Itching to buy SNOO, but unsure where the world’s smartest and safest baby bassinet is sold? We can help with that! Plus, we’ll let you in on all the advantages to snagging SNOO right here on the Happiest Baby site.

Where is SNOO sold?

Happiest Baby has partnered with some top-notch retailers to ensure it’s easy-peasy for you to buy the bassinet of your dreams. Depending on inventory, here’s a list of our authorized retail partners:

  • You can buy SNOO at Albee Baby (in-store/online)
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at Baby Biz 
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at Baby’s on Broadway
  • You can buy SNOO at Chicken Little
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at Tadpole (in-store/online)
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at The Baby Cubby (in-store/online)
  • You can buy SNOO at The Little Seedling
  • You can buy SNOO at The Pump Station & Nurtury (in-store/online)
  • You can buy SNOO on

Where is SNOO sold in Canada?

Don’t worry! If you live in Canada you can find SNOO, too! We’ve partnered with the following stores so you can easily purchase the world’s safest smart bassinet, depending on inventory. Here are our trusted and authorized Canadian retail partners:

  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at West Coast Kids (in-store/online)

Where is SNOO sold in the UK?

You can easily shop for SNOO at Happiest Baby if you live in the UK! Simply click on our UK website. Weve also partnered with the following authorized retailer, so depending on inventory, feel free to buy your SNOO from...

  • You can buy SNOO at Harrods (in-store/online)

Where is SNOO sold in Australia?

Happiest Baby has an Australian outpost, which makes shopping for the best bassinet for your baby easy as can be! Simply visit our Happiest Baby Australia website to shop. Depending on inventory, you can also buy SNOO from one of these authorized Australian retail partners:

  • You can buy SNOO at Baby Village (in-store/online)
  • You can buy SNOO on
  • You can buy SNOO at The Memo (in-store/online)

Does it matter where I buy SNOO?

No matter if you buy SNOO from Target, Amazon, or Happiest Baby you can rest assured that you’re receiving the very same top-of-the-line SNOO smart baby bassinet. All SNOO purchases from authorized partners come with the following perks:

  • Three SNOO Sacks in ivory, size small, medium, and large

  • One 100% organic cotton SNOO sheet

  • One mattress and waterproof cover

  • Unlimited access to sleep consultants, seven days a week

  • Premium Happiest Baby App subscription, where you can control SNOO remotely, view your baby’s sleep patterns, customize settings, and receive helpful tips from Dr. Harvey Karp. (Authorized purchasers get a 9-month subscriptions; renters get premium access for the duration of their rental + 1 month. If you borrow SNOO or buy it from an unauthorized retailer, you can purchase a Premium subscription for $19.99/month.)

  • Limited 1-year warranty

Where should I buy SNOO?

You can safely buy SNOO from any of our authorized partners listed above…but we must admit that we’re partial to buying SNOO right here at Happiest Baby! (Or if you’re reading this from abroad, you can check out Happiest Baby in the United Kingdom, Australia, and European Union.) That’s because, we offer…

  • Guaranteed free shipping: On Happiest Baby, SNOO always ships to you free within the continental United States.

  • 30-day trial: Starting on the day SNOO is delivered to your door, you’ve got 30 days to test it out to see if you love it as much as we do! While some retailers may offer a similar policy, it’s not a given.

  • Delayed SNOO shipment: Pick your ship date so SNOO arrives exactly when you need it! That means you can check “buying SNOO” off your pre-baby to-do list early, but you can schedule to have it arrive right before Baby does. It also means that if you buy SNOO on sale in November, but your baby isn’t due until February, you can take advantage of the savings without chipping away at your warranty or 30-day trial!

  • Change shipment. If your baby arrives sooner than expected—or needs to spend some extra time in the hospital—you can reach out to our stellar Customer Care Team and alter your SNOO ship date so that it coincides to when your baby comes home.

