsive. SNOO automatically reacts to your baby’s fussing with a soothing mix of womb-like rocking and white noise that gently increases to match the intensity of their upsets in the same way an experienced caregiver would.

  • SNOO quickly soothes. SNOO has shown to calm most fussing in under a minute!

  • SNOO adds ZZZs. SNOO has been shown to add hours of sleep a night for babies, with most babies sleeping 6 to 7 hour stretches by 2 months! This, of course, lets exhausted parents get the sleep they need, too!

  • SNOO is FDA Authorized. SNOO is the first and only infant sleep system to earn the coveted De Novo authorization from the FDA for its unique ability to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs…the safest sleep position there is! (Placing babies to sleep on the back is the single most effective action parents can take to lower a baby’s risk of SIDS.)

  • SNOO is customizable. The Happiest Baby App (which you can download in the Apple or Google Play store) allows you to personalize your SNOO experience, so that your smart sleeper can cater to your little one’s unique needs. For example, if your baby is a naturally loud sleeper, you can make SNOO less responsive, so it doesn’t mistake their noisy grunts and toots as cries. (Learn more about how to make SNOO work for you.)

  • SNOO comes with support! Unlike traditional bassinets, SNOO comes with free access to sleep consultants, 7 days a week!

  • SNOO accessories are included. When you buy a traditional bassinet, chances are it doesn’t include an award-winning swaddle blanket or a buttery soft organic cotton bassinet sheet…but SNOO does! In fact, SNOO purchasers receive up to three free SNOO Sacks, plus a free sheet.

Now that you can see SNOO’s added benefits—including all the state-of-the-art technology—over a traditional bassinet, the price difference between the two makes a lot more sense!

SNOO Opinions: What Experts Say About SNOO

Not only is SNOO one of the most well-reviewed bassinets on the market, right now more than 165 hospitals (and counting) across the world trust their teeniest patients to be in SNOO. Here, what sleep and medical pros are saying about SNOO:

“As a clinician and a grandparent, SNOO has been a godsend for my children and my patients.”
—Past Chairman, Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Kansas School of Medicine

“In our SNOO study, infants are more settled and parents get more rest. [SNOO] has reduced the risk of sleep-deprived parents falling asleep in the chairs/beds while holding infants.”
—Pediatric Clinical Nurse Leader, South Shore Hospital

“As a mother, I was excited to try SNOO, but as a sleep expert, I was a bit skeptical…[But] SNOO was a sleep sanctuary for my twins! SNOO is incredible and safe…and it was so simple to start. You swaddle your baby, engage the safety clips, you press the button, and that’s it! she says. “At first, the white noise and motion can be surprising, but babies love it.”
Sandra Menoni, Sleep Consultant

“[SNOO is] a large purchase, but in the end, we prioritized SNOO, not only for the hope of more sleep, but because of the safe sleep swaddle. You can’t put a price on the safety of your child. We just stared at her and waited for SNOO to work its magic—and it did! Everyone’s sleep almost instantly improved.”
Miranda Cozad, Emergency Room Nurse

Final Thoughts: Is the SNOO worth it?

In short, if you value sleep and safety, SNOO is 100% worth it! Not only has pediatrician-designed SNOO proven to add up to two more hours of sleep a night—it’s the safest baby bassinet available! SNOO is so safe that it’s earned FDA authorization and the trust of numerous hospitals around the globe. Plus, 80+ top companies, like JP Morgan and Snap Inc, think SNOO is worth it, too. That’s why they offer their employees a free SNOO Rental as a benefit.

Check with your HR department to see if this perk is available to you. If not, let Happiest Baby help you get the employee benefit by filling out this form. In the meantime, there are three different ways you can get your hands on SNOO directly through Happiest Baby right now: SNOO Rental, new SNOO purchase, and buying a Certified Pre-Loved SNOO, which means getting a SNOO has never been easier.


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