As the buying director for the lifestyle and e-commerce site, Over The Moon, Emilie Ghilaga is accustomed to beautiful things. And as a mom to soon-to-be toddler Chili, she’s accustomed to finding the beauty in the chaos. So, it’s no surprise that Emilie’s latest project—selecting stylish yet sensible products to be featured in Over The Moon’s brand-new baby registry—is the perfect combo of the two. Happiest Baby grabbed a few minutes with Emilie to learn all about which baby essentials are her go-tos. Plus, she shares what she thinks would make SNOO even better! 

Happiest Baby: As buying director for Over The Moon, it’s your job to know what’s trending, what’s quality, and what people truly want. How did you use those sensibilities to select baby items for Chili?
Emilie Ghilaga: My main merchandising strategy is to identify brands of true craftsmanship, always prioritizing quality over everything else. Quality will always be on trend as it stands the test of time. So, when selecting baby items for Chili, I used this same mentality. I also leaned on friends and family to suggest items that worked best for them. The funny thing is, with all the products out there in the world, there are always standout hits that everyone relies on.

HB: Beyond craftsmanship, what do you look for baby items?
EG: Once you narrowed down for function and craftsmanship, then joy and happiness can come in! Anything that sparks joy when you’re navigating parenthood is a definite plus.

HB: When did you know you wanted SNOO available on the Over The Moon?
EG: It was even before I used it! SNOO reviews I heard from friends made me want the bassinet for Over The Moon. Then, once I had my own, it solidified the need.

HB: Can you describe your experience with SNOO?
EG: Providing a safe and comforting space for your newborn is the most important thing you can do for them—and SNOO did that! SNOO helped create that cocoon of love for Chili and aided in his sleep ever more so. SNOO was absolutely paramount in allowing us to rest and trust the process. It was truly better than I could have imagined! 

Over The Moon: SNOO

HB: Have you read The Happiest Baby on the Block, which, essentially, laid the groundwork for SNOO?
EG: Yes! I read Dr. Harvey Karp’s book religiously once Chili was born! To have the book and SNOO combo was really, honestly, a lifesaver.

HB: Was baby sleep a big worry for you?
EG: While we didn’t worry about sleep prior to Chili being born—ignorant bliss, most likely—we worried every day after that! That said, we were lucky Chili was an incredible baby and slept extremely well from the first night in SNOO. SNOO was always on [my husband’s] side of the bed and when Chili would wake, [my husband would] bring him to me so I could nurse. I think it was the fact that we split responsibilities in this way that we kept things tranquil, creating a good environment for Chili to feel comfortable and become a good sleeper.

HB: How ready are you for Chili’s impending toddlerhood?
EG: It’s already happening! He just started crawling. Everyone always says, “it just gets better and better” and even though the newborn stage was a complete wonder and stratospheric, we are very excited for this next phase. I wish there was a larger SNOO for him though! Funnily enough, all my friends commented that they wanted one for adults…so you should consider sizing up! 

HB: How has being a mom changed you, both personally and professionally?
EG: I think becoming a parent has made me a better person, professionally and personally. I am more considerate and well-paced in all facets. It’s humbling and empowering all at once, and I feel that’s the best way to be. It also reminded me how important one’s intuition is. I think, as a mother, that immediately kicks in.

Who else chose SNOO?

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