  • Registry- and group-gifting friendly: Happiest Baby has teamed up with—the world’s leading universal gift registry platform—so you can now include SNOO (purchase or rental), SNOO accessories, and more on one easy-to-navigate universal Happiest Baby registry. The best part? Gift-givers can come together and contribute to a SNOO purchase or rental, making SNOO the best group gift ever! (Learn more about adding SNOO to your baby registry.)

  • Military discount: As a thank you for your service, Happiest Baby offers active military families a 20% discount on SNOO! (The military discount cannot be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, coupon code, and/or offer.)

  • Possible gifts! This isn’t an always-happens perk, but we’ve been known to treat our loyal customers with some fun gifts with purchase. And when you sign up for our super-informative newsletter you’ll be the first to know about upcoming SNOO sales, special offers…plus you’ll get loads of sleep and parenting tips and tricks straight from Dr. Harvey Karp!

What if I buy SNOO from an unauthorized seller?

If you buy a SNOO from an unauthorized seller, whether it’s a neighborhood boutique or a person in your local parenting group, none of the above add-ons or perks—from the warranty to the included SNOO accessories—is guaranteed. And if you’re pondering buying a used SNOO, it’s important to know that Consumer Reports advises against purchasing second-hand cribs and bassinets for safety reasons…and we agree. Used SNOOs sold on places like Facebook Marketplace have not undergone our meticulous five-step reconditioning process and they’re not certified 100% safe. (Plus, the Better Business Bureau warns of numerous Facebook Marketplace scams involving big-ticket items, like SNOO.) Bottom line: We strongly advise against buying a used SNOO or buying SNOO from an unauthorized seller. BUT if you’re looking for a more affordable way to get your hands on SNOO…we got you covered!

Where can I rent SNOO?

Right here! In fact, Happiest Baby is the only authorized business to offer SNOO rental. That means, if you see SNOO rentals anywhere else, know that we cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the smart sleepers rented there. What we whole-heartedly can guarantee: If you rent SNOO from Happiest Baby, your bassinet will be…

  • Completely sanitized with a hospital-grade disinfectant

  • Steamed with a plant-based, hypo-allergenic formula guaranteed to deep clean SNOO’s mesh

  • Thoroughly vacuumed to remove any fine dust or small particles

  • Fully tested and tuned up, guaranteeing safety and performance

  • Sent to you with a brand-new mattress and waterproof cover, a new organic cotton fitted sheet, and two new SNOO sacks (small and medium)...all items you can keep.

  • Covered by our limited warranty

At the same time, renting SNOO through Happiest Baby grants you unlimited access to our sleep consultants, seven days a week and our Happiest Baby app, where you can control SNOO remotely, view Baby’s sleep patterns, customize settings, and get helpful sleep tips from Dr. Harvey Karp. PS: We’ve got a SNOO referral program, which means if you refer a friend to our SNOO rental program, you'll both get a $30 Happiest Baby gift card that you can put toward your rental…or any other Happiest Baby product. (Not sure if you should buy or rent SNOO? Read this FAQ on our SNOO page.)

When should I buy SNOO?

Wondering when to order SNOO? Think of your due date as your SNOO date! Since it takes roughly four business days to process your SNOO order and up to five business days to ship SNOO, we recommend you pick a ship date about 10 days before your baby is due to enter your life. Keep in mind that when you order on Happiest Baby, you can always change your ship date if your little one arrives early—or needs to spend a little extra time in the hospital before coming home. Just let us know!

Where can I find SNOO deals and discounts?

Looking for SNOO promos? Bookmark our “SNOO Discounts You Don’t Want to Miss” page, and be sure to…

  • Sign up for our newsletter! When you sign up for our Happiest Baby newsletter, you’ll be the first to learn about upcoming SNOO sales and special offers! (Plus, you’ll get a weekly dose of Dr. Harvey Karp’s expert sleep tips.)

  • Subscribe to our text message alerts! Never miss a sale again. Sign up for text and our SNOO deals and discounts notifications will go straight to your phone.

  • Follow us on Instagram! We love to sneak-peek sales and discounts here, too!


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